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Chapter 379

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 379: Zi Shang Vents Out

    After the voice of the middle-aged Scribe faded, several green-faced evil spirits flew towards the corner.

    A leaf-shaped green light spouted out from the bamboo stick in the fat old man's hands and flew off together with the green-faced evil spirits.

    With two bangs, the green-faced evil spirits and the leaf light were smashed into dust simultaneously.

    Then, a young male seventh level Qi Refining Cultivator in a white robe walked out from the middle of the tunnel and looked at them emotionless. It was Yun Jiuge who was caught peeping.

    "Senior!" Liu Mei'er saw Yun Jiuge and immediately called out excitedly.

    "Senior?" The middle-aged Scribe frowned.

    It was very difficult for him, a Middle Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, to even enter this Labyrinth yet this young man, who was only at seventh level of Qi Refining, made it seem like it was a breeze. There must be something extraordinary about him.

    Thinking back, when the Liu Sisters saw that young man, their reaction was akin to seeing their savior, which meant that they strongly believed in the young man's capabilities.

    On that note, the middle-aged Scribe's heart rate quickened.

    The sudden sense of danger made him turn around without hesitation as he changed into a light shadow and fled.

    For a moment, the fat old man was surprised.

    He knew the cunning Wicked Patriarch very well, and he must have realized that the young man was to be feared, therefore he ran away hastily.

    The fat old man immediately kept the Thousand Silk Nets and wanted to escape, but it was too late.

    A faint, gleaming gray hand pulled out his heart and squeezed it into mush.

    Zi Shang had been in such a foul mood ever since he laid eyes on the Devil Stone Statue, so he needed to vent his anger out but could not let Yun Jiuge know of it.

    The fat old man had reached the end of his road and he could only count himself unlucky.

    Zi Shang tossed the pureed meat directly onto Ba Wang Flower's face, and then tossed the fat old man's bamboo stick and Magic Bottomless Bag to Yun Jiuge.

    Ba Wang Flower stuck out its long, small tongue in excitement and began to lick away the flesh and blood on its face, and its small hands cupped together to save every drop of blood dripping down its face.

    Yun Jiuge felt a little nauseated at this sight. After collecting the spoils, she immediately moved away from the line of sight and asked Liu Mei'er what happened after they entered the Secret Realm.

    While Liu Mei'er helped her younger sister get rid of the cold Yin Qi Spectral Aura, she explained what happened after they entered the site.

    They chanced upon a brothel in the Illusion Realm.

    In the illusion, there was a girl called Mei Xiang, and because she was not willing to entertain guests, she was almost beaten to death.

    Mei Xiang was originally the only daughter of the town's teacher and led a sheltered life while growing up.

    Unexpectedly, after the death of her parents, her aunt sold her off to a gambler at just five taels of silver.

    The gambler beat and berated her. Not only did he sell their only son to other people, he also sold her off to the brothel to clear their debts.

    The Liu Sisters destroyed the brothel, rescued Mei Xiang, and also properly settled the other feeble women in the brothel.

    Then, they went to find the gambler husband, killed the monster in him and got the entry pass to help Mei Xiang get back her son.

    Afterwards, they helped Mei Xiang set up a new home, taught her how to make tofu to make a living and helped sponsor her son to attend school.

    In the end, they discovered the honest salesman next door liked Mei Xiang and with their help, they finally got married.

    The Liu Sisters stayed on with Mei Xiang to help her tide through many problems, and waited till she had lived to a ripe old age and passed on peacefully with a house full of descendants before leaving the Illusion Realm.

    The entry pass sent them directly to the Labyrinth.

    "Well done!" Yun Jiuge gave a thumbs up to the Liu Sisters. To have accompanied Mei Xiang for an entire lifetime was quite a feat requiring a lot of patience!

    "Senior Yun Jiu, don't make fun of us." Liu Mei'er smiled bitterly. The sisters sympathized with Mei Xiang as they had similar fates, thus they wished happiness for her.

    "By the way, that middle-aged Scribe was the Wicked Patriarch?" Yun Jiuge asked again.

    "Indeed." Liu Mei'er nodded her head solemnly.

