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Chapter 372

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 372: Treasure Hunting in the Building Complex (2)

    "This coral is fake — it's just an ordinary Spiritual Coral. 50 Spiritual Stones is definitely not worth it." Yun Jiuge ignored the displeasure on the stall owner's face and pulled the reluctant Liu Mei'er away and left.

    They wandered around and came to a stall selling a bunch of assorted jewelry. Yun Jiuge squatted down to start searching and finally picked up a purple veil embroidered with cloud patterns, telling Liu Mei'er, "This suits you better."

    This veil could automatically generate Cloud Qi, and in addition to being able to nourish one's skin, it could also disperse all kinds of Qi influence invasions. The veil could be bought with just 50 Spiritual Jades — it was a steal compared to the earrings.

    "Okay, I'll take these." Liu Mei'er had utmost trust in Yun Jiuge's eye for goods.

    "How about me?" Liu Tian'er pouted.

    "This'll do!" Yun Jiuge picked up a violet sandalwood hairpin, which not only kept one's black hair moisturized and clean, but could also form a Protective Barrier to protect the head in times of crisis.

    Although its function was of lesser value, its price of 50 Spiritual Jades was still a great bargain.

    Liu Tian'er was also very satisfied with this hairpin. She was happier to have bought something way cheaper as compared to buying a good item.

    Yun Jiuge made a quick glance again and was attracted to a pair of worn out black wings.

    It looked very much like the pair of flying devices she had seen in Wanbao Building, but its quality was much better.

    She was now at the seventh level of Qi Refining and could already use imperial flying devices but the flying speed of the Bone Spur was slow. It was a far cry compared to actual flying devices.

    "This is a third grade bat wing cultivated from the bones of the Wind Bat, and it's going at a bargain price of 300 Spiritual Stones in this big clearance sale," the stall owner enthusiastically hailed.

    "Several pieces of this bat bone are broken, and the runes on it are mostly worn out. Can it still be used?" Yun Jiuge picked it up and took a closer look, showing her dissatisfaction.

    "Of course it can still be used. If it was complete, it would cost at least 700 Spiritual Stones. I'm already incurring a loss letting you have it at 300," the stall owner said as he projected a pained look on his face.

    "Oh come on, the flying devices that can sell for 700 Spiritual Stones are all superior products that have just been refined. How could you compare this broken thing that you picked up from god-knows-where to that?"

    "That's right, how could you even think of selling it for 300 Spiritual Stones? I think it's worth only 50 Spiritual Stones at most."

    The Liu Sisters also rolled up their sleeves and joined in the ranks of bargaining.

    After a fierce battle of words, Yun Jiuge finally bought the pair of bat wings for 150 Spiritual Stones in addition to the veil and wooden hairpins that the Liu Sisters liked.

    Yun Jiuge returned to the inn and pestered Zi Shang to help her restore the damaged runes on the bat spur.

    "Collecting junk all day long, and you still have the cheek to ask me for help." Zi Shang chided her but in the end, he still helped her to restore the runes.

    Yun Jiuge secretly tried it, and it worked amazingly.

    With just a little effort, one could fly ten miles away. It was definitely a great life-saver.

    In a blink of an eye, the day of the Zhong Provincial Alliance gathering arrived.

    "This is for the both of you." Yun Jiuge gave each of the sisters a black cloak which she had bought earlier.

    "It's too expensive a gift." Liu Mei'er refused again and again. They had already spent way too much money along the way and could not afford to buy any more things.

    "A gift for you both, it's free." Yun Jiuge was well aware that the Liu Sisters were poor.

    "Thank you Senior, you're truly a wonderful person." The Liu Sisters gleefully accepted it immediately, and began to study the runes on it while exclaiming, "Wow, this can change the wearer's body shape!"

    "I want to change into a strong man." Liu Tian'er immediately began to adjust it and the black cloak immediately became longer and wider.

    "Use it with care, these weren't cheap." Yun Jiuge couldn't help but still nag a little. "I originally wanted to buy them from Wanbao Building, but they were unethical, and it wasn't easy to acquire it from a small shop."

    "Since they have such ill intentions, we won't patronize them anymore." The Liu Sisters and Yun Jiuge joined forces to boycott that shop.

    The Young Master of Wanbao Building rubbed his nose and quickly changed the subject by saying, "It's getting late, let's hurry up!"

    "Let's go!" Yun Jiuge and the Liu Sisters put on their cloaks and turned into three tall, strong men who were about half a head taller than Wanli Mingxuan. They followed closely behind him.

    "Ahem." Wan Mingxuan couldn't help but cough twice as he said seriously, "They will be verifying our cultivation levels later, so there's no need to use the cloak for now. Let's keep it for after we have entered the site!"

    "Okay!" The Liu Sisters reluctantly took off the cloak, but retained the facial disguise of ugly girls.

    "It's best not to stay in disguise either." Wanli Mingxuan was embarrassed. Although the convening order did not state it very clearly, but such sloppy disguises could be easily picked on.

    "No way, there are so many bad guys out there — what if they lust after our beauty and prey on us?" The Liu Sisters refused to reveal their true faces.

    "But you both look too fake." Wanli Mingxuan was totally helpless — even his toes could identify their disguise.

    "Come here, let me help you redo your disguises." The art of disguising was a piece of cake to Yun Jiuge. She removed the Liu Sisters' crude getup, took out some medicine and smeared it here and there, then changed their outfits. They were immediately transformed.

    "Hmm, not bad." Wanli Mingxuan had a quick glimpse and nodded in agreement. "Ugly but in a very unique way."

    Liu Mei'er now had dark skin, thick eyebrows, small eyes and a flat nose. Her mouth was big with a squarish chin and abundant yellow teeth. She emitted a natural flirtatious aura whenever she smiled.

    Liu Tian'er's eyebrows were thin, her eyes were wide apart, and she looked a little licentious.

    Both sisters threw flirtatious glances at Wanli Mingxuan simultaneously and it was lethal.

    "Let's go!" Wanli Mingxuan did not dare take a second look so he turned and fled.

    The Zhong Province's Ruins was located a hundred miles away from the Building Complex on a wasteland.

    At present, a dilapidated, yellow-earth town had been built on the wasteland, encircling the entire site.

    The security here was tighter than the main building complex, with teams of soldiers led by Foundation Establishment Cultivators as they patrolled around.

    The gatekeeper was an early stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator with a long, thin face, squinting eyes and a straggly moustache on his lips. After taking a closer inspection of Wanli Mingxuan's pass, he looked behind him and asked, "Just these three?"

    "Yes, Senior." The Liu Sisters immediately threw him a flirtatious look.

    The little moustache on his face twitched and he quickly looked away, instructing a soldier beside him, "Take them inside."

    "Yes, sir." A third level Qi Refining soldier then led Yun Jiuge and the rest inside.

    Following through the yellow corridor and after making a few turns, they arrived at an open area.

    A seven-foot tall earthen wall surrounded the area, and beneath their feet were overgrown weeds covering the brown earth.

    Not far away, there was an earthy-yellowish high platform with three black flags that had red hearts on them — they represented the Zhong Provincial Alliance. Six Foundation Establishment Cultivators wearing black masks stood guard on the high platform.

    There were already five Foundation Establishment Cultivators gathered on the open ground, each followed by their three Qi Refining Cultivators.

    The middle-aged swordsman who contacted Yun Jiuge a few days ago was also present and nodded at her when he saw her from afar.

    Yun Jiuge also nodded in return and glanced around, noticing that most of the people here were Lone Cultivators or from the Righteous Sect. Surprisingly there were none from the Black Magic Sect.