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Chapter 364

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 364: The Three-eyed Doll Yin Corpse

    Inside Liu Tian'er's box was a black and red-colored heart about the size of a baby's fist. It was a Demonic Pill of a Rank Three, Three-eyed Monkey Demon.

    "Your sister's Doll Yin Corpse cannot hold any high-ranked cores yet. A-Rank Two Demonic Pill is more than enough," Yun Jiuge said, as he brought out the Demonic Pill that he bought.

    "Take this Rank Three Demonic Pill as a token of thanks from us." Upon learning that Yun Jiuge had helped them acquired the Demonic Pill, the Liu Sisters wanted to return the gesture.

    "No need." Yun Jiuge picked up the Rank Three Demonic Core and carefully examined it. An idea formed in his mind. "I'll turn these two Demonic Pills into Dual Demonic Cores, then the two of you together can use it to control the Doll Yin Corpse."

    "Huh?" Confusion was etched on the Liu sisters' faces.

    Usually, only a single person would control multiple Yin corpses to increase his fighting power. Having two people in command was unheard of. Wouldn't it cause a mess?

    "This core is highly advanced and will require both high concentration and strong spiritual powers. You will not be able to handle it alone unless you do it together."

    Seeing that the sisters still did not understand what he said, Yun Jiuge continued, "Combining your attacks can double the corpse's power. Even at its weakest, it will at least be at the level of cultivation after a complete Qi Refinement stage.

    Once you've gained enough skill, who knows, maybe it can even reach a power equivalent to the Foundation Stage." That would truly be a sight to behold.

    "Let's do it! Let's do it, now!" Liu Tian'er exclaimed excitedly. Synergy was the Liu Sisters' forte!

    "Pardon me, Senior Yun Jiu. Please help us make it!" Liu Mei'er said, nodding.

    She had taken out several spiritual stones from the Liu Family, intending to make a similar Doll Yin Corpse for her sister.

    But her sister had insisted on using some of the stones to upgrade the quality of her doll, staunchly stating that before her Nine Purgatories Body had been exhausted, she wouldn't need any Yin corpses at all.

    She couldn't convince her sister, but she still felt guilty over it.

    Now that her sister could also have a part in controlling the Doll Yin Corpse, it would be a perfect solution.

    "Why don't you leave the Doll Yin Corpse here? While you draw up some protection spells outside, I will get started," said Yun Jiuge who wanted to extend the favor. He would fulfill the Liu Sisters' wishes.

    "Thank you so much, Senior!" Liu Tian'er replied enthusiastically, leaving the corpse on the ground, and at the same time, pulling her sister towards the cave's entrance.

    Yun Jiuge stripped the Doll Yin Corpse of its clothing, then proceeded to grind some Fish-shred Herbs and White Glue Stones into a transparent viscous liquid. This was then meticulously coated onto the rune of the corpse's core.

    The layer of liquid quickly formed a thin film, imprinting the corpse's core.

    "Don't you have better things to do?" remarked Zi Shang, coming towards Yun Jiuge.

    "You won't understand sisterhood," Yun Jiuge said as she carefully removed the film, extracting the core runes and setting them aside.

    "But you're a man now!" Zi Shang teased as he fondled Yun Jiuge's Adam's Apple playfully.

    "And you're too happy for it. What a pervert," Yun Jiuge said as she slapped Zi Shang's hand away while pointing at a random corner. "Go away, don't distract me from smithing this Pill Core." This was her first time doing such a thing, she couldn't afford any mistakes.

    Zi Shang was surprisingly obedient. Leaning against the wall, he folded his arms, narrowing his eyes as he proceeded to watch her intently.

    Yun Jiuge ignored his burning gaze on her. Placing a large Demonic Pill, a small one, some Dark Spiritual Herb, and a Puppet Flower into a bronze Pill Production Furnace, she began to conjure a White Bone Flame.

    But only a tiny wisp of smoke was generated, which sizzled pathetically from her hands.

    The Spiritual Energy she had borrowed from Zi Shang the other time had all but been used up.

    "Not enough Spiritual Power?" said Zi Shang, asking the obvious.

    "Shut up and get to work." Yun Jiuge lunged directly onto Zi Shang, wasting no time in straddling his waist and pressuring him for more Spiritual Energy.

