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Chapter 381

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 381: Treasure in The Ruins: The Magic Cauldron

    The Liu Sisters also realized that Ba Wang Flower was transforming and with great joy, they worked together more smoothly.

    "Roar!" Ba Wang Flower's demonic eyes spotted its opponent's weakness. It opened its big mouth and sprayed out a red ray as thick as an arm's width and finally killed its opponent.

    At the same time, Yun Jiuge's Wicked Blade also chopped off the opponent's head.

    The Wicked Blade had developed a taste for chopping off human heads ever since they killed the lizard-like therianthrope's family. Yun Jiuge could not hold it back from its hobby.

    The Wicked Blade sucked its prey dry satisfactorily and then flew back lazily to Yun Jiuge's Magic Bottomless Bag.

    Ba Wang Flower also began to feast without restraint.

    Yun Jiuge turned to look at Wanli Mingxuan and wanted to offer a helping hand to check, but was afraid of the Sword Spirit going berserk.

    Although the Sword Spirit was invisible, the little black cutlass was still hovering above Wanli Mingxuan in a defensive stance.

    "What should I do?" Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang, who also liked to hide.

    "This Sword Spirit has a sober consciousness, show her your goodwill and she will know." Zi Shang had high regard for this Sword Spirit.

    "Okay, I'll give it a try." Yun Jiuge looked nervously at the black cutlass, trying to display her kindness saying, "I'm a friend of Wanli Mingxuan, and he is very badly injured now. I need to check on his injuries in order to treat him, so could you let me through to take a look?"

    The black cutlass did not move.

    "He's bleeding and he needs stitches and medication." Yun Jiuge took out the hemostatic powder, opened it and showed it to the black cutlass.

    The little black cutlass actually flew over and circled around as if it recognized the hemostatic medicine. The pointy end of the blade shook up and down as if nodding in agreement before making way.

    Yun Jiuge slowly walked towards Wanli Mingxuan, one step at a time.

    The black cutlass allowed Yun Jiuge to approach Wanli Mingxuan, but the sword tip was always facing her, as if ready to strike her if anything was to go wrong.

    Yun Jiuge breathed a sigh of relief, then crouched down beside Wanli Mingxuan and examined him.

    It turned out that there were big bloody wounds on his body, and he had lost a lot of blood. Some of the wounds were covered in cold Yin Spiritual Energy and still bleeding profusely. It was really incredible that he could hold on until now.

    This cold Yin Spiritual Energy was the damage caused by the Blood-Sucking Evil weapon. This weapon was of a high grade and no ordinary medicinal pills could dispel its effects.

    However, Yun Jiuge had the White Bone Monkey, and this guy absolutely loved to eat Yin Qi.

    "Senior Sword Spirit, I'm going to use the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey to suck out the Yin Spiritual Energy in Wanli Mingxuan — otherwise there's no way to bandage the wound." Yun Jiuge took the White Bone Monkey out and waved it in front of the black cutlass.

    The black cutlass shook up and down as it nodded in agreement.

    Yun Jiuge then woke the small White Bone Monkey up and asked it to start work.

    The Soul Fire of the White Bone Monkey lit up faintly, and it looked very unhappy as it snapped its jaws.

    It had been confined again for a long period of time in a little black house, and wanting it to work in vain with no Yin Qi nor benefits was virtually impossible. Unless it was given two bottles of Yin Gathering Pills.

    Yun Jiuge looked at the angry, determined White Bone Monkey with its green tendons pumping as it raised both of its little white paws and she finally yielded.

    "Alright, alright, alright, I'll give it to you, I'll give it to you." She didn't have the time to bargain with this little haughty monkey now.

    The White Bone Monkey ate the Yin Gathering Pills and then happily rocked its head and began to work.

    The Yin Spiritual Energy on Wanli Mingxuan slowly disappeared as the White Bone Monkey sucked it away.

    Yun Jiuge took out the Lightning Fire Needle and began to stitch up the wounds on his body, then injected pure Wood Spiritual Qi into him.