    Soon after they entered the Labyrinth, they located the position of the Wicked Patriarch.

    To avoid him, the sisters went towards the opposite direction but unexpectedly, they still managed to bump into him.

    "We met him once on our way to Zhong Province, and then we got rid of him with the help of Senior Wanli." Liu Tian'er had already released the Spectral Aura and her human form was restored. She grit her teeth while speaking of her enemy, and her face was distorted with hatred.

    "Don't worry, you'll definitely get a chance for revenge." The Wicked Patriarch rashly broke in here and sustained a lot of damages. Even without the help of Zi Shang, killing him would not be a problem.

    "Mm." The Liu Sisters nodded their heads assertively. As long as they could kill the Wicked Patriarch, everything would be worth it even if they did not find anything of value at the site.

    Then, Zi Shang suddenly said, "I know how to get out of this Labyrinth."

    "Really?" Yun Jiuge turned her head around immediately.

    Upon seeing Zi Shang flick his finger, the Ba Wang Flower which lay on top of the fat old man's corpse as it gnawed, very quickly and tactfully dragged its food away.

    On the floor where the fat old man lay, a red, round Amulet had mysteriously appeared.

    "Killing people and taking lives is the condition for entry clearance." Zi Shang took the red round Amulet into his hands from across the air and threw it to Yun Jiuge.

    Upon careful inspection of the Amulet, Yun Jiuge noticed its surface was extremely smooth, and the fat old man's soul was desperately struggling inside.

    "We can leave the Labyrinth after feeding this Amulet to this wall." Zi Shang motioned Yun Jiuge to try it.

    Yun Jiuge held the Amulet and carefully knocked it against the walls.

    The blood-colored wall squirmed and countless of large bloody mouths appeared, desperately squeezing its way over to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge quickly backed away and after more than three steps back, the big bloody mouths disappeared. The surrounding wall then returned to its original appearance.

    "Is this another trap? For example, with more killings, the wall will become a terrible monster?" The Liu Sisters asked nervously.

    "Probably not." Yun Jiuge trusted Zi Shang's deductions.

    "But…" The Liu Sisters were still a little hesitant.

    "As Black Magic Cultivators, if you can't do whatever you want and become too cautious, then what's the point of cultivating!" Zi Shang ruthlessly remarked. However, the Liu Sisters were inspired by his speech instead.

    They'd used negotiations to obtain the Illusion Realm's entry pass, preserved all of their strength and obtained a great advantage in the Labyrinth.

    But if they still thought of pulling a fast one now like in the previous Illusion Realm, they would fall straight into the hands of the demons.

    Cultivation was like a boat sailing against sea currents — one needed to charge forward at all obstacles in order to advance.

    Seeing that the Liu Sisters were finally enlightened, Zi Shang turned around and left.

    "Senior, is Senior Living Corpse unhappy!" Liu Tian'er leaned over and quietly asked.

    Senior Living Corpse seemed extremely ferocious today, which made it harder to get close.

    "Who knows what problems he's got now!" Yun Jiuge could not figure out what Zi Shang was thinking either.

    Liu Tian'er and her elder sister looked at each other, not daring to speak another word.

    The longer they interacted with Yun Jiuge, the more they felt that the thousand-year-old Living Corpse was incredibly weird.

    Not only could it speak, it could also lecture people, throw tantrums and much more.

    If it were not for the constant Death Qi on his body, the sisters would have never believed that he was a Living Corpse.

    They could not figure out whether the Labyrinth was too big or if there were too few people around, but after walking for two hours, Yun Jiuge and company did not see a single soul.

    "Let's rest for awhile!" Yun Jiuge saw the beads of sweat on the Liu Sisters' foreheads and suggested that they rest.

    "Alright." The Liu Sisters' Cultivation level was much lower than Yun Jiuge, and they did not have any special physical training. After walking for so long, they were really tired, so they sat down to drink water and regulate their breathing.

    Yun Jiuge took a sip of water and realized that Zi Shang was lost in his thoughts again. She felt her anger rising.

    At that moment, the Ba Wang Flower on Liu Mei'er's shoulder suddenly jumped onto the ground as its red demonic pupils shone. It danced around like it had discovered something valuable.