    To satisfy Ye Jiuge's request, Zi Shang moved around extremely vigorously, raising more of a ruckus than before.

    The Liu Sisters who were at the door exchanged a look full of sympathy and gratitude upon hearing all the commotion inside.

    Senior Yunjiu was just too nice, even sacrificing life and limb just to help them smith the Demonic Core.

    Although the thousand-year-old corpse looked very beautiful, a Yin corpse was still a corpse. They can move, but cannot come.

    This means that Yin corpse matings were very painful at the receiving end, deriving no pleasure whatsoever. It was such a pity.

    When the opportunity arises, they must surely repay Senior Yunjiu.

    If Yun Jiuge, who was still tussling vigorously in the cave, could hear the sisters' thoughts, she would have told them very seriously that it was not painful at all. It was very pleasurable.

    "Do you want to go another round?" asked Zi Shang who was holding onto Yun Jiuge, as he moved to change into a new position. He braced her against the wall and positioned himself behind her.

    "No need, there's no time, and I have enough Spiritual Energy now." Yun Jiuge breathed roughly. This method of quick-charging her Spiritual Power was barbaric indeed.

    It was alright doing it once in a while, but if she were to do it every day, she would surely collapse.

    Zi Shang was a little disappointed but obliged.

    Yun Jiuge hurriedly put her clothes back on before conjuring a White Bone Flame and finally beginning to smith the Pill Core.

    The Rank Three Demonic Pill swirled continuously in the furnace. The unique rune belonging to its Demonic Beast soon appeared before Yun Jiuge.

    Those thin, blood-red veins were the key to transporting Spiritual Power.

    What she had to do now was to meld in the Rank Two Demonic Pill, without damaging the veins.

    Yun Jiuge manipulated the White Bone Flame to soften the veins of the Rank Three Demonic Pill, gently prying them aside to make room. Then, using a solution made from Dark Spiritual Herbs and Puppet Flowers, she glued in the Rank Two Demonic Pill.

    Rank Three Demonic Pills had the innate ability to absorb lower-ranked Demonic Beasts. Slowly and steadily, the Rank Two Demonic Pill was swallowed up.

    At the end of the smithing, the core was only about half the size of a baby's fist.

    But it wasn't over yet. The same core rune as the one on the Doll Yin Corpse needed to be carved onto the Pill Core.

    Yun Jiuge carefully added the thin film with the imprinted core runes into the furnace, where they were perfectly replicated onto the Pill Core.

    "This is it?" Zi Shang asked with interest.

    "We still need to test it out in the Doll Yin Corpse's brain." Yun Jiuge took out a Black Magic Dagger, expertly cut open the head of the corpse, and carefully plugged the Pill Core in. She didn't bother suturing the opening, instead, she left the brain cavity exposed.

    "The Pill Core is done, you can come in now," Yun Jiuge shouted toward the mouth of the cave.

    The Liu Sisters came in excitedly. Spotting the Dual Pill Core in the Doll Yin Corpse's head, they were mystified.

    "Drip some blood on it to claim ownership, then you can test it out," Yun Jiuge said.

    The Liu Sisters dripped their blood together onto the Pill Core. On the Doll Yin Corpse's blank face, a pair of slender, scarlet eyes emerged. It was certainly a strange sight.

    "Not bad, there's even a Demonic Eye." Yun Jiuge was not expecting that there would be such a special effect.

    Three-eyed Monkey Demons typically gained the Demonic Eye only after a hundred years of training. It can predict dangers in advance, which made it highly useful during a battle. The sisters had scored a jackpot.

    "Wow, Sis, I can see so clearly!" Liu Tian'er exclaimed excitedly.

    "Let's try attacking that Groundhog Beast over there," suggested Liu Mei'er, pointing at the said beast as it gnaws at its claws just outside the cave.

    "Yes!" Liu Tian'er nodded happily, before starting to draw upon her Spiritual Power.

    "Wait!" Yun Jiuge shouted urgently. Dual Cores were not meant to be messed around like this.

    Unfortunately, she was too late. The Liu Sisters had already infused a large amount of Spiritual Energy into the Doll Yin Corpse.

    Chirp chirp! A hundred meters away, the now terrified Groundhog Beast made a hasty escape into its burrow, dropping all the sunflower seeds in its paws as it scurried away.

    As for the Doll Yin Corpse, it had now disappeared without a trace.