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Chapter 380

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 380: Pies Falling from the Sky

    "Ba Wang Flower has picked up the scent of blood." Liu Mei'er got up immediately.

    After communicating with Ba Wang Flower in a serious manner, she pointed to the passage on the left and said, "In that direction."

    "Let's go over and take a look." Liu Tian'er was shocked. After walking for so long, they finally came across an entry pass.

    "Let's go!" Yun Jiuge also wanted to leave this damned place quickly.

    Ever since Zi Shang entered this Labyrinth, there seemed to be something wrong with him. He was so cold that she did not know him anymore.

    Zi Shang's handsome face was expressionless as he entered the state of a Yin Corpse, trailing melancholily behind Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge and others turned through another two passages, and eventually the bloody smell became stronger.

    Not far away, a man dressed in black was covered in blood and lay on the ground. His Life Energy was extremely weak, almost no different from a corpse.

    Yun Jiuge gave Liu Mei'er a look, as if saying "You guys have struck it big!"

    The Liu Sisters were ecstatic — this was as good as pies falling from the sky!

    However, for precaution's sake the Liu Sisters did not go up rashly, instead directing Ba Wang Flower to walk over silently.

    Ba Wang Flower drooled, drifting over with two feet floating above the ground and about to drag this fresh food into the corner for a big meal.

    A black cutlass suddenly shot out from the male Cultivator's body.

    It violently pierced through the body of Ba Wang Flower and then shot towards Yun Jiuge with a black light shadow.

    Yun Jiuge immediately summoned the Wicked Blade and five red lights were interwoven into a defensive net which finally stopped the black cutlass.

    Liu Mei'er was aching deeply in distress and summoned Ba Wang Flower back.

    She saw a big hole in Ba Wang Flower's stomach, and the just devoured essence of the fat old man's blood was flowing out discreetly. Fortunately, the brain core was fine.

    Liu Mei'er saw that Yun Jiuge could cope so she concentrated on transfusing her Spiritual Power to repair Ba Wang Flower's stomach skin.

    Yun Jiuge's Wicked Blade and the black cutlass were fighting neck and neck.

    Zi Shang did not make a move, but pensively looked at the male Cultivator in black.

    Then, he stretched and pointed with his fingertips, and a gust of death Qi flew towards the male corpse in black.

    The black cutlass flew back to protect its master instantly, and after dispersing the death Qi, a slender woman in white emerged from the tip of the sword. She carried the male Cultivator, turned and escaped.

    "What was that just now?" Yun Jiuge inexplicably felt the woman in white was very dangerous.

    "That's the Sword Spirit." After Zi Shang finished speaking, he vanished again.

    Yun Jiuge did not notice that Zi Shang was hiding.

    She was just shocked and did not expect the Sword Spirit to look like this. Unfortunately, she did not get a clearer look of what she looked like.

    Something didn't feel right, because she had an indescribable feeling that the black cutlass was somewhat familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.

    Yun Jiuge was recalling where she had seen the black cutlass when she saw the black cutlass coming back at a faster speed with the male Cultivator on its back.

    Behind it came chaotic footsteps and excited shouts, "Here, here!"

    Yun Jiuge observed from afar and saw that the middle-aged swordsman who wanted to collaborate with her back then was rushing over with three Zhong Provincial Alliance Cultivators.

    The middle-aged swordsman saw Yun Jiuge and the others and he immediately stopped and smiled darkly as he said, "I didn't expect you to be able to avoid the Blood Spirit Formation."

    "Well I didn't expect you to come with entry passes — one, two, three, four. An exact figure." Yun Jiuge did not have any good impressions of these Zhong Province Alliance Cultivators who tricked ordinary Cultivators.

    Since Zi Shang was here, they might as well just get rid of them since they were now face to face.

