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Chapter 369

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 369: The Return, The Siblings Reunion

    When Ye Yu heard the melody, the tensed brows that formed a frown slowly relaxed, and his expression became serene.

    "How is she still able to sing?" Yun Jiuge stared at Ye Yunzhi in disbelief. Was her soul not dispersed and scattered already?

    "She's a Living Corpse, so what's so weird about being able to sing? Some incredibly good Living Corpses can even use sound waves to kill people covertly without a trace," Zi Shang said calmly.

    "Alright!" Yun Jiuge admitted that she could only blame herself for her lack of experience.

    She looked down and observed Ye Yu's pale face. After a while, she looked up and asked Zi Shang, "Since Ye Yunzhi has the Yin Spiritual Body, does Ye Yu have one too?"

    "No, he is simply a Spiritual Practitioner." Zi Shang shook his head.

    "That's good." Yun Jiuge gave a sigh of relief.

    In the past, she used to think that those born with special physique were all lucky, but now she knew that she was just being envious of them.

    If she could not protect herself, naturally she would be at the mercy of the strong ones.

    The Liu Sisters and Ye Yunzhi were living examples.

    Ye Yunzhi's singing gradually stopped.

    Ye Yu's eyelashes began to tremble, his eyeballs rolled around under his eyelids and finally he opened his eyes.

    "You're awake! How do you feel?" Yun Jiuge asked with concern.

    "Who are you?" Unexpectedly, Ye Yu looked at her with a wary expression.

    "I haven't seen you in just two years and you've already completely forgotten about me?" Yun Jiuge's original voice had been restored but she could not change her looks since the Form Illusion Herb was so powerful. No matter how she dressed up, she still looked like a man.

    "Eldest Miss?!" Ye Yu's tone held a tinge of hesitation, still unconvinced.

    After all, the handsome young man in front of him did not look anything like a woman from any angle.

    "Even if you don't believe me, you have to at least believe him!" Yun Jiuge pointed at the pretentious Zi Shang who was leaning against a tree.

    Although he still had gray hair and gray pupils, the absolutely powerful aura he exuded could not be replicated by anyone else.

    This time, Ye Yu was completely relieved and smiled at Yun Jiuge while saying, "I didn't expect you to come back so quickly."

    "How is two years quick! I think you've been living your days in a blur!" On that note, Yun Jiuge quickly asked, "What the hell is that Home of the Shadows place — you almost died in there."

    "That's our clan's sacred place for cultivation." Ye Yu combed through his hair and said a little embarrassedly, "But one can only enter the place to cultivate after becoming a Great Spiritual Master, and no one in our clan has gone in for the past 50 years."

    "You really aren't afraid of death." Yun Jiuge recalled that when they had gone their separate paths, Ye Yu was only an Intermediate Level Spiritual Practitioner, which was equivalent to having cultivated five levels of Qi Refining Stage.

    Yet he dared to enter the training ground of cultivation for Foundation Establishment at that time — he truly was ignorant and fearless!

    "I didn't expect the Home of the Shadows to be so daunting." Ye Yu also felt dreadful.

    Soon after he entered the Home of the Shadows, he gradually lost all his five senses. Finally, when there was no way for him to leave the place, he could only stubbornly hold on to life.

    Counting himself lucky, he was able to stay alive until help arrived.

    If Yun Jiuge had come by a year later, he would have been reduced to a bag of bones.

    No matter how great one's Foundation Establishment Stage was, one could not have fasted for three years.

    "If this happens again, let's see who'll save you." Yun Jiuge scolded him relentlessly.

    Ye Yu laughed sheepishly, changing the topic as he said, "In any case, I'm now a Great Spiritual Master, so I could probably visit the Yin Corpse Sect."

    "There's no need to — your sister has already passed away, and her remains have been scattered across a bed of flowers. Before she died, she asked me to give this Yin Corpse to you." Yun Jiuge beckoned Ye Yunzhi over, whom she had been secretly protecting by her side.

    "A bed of flowers…" Ye Yu did not seem to be in excruciating agony as Yun Jiuge thought he would be. Instead he was staring at the Yin Corpse with a head full of white hair and an ugly face in a daze.

