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Chapter 370

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 370: The Flashy Show Has Begun

    Yun Jiuge traveled swiftly through and across the mountains. After five days, she finally reached the Zhong Province Realm.

    She still maintained her appearance as a young man, with the Sword Pill from Baili Moyun hung around her waist and on her back, a Spiritual Sword. She looked exactly like a young swordsman who came out to experience the world.

    There was not much happening in the Zhong Province, except for lots of robberies.

    Such a new kid in town like Yun Jiuge was a fattened sheep sent directly to their doorstep.

    Unfortunately, this little fat sheep had a fierce shepherd, and anyone who attempted to rob them were all killed by Zi Shang.

    "Tsk, just another poor idiot." Yun Jiuge had already killed 38 robbers and shook her head in disappointment after checking their Magic Bottomless Bag.

    "Still not contented even after gaining at no cost." Zi Shang flicked his fingers on Yun Jiuge's forehead.

    Yun Jiuge didn't care as she rubbed her head, heading towards the East Building Complex in Zhong Province.

    After sending a message to the Liu Sisters that morning, they were scheduled to meet at Tongfu Inn in the East Building Complex.

    The East Building Complex looked sturdy, with tall gray walls that stretched for a few miles. Core Formation Cultivators guarded the city walls, creating a silent pressure that swept through the entire place warning potential troublemakers to think twice.

    Two teams of guards with fifth level Qi Refining Stage stood by guarding the tall large city gates.

    Regardless of one's cultivation level, all visitors had to pay a fee of one piece of Spiritual Jade to enter the city. Even a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Stage was no exception.

    Yun Jiuge was allowed entry by the guards after making a payment of a piece of Spiritual Jade.

    The streets inside were very lively, with people coming and going.

    Just one glance at the cultivators who wore black cloaks and one could tell they were from the Black Magic Sect.

    There were other cultivators from Righteous Sects who carried Spiritual Swords on their backs or had charms on them.

    The merchandise displayed in shops on both sides of the street were comprehensive.

    They had everything ranging from Spiritual and Yin Pills, spiritual weapons, magical weapons to black magic weapons. Yun Jiuge was confused by the sheer amount of items on display.

    While walking and browsing, she chanced upon a rune-covered shop. She went in to have a look, and finally decided on a three-piece black cloak.

    This cloak was embroidered with two suppressing energy runes of illusion and hidden spirit. When worn, it could not only hide the appearance and shape of the wearer, but also hide their true cultivation level.

    The price for such an item did not come cheap at 20 pieces of Spiritual Stones. Indeed, it was expensive.

    Yun Jiuge rolled up her sleeves and haggled for half a day before the price was dropped to 15 pieces of Spiritual Stones. She still felt the pinch as it was extremely costly.

    But she had to buy it no matter how expensive it was!

    It was Zi Shang's fault for only knowing how to inscribe and not embroider. He looked down on rune embroidery as a task only for women.

    By the time she arrived at the Tongfu Inn, it was nightfall and the Liu Sisters had not arrived yet.

    "How much is lodging?" Yun Jiuge inquired with the short and fat innkeeper.

    "Three pieces of Spiritual Stones for a night in the Superior room, two pieces of Spiritual Stones for the Average room and one Spiritual Stone for the Below Average room." The short and fat innkeeper continued to flick his golden abacus, not even lifting his head while he replied.

    "That expensive?" Yun Jiuge frowned.

    Throughout her whole journey she had stayed in countless inns, and even the best rooms cost no more than five hundred pieces of Spiritual Jades. Yet the rooms here actually cost three thousand pieces of Spiritual Jades — that was as good as daylight robbery.

    "My dear guest, our Superior rooms are very rich in Spiritual Energy, very convenient for practice. Moreover, recently Zhong Province's occupancy is very high, and there are only a few empty rooms left now. If you don't place a deposit for it, you might not get a room later in the night." The innkeeper looked up at Yun Jiuge, flashing a profound smile while saying, "Zhong Province can be very dangerous at night if you do not stay in an inn."

    Yun Jiuge was not afraid of danger, but she did not want to miss meeting the Liu sisters.