    "Ha, how dare you three Qi Refining Disciples talk about getting rid of us." The middle-aged Cultivator laughed hoarsely and pointed to the male Cultivator who was lying in the corner with the black cutlass, "Your ally is already close to death because of us, what else can you actually do?"

    "Ally?" Yun Jiuge was surprised for a moment, then she soon thought of a possibility — was the male corpse Wanli Mingxuan?

    That's right, she finally recalled.

    Back when the Puppet Yin Corpse was out of control and ran away, it chanced upon Wanli Mingxuan and this was the black cutlass that flew out on its own to stop their sneak attack.

    "It really is Senior Wanli, he isn't dead yet." The Liu Sisters finally recognized the person.

    They could not be blamed for not recognizing Wanli Mingxuan at that time as his face was covered in blood as he lay on the ground. It was really difficult to recognize him.

    "We've damaged this kid's heart arteries, so he's not far from death."

    "Just give me his cutlass, and I'll not only let you live but also give you three entry passes." In order to back his words up, the middle-aged swordsman took out three red and round Amulets, each with a spirit sealed inside. "I want it." Yun Jiuge was staring intensely at those amulets intently, because if there were three pieces, there would be enough even for Wanli Mingxuan.

    "If you want it, then give me the cutlass!" The middle-aged Cultivator smiled smugly and contemptuously.

    The Zhong Provincial Alliance Cultivators had researched this Ruins for three years. They had made sufficient preparations upon entering and could pass through any levels, so the collection of amulets was smooth sailing.

    That was, until they met Wanli Mingxuan. Although he was only in the Early Foundation Establishment Stage, he had extraordinary talent, to the point of even cultivating a Sword Spirit.

    Three of their Middle Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators were killed before they managed to severely injure him. But who knew that he would be rescued by the Sword Spirit at that critical moment.

    This Sword Spirit was somewhat evil and he did not dare to try it hastily, so he took out the entry passes to persuade Yun Jiuge. He wanted to use them to capture the Sword Spirit.

    "Alright then, take it!" Yun Jiuge pinched her fingers, and the Wicked Blade instantly turned into a blood-red long knife and thrust forward to cut the leftmost skinny Cultivator.

    The Liu Sisters also spotted a tall, thin and elegant Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, and urged the Ba Wang Flower to pounce towards him.

    The middle-aged Cultivator did not expect Yun Jiuge to actually make an attack, and he shouted in surprise and anger all at once, "How dare you court death!"

    He brought out his Blood Wind Sword to attack, but realized that a gray death Qi was being emitted somewhere and it stuck to his Blood Wind Sword as it thrust into the chest of his companion.

    The companion subconsciously released his magical weapon to defend himself, only to suffer the same fate of being steered by a gust of death Qi that thrust his weapon into the other companion's chest.

    The middle-aged Cultivator stared with his eyes gaping and looked at his companion. He could not comprehend what was happening even when at his last breath.

    Zi Shang curled his fingers and confiscated both of their magical weapons, Magic Bottomless Bags and Entry Amulets. He then watched Yun Jiuge and the others fight.

    Yun Jiuge's opponent, a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, was a level higher than her in cultivation, but she fought him very skillfully. The Wicked Blade activated its Devouring Energy Bloodthirsty skill swiftly and incisively.

    On the other hand, the weaker Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator was exceedingly worried that his companions died so precariously. His anxiety caused him to make continuous mistakes and soon he was quickly suppressed by Yun Jiuge.

    The Liu Sisters were steadily fighting. Liu Tian'er didn't even need to activate her own Nine Purgatories Body but only controlled the attacks of Ba Wang Flower together with her elder sister.

    The Ba Wang Flower had digested the blood and flesh of a few Middle Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators over this period so its body had stored up a lot of powers but failed to absorb them properly. Thus, in the beginning it was suppressed by the weak Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator.

    But as the fight went on, those powers were mobilized by the Dual Core and they flowed rapidly through the body. Finally, they transformed into a dense red light and the image of a lofty ape appeared behind.