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Chapter 373

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 373: Zi Shang Discovers The Sinister High Platform

    "I heard that the Black Magic Sects are gathered in another place," whispered Wanli Mingxuan. He had also pretended to be a swordsman during this period, thus he was gathered here.

    "No wonder." Although Yun Jiuge was a little surprised, she did not notice anything amiss.

    The Black Magic Sects and Righteous Sects could not co-exist, so it was normal to arrange them separately.

    "I heard that the Zhong Provincial Alliance issued a total of 18 Communication Talismans," Wanli Mingxuan said.

    "If these 18 people can all find three Qi Refining disciples each, then there'll be seventy two people in total. Adding on the Zhong Provincial Alliance's own people, that'll be too many!" Even though Yun Jiuge had never entered the ruins, she knew the ruins were different from the Secret Realm. It would not be very large in size nor contain many items, but they would all be exquisite items.

    "There'll definitely be a bloodbath since so many people are going in." Wanli Mingxuan was very experienced in this and told the Liu Sisters, "If we ever get lost once we're inside, you must protect yourself well. Otherwise the both of you will be the first ones to die."

    "Mm." The Liu Sisters nodded solemnly.

    Fortunately, Liu Mei'er had her Ba Wang Flower and Liu Tian'er had her Nine Purgatories body.

    Even if the two sisters were unluckily separated, they would not immediately become a victim. Hiding would not be a problem.

    They had even less reason to worry about Yun Jiuge. Unless Zi Shang took the initiative to leave her, otherwise they would never be lost wherever they went.

    At that moment, Zi Shang was observing the yellow dirt wall around him with a dignified expression on his face.

    "What's wrong, is there a problem?" Yun Jiuge asked.

    "I'm just thinking… Where are the ruins exactly?" Zi Shang replied.

    "Behind the wall?" Yun Jiuge guessed.

    "No." Zi Shang shook his head and asked Yun Jiuge, "Don't you feel that the movement of the Spiritual Energy here is extremely slow?"

    Yun Jiuge tested it and realized that it was really like what Zi Shang had said.

    She also scanned the surrounding area. All the Qi Refining disciples were excited as they got ready to enter the site to do a huge mission and thus did not notice any abnormalities.

    "Is there a Spell Formation engraved beneath?" Yun Jiuge rubbed the ground with the soles of her feet but found nothing unusual.

    Zi Shang shook his head, focusing his eyes on the dirt-yellow platform.

    Yun Jiuge followed his line of sight and noticed the fierce looking Foundation Establishment Cultivators inspecting the Cultivators in the open field.

    Upon noticing Yun Jiuge looking at them, one of them immediately glared back with an expression that screamed, ‘What the hell are you looking at? You'd better be careful or else I'll make your life a living hell'.

    "What's the matter?" The Liu Sisters asked in a low voice.

    "It's fine." Yun Jiuge turned to look elsewhere casually and began to secretly be more cautious of the surroundings.

    After another hour had passed, the remaining three participating Foundation Establishment Cultivators arrived with their Qi Refining Cultivators and finally all participants were present.

    "The opening hour for the ruins is approaching — Foundation Establishment Cultivators shall come forward to discuss matters while Qi Refining Cultivators shall remain where they are." A man as tall and strong as an iron tower walked up on the platform and proclaimed loudly.

    "I'm heading over, the rest of you be careful." Wanli Mingxuan warned them again before walking off with the rest of the participating Cultivators who were then led away by a Cultivator from the Zhong Provincial Alliance.

    "All of you, come over here to collect the Amulets. You'll be using it later when you enter the ruins." The Iron Tower Man on the platform addressed the Qi Refining Disciples to gather.

    All the Qi Refining Cultivators quickly rounded up, but when the Liu Sisters were about to step forward, they were pulled back by Yun Jiuge who said, "Be careful, there seems to be something wrong here."

    The Liu Sisters trusted Yun Jiuge's instincts as she immediately took out Bone Spurs from the Magic Bottomless Bag and formed a Defensive Barrier.