    Moreover, there were indeed plenty of guests. The main hall on the first level was practically packed to the brim.

    "Alright, give me the Average room." Fortunately, she had taken from many robbers on her way here, otherwise, she really could not afford to put up a night here.

    "Great, Average room it is. My honorable guest, do you prefer dining down here or in your room? Our shop also offers a good menu of delicious Spiritual Cuisine." The innkeeper's attitude warmed up quite a substantial bit.

    "I'll dine downstairs!" Yun Jiuge swept a quick glance through the main halls, which was indeed a splendid place for gathering information.

    "Alright, Little Lin, bring this guest up to number seven Average room." The innkeeper passed the room token to Yun Jiuge, leaving the inn attendant to lead her to the room upstairs.

    The Average room was still considered spacious and the interior decoration was also clean and neatly arranged. A few stalks of Spiritual Water Flowers were placed in a corner and the room was well ventilated with a faint Spiritual Energy. Overall it wasn't too bad but it would be impossible to use it for practicing cultivation.

    Yun Jiuge was not in a rush to go down, and she sent a message to the Liu Sisters informing them that she was putting up in the Average room number seven.

    The Liu Sisters replied quickly saying that they would reach within half an hour.

    Yun Jiuge placed the Communication Talisman down and asked Zi Shang who was seated next to her drinking his tea, "Are there any dangerous characters at this inn?"

    "For a small fry like you, everyone is dangerous," Zi Shang said calmly.

    By no means was Zi Shang looking down on her, but for a cultivator like her to come out and travel on her own, she might have already died on the road.

    "I have you, haven't I!" Yun Jiuge giggled as she grabbed Zi Shang's shoulders.

    During this period, there was a change in Zi Shang's attitude. He no longer randomly flirted with Yun Jiuge, and his personality was much calmer too.

    Thus Yun Jiuge started bonding with him more as a brother, getting very accustomed to his identity as a man.

    "There are a few cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Stage downstairs with their Qi Refining Disciples tagging along, take a real good look at them and maybe you will discover something." Zi Shang placed his cup of tea down on the table and guided her.

    "I'll go down now." Yun Jiuge was happy for a moment.

    The main hall was almost fully seated, but Yun Jiuge finally managed to find a seat at the corner.

    Right after she sat down, an early stage Foundation Establishment cultivator with three locks of a beautifully manicured beard carrying a sword on his back approached, inquiring, "Little Junior, is there anyone sitting here?"

    "No, please take a seat, Senior," Yun Jiuge kindly replied but she was on her guard.

    In this world where physical prowess determined your place, cultivation was everything.

    Foundation Establishment cultivators had always despised Qi Refining Disciples — the tone in their speech was either condescending or arrogant without any exceptions.

    It was extremely unusual how the middle-aged man in front of her spoke so politely.

    "My surname is Lin, and how should I address you?" The middle-aged swordsman stroked his well-kept beard as he asked.

    "My surname is Yun." Yun Jiuge replied simply.

    "Looking at you carrying a long sword, it seems that we're kindred spirits." The middle-aged swordsman and Yun Jiuge exchanged a few formalities. He then pretended to ask innocuously, "The rent here is not cheap, what a waste that Little Junior is staying alone!"

    "I still have two friends who will be coming later," Yun Jiuge said.

    "Oh, are they also swordsmen?"

    "No." Yun Jiuge shook her head.

    "Little Junior, fret not. I don't have any ill intentions. When we're traveling outdoors, we kindred spirits should be united and look out for one another." The middle-aged swordsman spouted a lot more nonsense before getting to his main point. "I have a task at hand, and would require the help of Qi Refining Disciples. I wonder if you would be interested?"

    "Oh, what kind of task?" Yun Jiuge arched her brow and asked.

    "Do you see those Qi Refining Cultivators over there?" The middle-aged swordsman used his gaze to point Yun Jiuge to look towards the large hall.

    The flashy show had begun!

    Yun Jiuge was alert suddenly, and quickly asked: "Yes I see them alright, but I didn't expect so many Seniors to bring their Juniors here to cultivate. Is there anything special happening here?"