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Chapter 359

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 359: Enclosed Cultivation: Not Possible

    Yun Jiuge made her way over to the Yin Qi Graveyard with the amulet in hand. The moment she stepped foot inside the place, she saw two groups of Secondary Disciples engaged in a fight in the distance.

    One group was made up of several Low-rank Disciples from the Number Two Peak, and they were led by a disciple named Chen Feng, who was quite close to Little Fatty.

    The other group was made up of a few High-rank Disciples from the Number Three Peak. They smirked at Chen Feng and said, "We'll spare your lives if you hand over all your Yin Qi Bottles at once."

    "You're going too far." Chen Feng's face was contorted in rage.

    The High-rank Disciples from the Number One and Number Three Peaks had constantly been picking on them the past few days.

    The disciples from the Number Three Peak, in particular, seemed to have come to the Yin Qi Graveyard just to snatch their Yin Qi Bottles from them. They did not have any intention of fighting the Yin Ghosts themselves.

    He and his teammates fought extremely hard just to gather all the Yin Qi within these bottles.

    Telling them to hand over the Yin Qi Bottles for nothing was akin to telling them to die. Yin Qi was an extremely valuable asset to them. They could not cultivate without Yin Qi, and they would not even be able to pay for their bills without exchanging the Yin Qi for Contribution Points.

    "What's wrong with what we're doing? We love bullying you guys." The High-rank Disciples began laughing.

    "Enough. Stop the idle chat. Let's snatch their Yin Qi bottles and leave at once. I'm a busy man after all!" Upon hearing those words, the other High-rank Disciples shut up at once and sent their Bone Spurs flying towards Chen Feng and the other disciples.

    "Get into formation." Chen Feng commanded as he cast the Icy Yin Qi Strike on the High-rank Disciples.

    The other Low-rank Disciples followed suit. The white-colored Icy Qi from their strikes intermingled with the Yin Qi in the graveyard, and they successfully stopped all the attacks from the High-rank Disciples.

    Every single disciple from the Number Two Peak was extremely skilled at using the Icy Yin Qi Strike now, given how they had used it countless of times in the Secret Realm. Each and every of their strikes was powerful.

    Unfortunately, they had used up too much of their Spiritual Power just to fight against the Yin Ghosts earlier, and their Defensive Formation began to crumble a few minutes into the fight.

    "Kill them all." The sight of their messy formation invigorated the disciples from the Number Three Peak, and they sent numerous Bone Spurs towards them in unison.

    Chen Feng's face went pale when he saw all the Bone Spurs that were charging at him. He knew it was the end.

    Just as he had lost all hope of surviving, numerous gray vines burst out from the gray ground underneath them and wrapped themselves around the High-rank Disciples' feet, thereby immobilizing them.

    "Retreat!" Chen Feng immediately got his teammates to flee from the scene. His teammates automatically got into formation and they were able to maintain it as they escaped. It was clear that they had done extensive training to ensure that their formation would not crumble easily.

    Yun Jiuge waited till Chen Feng and the other disciples had long disappeared from the scene before she made a hand gesture and withdrew the gray vines from the scene.

    "Why didn't you kill them?" Zi Shang looked at Yun Jiuge in confusion.

    "There's no point in killing them. There'll be another group of disciples after this. There's no end to it." Yun Jiuge had heard that the disciples from the Number Two Peak were getting picked on because of her. However, this was the very first time she witnessed it, and she felt guilty for causing the disciples so much trouble.

    "You're not solving anything by letting them go. In fact, it would only bring about a lot more troubles in the future." Zi Shang disapproved of Yun Jiuge's decision.

    Those High-rank Disciples would definitely pick on those Low-rank Disciples even more the next time they met.

    "I only said I won't kill them. I didn't say I'd let them off the hook easily." A cunning smile emerged on Yun Jiuge's face.

    She then snapped her fingers once, and specks of gray powder landed on the High-rank Disciples' bodies.

    She had used the Paralysis Powder on them, and its effects would kick in in an hour's time.

    They would not feel anything if they did nothing for the next few hours. But, if they were to use their Spiritual Power, they would be paralyzed instantly.

    They would just get beaten into a pulp if they went to pick a fight with the Low-rank Disciples.

    Yun Jiuge swept her hands before she proceeded towards the inner region of the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    There were countless Level Two Yin Ghosts that wandered about the dead trees and withered vines in the inner region of the Yin Qi Graveyard, and they pounced at Yun Jiuge the moment they detected the scent of a human.

    The White Bone Monkey had a look of utter boredom and lifelessness on its face as it hung from her waist. It did not even move an inch as Yun Jiuge ventured deeper and deeper into the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    "This might be the last time we enter the Yin Qi Graveyard. Are you sure you don't want to eat to your heart's content?" Yun Jiuge brandished four Bone Spurs and killed the Yin Ghosts around her effortlessly.

