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Chapter 366

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 366: Changes in the Yun Mansion, The Cuckoo Takes Over the Magpie's Nest

    We found this Dual Core purely by accident, we don't know who cultivated it." Yun Jiuge was not so foolish as to admit that it was hers.

    "Alright then, if you find such a good item again, come look for me, we can discuss the price. I still have work to do so I shall take my leave now" Wan Li Mingxuan passed a Communication Charm to Yun Jiuge with a wave of his hand and left.

    "Brother Yun Jiu, do we let him go just like that?" Liu Mei'er stared at Wan Li Mingxuan's upright back unhappily. She wanted to throw a knife at him, anyone who exposed their secret deserved to die.

    "What if he goes back and spreads nonsense?" Liu Tian'er squeezed the bone spur in her hand. Since brother Yun Jiu was not willing to take action, they could still sneak up on him and kill him then.

    "This Wang Li Mingxuan is no normal person, it's best to turn around and walk away if you meet him again." Yun Jiuge saw the Liu sisters' indignant faces and proceeded to explain the low profile luxuries on Wan Li Mingxuan.

    When the Liu sisters heard that Wan Li Mingxuan was carrying all sorts of treasure on his entire body, they felt that it was a pity they did not get to rob him.

    "The elders have a consciousness prohibition on such persons of interest and they can recall what happened to him moments before he dies, so if you two don't want to face relentless assassination attempts, then discard those undesirable thoughts," Yun Jiuge warned.

    "Brother Yun Jiu, don't worry, we were only thinking about it, we will definitely not act rashly," Liu Tian'er stuck out her tongue and finally gave up on such thoughts.

    "Take this paper crane and shield, once you are proficient at using the Ba Wang Flower go to Zhong Province and find out what's the situation like. We shall meet up there."

    Yun Jiuge still wanted to return to the Lei Kingdom and it was inconvenient to go there with the Liu sisters for fear that they might find out her true identity.

    "Alright, we shall depart as soon as possible." The Liu sisters knew that Yun Jiuge was having a hard time in Yin Corpse Sect and thus, decided to quickly travel to Zhong Province to grasp the situation so as not to waste her time.

    "There's no need to rush, safety is of top priority," Yun Jiuge advised.

    Although the Liu sisters had greatly increased their powers and Liu Tian'er's Nine Purgatories Body protection magic, they must not let their guard down.

    "Brother Yun Jiu, please don't worry, we do cherish our lives. By the way, could you please take a look at this Panic grass, is it germinating?" Liu Tian'er took out the small flower pot.

    The red soil inside was darker in color, apart from the panic-stricken human face on the seed of the Panic grass, there was also a little bit of its neck showing.

    "How did you use it up so quickly?" Yun Jiuge lifted her head and gazed at Liu Tian'er. Her Nine Purgatories Body would soon be transferred onto the Panic grass at this rate.

    "We only used it two to three times, " Liu Tian'er could not wait to get away so they could use it without restraint.

    "While this flower pot can be used up to ninety-eight times, you should still be more conservative when using it!" Yun Jiuge reminded.

    "Brother, be rest assured that we know," Liu Tian'er kept the flower pot away, clearly not bothered.

    "It is getting late, I need to go back. I don't think it's safe for you guys to stay at the cave anymore, so go find a different and safer place." Yun Jiuge was afraid that Wan Li Mingxuan might return to search the place.

    "Right." The Liu sisters had plenty of experience in escaping, they had no less than five to six locations just for hiding. Yun Jiuge need not worry at all.

    Yun Jiuge bid their farewell to the sisters and returned to Yin Corpse Sect. After having taken a few days to prepare everything, she told Jin Chuan she was about to go into a retreat.

    Even though Jin Chuan acted like he did not care, he still helped her to record "retreat" into the disciple records.

    Yun Jiuge thus secretly left Yin Corpse Sect to return to the Lei Kingdom.

    Seven days later, she arrived at the gate to the capital of Lei Kingdom.

    Yun Jiuge disguised her corpse poisoned face like that of a handsome looking gentleman. She was fanning herself as she walked into the capital until she reached the gates of Yun Mansion.

    The black plaque was still hung up high with the large, shiny words ‘Yun Mansion' written on it.

    "Are you seriously planning on strutting in like this and look for Qing Mama?" Zi Shang asked as he stood beside Yun Jiuge.

    "I'm not that foolish." Yun Jiuge who came back only to take a look if everything was fine. She would secretly send Qing Mama a letter if all was well and only then would she go and find Ye Yu.

    Just then, the large doors of Yun Mansion creaked open.

    A seven-year-old chubby boy in a silver robe and a golden crown on his head stuck his head out before proceeding to walk out with his head held high.

    Following closely behind him was a large group of servants including Zhen Zhu who was carrying a heavy-looking bento box.

    She had none of her carefree innocence and spirit she once possessed when Yun Jiuge was around. She looked haggard and downcast, dressed in a worn-out third-class maid's dress.

    "Walk quickly, if the first master is delayed from watching the show, I'll punish you," a tall and slim wet nurse who was beside the little chubby boy scolded Zhen Zhu impatiently.

    "Yes, yes, yes," Zhen Zhu nodded her head continuously and quickened her footsteps.

    "How could such a clumsy person be suitable to serve me, the great master," complained the little fat boy.

    "Little master, just bear with this for a while, after all, Zhen Zhu is one of the people Qing Mama left with us so we can't do anything, for now, we will send her far away once we have the chance to," the wet nurse advised in a hushed voice.

    "That Qing Mama is nothing but a dog servant yet she acts like she is the half master of Yun Mansion. All she does is order my father around every day, I will kill her one day." Menace flashed across the boy's round face, he was not joking about it.

    "Little master please don't fret over a maid, just bear with it for a while longer," the wet nurse coaxed the chubby boy who was getting into the Yun Mansion's extravagant carriage. She then arranged the other servants to get on.

    Zhen Zhu was once again been scolded before being roughly pushed in with the others.

    Yun Jiuge looked on gravely, she never thought she would see such a scene.

    She had no idea who this little chubby boy was, to brazenly call Qing Mama a dog servant in Yun Mansion and to even use Zhen Zhu, her very own personal maid as his lowly servant, what boldness!

    "Seems like the human cuckoo has taken over the magpie's nest." Zi Shang wore an expression that showed he was about to watch a good show, people can be really interesting!

    "I want to see just how long he can carry on then." Yun Jiuge had planned to sneak in to see Qing Mama later in the night but now, she couldn't wait a moment longer.

    Most of the servants at Yun Mansion were there, so she somewhat concealed her face while walking in discreetly with Zi Shang beside her.

    In just two years, the number of people in Yun Fu had increased to the point that it was overly crowded, Yun Jiuge could hardly recognize anyone.

    Several large courtyards were within the backyard of which the owners were all beautiful women. They were all living at Yun Mansion as co-owners.

    If it were not for the fact that she knew Ye Yuxuan was dead, she would have thought that even more concubines were now brought in.

    While the Zilin Residence was still unoccupied, all the servants had been replaced.

    There were only two servant maids and a skinny Mama idling away in the courtyard.

    All three seemed to be lazy, the dust had gathered in all the corners of the courtyard. The cleaning had not been attended to.

    When Yun Jiuge walked into Qing Mama's standalone house, her bed was still there but heavy dust was all around, it seemed that no one had been living here for quite a while.

    What had happened in Yun Mansion when she was not around?