    Wanli Mingxuan's pale face finally became ruddy and after consuming a bottle of Spiritual and Blood Revitalization pills, he finally woke up.

    Wanli Mingxuan blinked a few times, then looked at Yun Jiuge and the Liu Sisters behind her. He was clueless as to where he was.

    "Stop blinking, you're still alive." Yun Jiuge pointed to the sharp little black cutlass behind her and said to Wanli Mingxuan, "Can you put that away first?" That murderous intent was making her uneasy.

    "Sorry, it means no harm. It's just very worried for me." Wanli Mingxuan quickly apologized, then turned to the black cutlass and shouted ‘Mother', and the small black cutlass flew back to him.

    "Mother …" Yun Jiuge's mouth twitched and said, "Your cutlass's name is indeed unique!"

    "That Sword Spirit… is my mother." Wanli Mingxuan's face was still a little pale, and even sitting up on the ground seemed very difficult.

    Yun Jiuge raised her eyebrows. Although she was a little curious, she did not continue probing Wanli Mingxuan's personal information, but instead asking, "How did you get in here?"

    "I killed my way in." Wanli Mingxuan laughed bitterly.

    These outsider Foundation Establishment Cultivators were also tricked into the Formation, and almost became a sacrifice for opening the door.

    It was later on that he proposed to everyone to detonate their fire-based magical weapons at the same time, which allowed them to break through the Formation and enter the ruins.

    "Ah yes, I already know the treasure that this Secret Realm has — it's a Magic Cauldron that can refine all things in the world." This was the news that Wanli Mingxuan had gotten from the soul of a Cultivator from the Zhong Province.

    "Magic Cauldron?" Yun Jiuge immediately thought of the Green Bronze Cauldron that the black fat rat sneaked away with — could it be that there was a connection between the two?

    "That Magic Cauldron is in the inner hall, and we can gain entry as long as we pass the tests of the Ruins. But I've heard that in addition to the group of Intermediate Foundation Establishment Cultivators, the Zhong Province has also sent in two Golden Core Cultivators who entered by suppressing their Cultivation," Wanli Mingxuan said solemnly.

    "Two Golden Core Cultivators?" Yun Jiuge shuddered deep within her heart.

    Zi Shang's current cultivation level was almost similar to that of the Golden Core level so protecting her would not be a problem. But it would be difficult to also protect the Liu Sisters and the seriously injured Wanli Mingxuan.

    The faces of the Liu Sisters also paled in an instant. Going against a Golden Core Cultivator was equivalent to climbing an insurmountable mountain for them.

    They couldn't even build up the courage to challenge them.

    "Can we still make it in time to leave the site now?" Liu Mei'er asked nervously.

    Originally, she still wanted to personally kill the Wicked Patriarch, but after much thought, it would be wiser to preserve her life.

    "If you want to leave the site, you'll have to go to the inner hall." Wanli Mingxuan shook his head. The once smiling, handsome face was now frowning in worry.

    He originally thought that this was a small ruins site and thus would be a piece of cake to gain some profits based on his current cultivation level and equipment. But it was totally not what he expected.

    In the Illusion Realm, he successfully defeated the beasts but didn't expect to clash head-on with the Zhong Province's Cultivators upon entering the Labyrinth. He almost lost his life under their siege.

    If he had not met Yun Jiuge in time, he would not have survived even while being protected by his mother.

    "Let's leave the Labyrinth first. Its best that we rush to the inner hall and find a way to leave the ruins before two of the Golden Core Cultivators get here." Yun Jiuge immediately made a decision.

    "Good." The Liu Sisters nodded their heads consecutively, as they had lost all interest in any treasure for now.

    It was already considered a bountiful trip since Ba Wang Flower had consumed an abundance of Foundation Establishment Cultivators rich in Spiritual Energy while in Zhong Province.

    Wanli Mingxuan also had no complaints as he was now seriously injured and thus ill-equipped to compete for the treasures. It would be a miracle just to leave this place alive.