    "Exactly!" Yun Jiuge watched Ye Yu cautiously. Was it possible he had discovered something?

    "I dreamt of my sister bidding her goodbyes just now. She left very peacefully and told me not to feel sad over her death and to continue living well." A smile graced the corners of his lips, and he warmly caressed the ugly Yin Corpse's white hair without the slightest disgust as he said light-heartedly, "From now on I'll call you Little Zhi then!"

    Yun Jiuge let out a breath of relief and handed him the Cultivating Corpse Bag saying, "Take good care of her in the future. She will protect you for a lifetime."

    "Thank you." Ye Yu took the Cultivating Corpse Bag and followed Yun Jiuge's instruction to place Little Zhi inside.

    "When you're well, could you do something for me? Please settle Qing Mama, Zhen Zhu, Yu Die, Old Huo…" Yun Jiuge briefly explained the current situation.

    "Are you going to dismiss the Yun Family?" Ye Yu was taken aback.

    "The Yun Family is wherever I am, and we exist only in name but not in reality. I might as well disband it so that they don't have to be concerned anymore." Yun Jiuge was completely determined.

    Ye Yuxuan and the rest were all dead, Ye Ruyi had left, and her grandfather was still missing. Her grievances in the Lei Kingdom had also been resolved, so she should just let it be!

    "Alright, I'll definitely help you settle this." Ye Yu solemnly nodded his head.

    "You shall be free in the future." The contract between Ye Yu and her had been officially annulled.

    "I've always been free." Ye Yu smiled because Eldest Miss had never ordered him to do anything. He was indeed very free.

    "That's good then, live the life you want to live in the future!" Yun Jiuge smiled back at Ye Yu and said, "I shall not bid my farewell to the rest, just help me relay the message of staying strong to them." She did not want to scare them unnecessarily with her ghostly appearance now.

    "I definitely will." Ye Yu nodded his head once again.

    "I'm going now. Goodbye!" Yun Jiuge waved her hand and walked away in ease confidently.

    She still had a long way to go, and as long as Ye Yu and the rest of them continued to cultivate, she was sure they would meet again one day.

    Ye Yu watched Yun Jiuge's silhouette slowly fade away in the distance but he did not feel the slightest bit of melancholy.

    While Eldest Miss did not need him now, he would not slack off but instead continue to work hard in cultivation.

    Hmm, he should go visit Luo Tian and Jun Yichen at Shiwan Grand Mountain. Who knows how they were faring?

    But before that, he still had to properly execute the mission given by Eldest Miss.

    Ye Yu's return to the capital as a Great Spiritual Master had shocked the whole of Lei Kingdom.

    Although the Lei Kingdom also had several Great Spiritual Masters, they were all old men and women. There were not many young ones like him with a promising future.

    Empress Xi had also sent someone to contact him as she wanted to meet him personally to rope him in.

    Ye Yu only sent a single sentence back to Empress Xi stating, "I do not associate myself with those who bite the hand that feeds them."

    Empress Xi dared not utter a word afterward.

    Not long after, Qing Mama disappeared from the palace and appeared thousands of miles outside in the hometown of Suzhou, where she was conferred the title ‘Empress Dowager' by her nieces and nephews.

    Meanwhile, Old Huo, who had been inspecting the shop outside, officially resigned from the post of old housekeeper of the Yun Family. He established a small martial arts hall in his hometown, and had taken in several good disciples.

    The family who originally wanted to marry Yu Die as a concubine sincerely expressed that they feared being unable to climb the ranks. So they paid their due respects to her personally and sent her Slave Deeds back.

    Yu Die ripped up the deeds, took Hua Die's spirit tablet, found a small shop in the Medicine Refinery City, and started a medicine business that specialized in Bone Opening Medicine. Eventually, her business flourished.

    Zhen Zhu disposed of the slavery records and returned to her hometown, where she married her childhood sweetheart and bought a dozen acres of land, becoming a rich local family.

    By the time Qing Mama waited for everyone to settle down, Yun Jiuge had already set off to Zhong Province.