    Yun Jiuge observed the high platform closely and then realized that after those Qi Refining Disciples had gathered, the big flags inserted on the high platform were moving by themselves despite the lack of wind.

    Rays of light spread across the surrounding dirt walls, and the air became heavy and humid. The Spiritual Energy that already had difficulty circulating was now even heavier.

    "You three over there, hurry up and come over." The Iron Tower Man pointed at Yun Jiuge and company.

    Instead, Yun Jiuge took a step back and shouted out loudly to the Qi Refining Disciples, "Be careful everyone, there's an ambush on the platform!"

    The Qi Refining Cultivators who were receiving the Amulets immediately went into a frenzy and cautiously retreated back, but they were stopped by the Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the platform.

    The Iron Tower Man's eyes narrowed, and he shot a fierce glare at them.

    In the next moment, he appeared in front of Yun Jiuge and company.

    With a wave of his right hand, a black hook flew out of his Magic Bottomless Bag towards Yun Jiuge's chest.

    Yun Jiuge used four Bone Spurs to defend herself.

    With a clanging sound, the four Bone Spurs were instantly destroyed by the small iron hook.

    Yun Jiuge's pupils shrank as she reeled in shock.

    Although the four Bone Spurs were of lower grade, they were still not ordinary products. For them to not even be able to resist a single blow, this Iron Tower Cultivator must have been very powerful.

    "Be careful, Senior." The Liu Sisters pinched their fingers and the Puppet Yin Corpse fell to the ground, opening its mouth as it spat out a red ray to block the small iron hook.

    "Yin Corpse Sect?" The Iron Tower Man was stunned for a moment when he saw the Puppet Yin Corpse, but instantly smiled savagely as he said, "Well, I've even less reason to hold back then."

    His cultivation level soared instantaneously, from Early to the Middle Foundation Establishment Stage.

    The Liu Sisters were terrified to the point their faces turned white. They stood a chance if their opponent was an Early Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, but they would definitely face death if it was a Middle Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator.

    Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang, but he only looked at the platform solemnly.

    The next thing they knew, the large flags on the platform flew into the air and turned into a huge black curtain enveloping all the Qi Refining Disciples within.

    A black and red mist filled up the entire curtain and the Qi Refining Disciples who were enveloped in the mist gave out all sorts of chilling cries, like an explosion of fireworks turning into countless blood mist within.

    The high dirt walls around them instantly cracked, revealing the blood-red runes within, and waves of red light spread outwards like a tide.

    Yun Jiuge finally came to realize that they were already in the center of the ruins, and this high platform was only a means to obtain the flesh and souls of the Qi Refining Disciples to open the ruins.

    Amidst the shaking, a palace rose from beneath the ground.

    The black and red mist completely enveloped the palace in an instant. Those without the Amulets specially made by the Zhong Provincial Alliance would not pass through the mist safely.

    By this time the Iron Tower Cultivator had become slightly anxious because the ruins had already appeared, and if he could not accomplish his task, he would be at the losing end. He had to kill these three tiny ants in front of him as quickly as possible.

    He quickly increased his offensive attacks, and the iron hook chased them as it emitted a vicious aura.

    Yun Jiuge used the Wicked Blade, cunningly battling the iron hook.

    The Liu Sisters set up a small Defense Shield as the Ba Wang Flower assisted on the side. The three of them worked closely together to protect themselves from the attacks of the small iron hook.

    A fierce light flashed across the eyes of the Iron Tower Cultivator, then he bit down on his tongue hard and spat out a mouthful of his blood essence towards the Pursuing Devil's magic hook.

    The Pursuing Devil's magic hook instantly became three feet tall, clouded in dense black Qi as it lunged towards Yun Jiuge and company.

    Yun Jiuge quickly pinched her fingers together, causing the Wicked Blade to transform into a long, blood-red blade which charged ahead without hesitation.

    A huge collision was about to occur right before their very eyes, yet the small black hook suddenly stopped and fell to the ground.

    The Iron Tower Cultivator's eyes bled profusely, and as he lowered his head in disbelief, he saw a white palm in front of his chest.