    Yun Jiuge had become much better at manipulating the Bone Spurs and her Spiritual Power after entering the sixth level of the Qi Refining stage. Sadly, she was still not able to fly about in the air yet.

    The White Bone Monkey immediately came to life after hearing Yun Jiuge's words. It then climbed its way up to her shoulder before it opened its mouth and began sucking in all the Yin Qi around them.

    The two of them worked together flawlessly, and they were able to kill a lot of Yin Ghosts as a result. The pair then made their way into the depths of the inner region.

    Yun Jiuge hunted the Yin Ghosts till dawn before she returned to the Mission Hall with a load of Yin Qi on her hands.

    The naked male disciples had already disappeared from the Mission Hall by then. The disciple who attended to her wrote down all the details of her mission in a book respectfully without saying a word.

    Yun Jiuge used the Contribution Points that she earned from gathering the Yin Qi to exchange for materials needed to refine the Yin Gathering and Meridian Protection Pills. Once everything was done, she made her way back to the Sect Leader's Peak.

    Before she could reach her Cave Dwelling however, she noticed Jin Chuan standing before her residence with a solemn face. Little Fatty stood behind him, and he kept giving Yun Jiuge a look to hint to her that something bad was going to happen.

    "What brings you here today, Senior Jin Chuan?" Yun Jiuge pretended not to see the looks that Little Fatty sent her way, and she greeted Jin Chuan calmly.

    "Are you responsible for what happened at the Mission Hall earlier?" Jin Chuan asked with a stoic face.

    "What do you mean by that?" Yun Jiuge had an innocent look upon her face.

    "We are all disciples of the same sect. You shouldn't humiliate them like that even if you had an altercation!" Jin Chuan was fuming.

    A group of disciples had come crying to him earlier about how they had been humiliated by Yun Jiu. They wanted him to punish Yun Jiu for what he did to them.

    "There must be some kind of misunderstanding! I'm only in the sixth level of the Qi Refining stage. How could I possibly have the power to humiliate those disciples who are in the Foundation Establishment stage? If you don't believe me, you can ask the Seniors at the scene. I didn't even lift my finger the entire time!" Yun Jiuge swore that what she was saying was the truth.

    "If you didn't do it, then what about your Life's Origin Yin Corpse?" Jin Chuan knew that Yun Jiuge did not have what it takes to humiliate the proper disciples. But, the same could not be said for the powerful Living Corpse that she possessed!

    "I don't know. Why don't I call him out here so that you can ask him for yourself?" Yun Jiuge did not instruct Zi Shang to humiliate the disciples earlier. She was not willing to be blamed for his actions.

    "Uncle, I believe that Senior Yun Jiu is innocent. There must be some kind of misunderstanding!" Little Fatty was very careful with his words as he tried to smooth things over.

    What kind of misunderstanding could there be? Those disciples must have tried to gang up on Yun Jiuge, but they were the ones who got bullied instead.

    Jin Chuan knew clearly what had happened earlier.

    He only came here to make his stand. He was not foolish enough to reprimand the thousand-year-old corpse.

    "I'll let it slide this time round, but you'd better behave yourself from here on out." Jin Chuan put a lid on the issue.

    "Don't worry, Senior Jin Chuan. I'm planning to perform Enclosed Cultivation soon, and I will not step out of this place before I reach the Foundation Establishment stage," Yun Jiuge promised.

    "You're going to do Enclosed Cultivation again?" Jin Chuan frowned. "You might have the Life's Origin Yin Corpse to help you with your cultivation, but you still have a long way to go before you can reach the Foundation Establishment stage! The Yin Corpse Sect will be holding an event in half a year's time. We will send our proper disciples to the Secret Realm to kill the Fiendish Corpses, and you must attend this event no matter what."

    "But, I'm just a disciple in the Qi Refining stage!" Yun Jiuge suffered from a headache the moment she heard the words ‘Secret Realm'.

    "Each peak must send two disciples to participate in the event. The three Elders have all nominated you to attend the event on behalf of the Sect Leader's Peak," Jin Chuan explained.

    "Elder Mo Hua has made herself clear. She said that you will breach the sect's rules if you refuse to participate in the event. Depending on the severity of your actions, you will either be demoted to a Secondary Disciple or be chased out of the Yin Corpse Sect." Jin Chuan was kind enough to tell Yun Jiuge this piece of news in advance.

    "I understand. Thank you very much for reminding me, Senior Jin Chuan." Yun Jiuge nodded her head to show that she had understood his words.

    "You'd better behave yourself!" Jin Chuan said before he trudged away.