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Chapter 382

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 382: Zi Shang's Archenemy

    Yun Jiuge handed an entry pass each to the Liu Sisters and Wanli Mingxuan, then they fed the big mouths on the blood wall together.

    After the blood-red wall ate the passes, it violently shook, and a red passageway appeared on the wall.

    Yun Jiuge and company entered one after another, and finally left the Labyrinth.

    In the depths of the Labyrinth, an old lady who wore a grandmother's emerald Spirit Stone on her head, donned a magnificent cassock and walked with a Dragon Head Walking Stick was wandering around with a pretty, young girl.

    The old lady's surname was Shi, and she was known as Mistress Shi in Zhong Province. She was an Early Golden Core Cultivator, and her granddaughter Yu Sha was already in Intermediate Foundation Establishment Cultivation.

    "Grandma, we've been walking for so long but haven't been able to meet up with Uncle Meng. Could something have happened?" Yu Sha's delicate and beautiful face was full of worry.

    Grandma Shi had consumed the Restraining Cultivation Secret Medicine in order to enter the Ruins, and now that she was at the Advanced Foundation Establishment Stage, the lack of help around them made things unsafe.

    "Old Meng does things earnestly and won't get into trouble so easily. Besides, Old Devil Wan has also suppressed his Cultivation like me, thus he won't dare to randomly attack. Don't worry too much." The old lady steadily walked through the passage while holding onto the walking stick.

    "An elder's words are wise indeed." Yu Sha felt a little calmer, but suddenly realized there were violent waves of vibrations on the blood walls.

    Old Lady Shi, who was calm a moment ago, now frowned while saying, "Someone has entered the inner hall through the Labyrinth."

    "Could it be Old Devil Wan's lackeys?" Yu Sha asked quickly.

    "Possibly." Old Lady Shi nodded her head. Those who could enter the Ruins at this time were only Old Devil Wan's people and her own.

    "Should we speed up then? Otherwise, it'll be even more difficult if Old Devil Wan's people get the upper hand," said Yu Sha nervously.

    "Silly girl, what's the hurry." The old lady patted her granddaughter's hand lovingly, and said in a nurturing tone, "Even if you let him enter the inner hall early, the precious treasure is not so easily taken. How else would it remain here to this day?"

    "We shall stick to plan to search for Old Meng and the others, and then enter the inner hall together. This is the safest way."

    The same concern also arose at the other end of the Labyrinth.

    A tall stout man with red hair also suspected Mistress Shi's lackeys of entering the inner hall first.

    He also kept the notion of finding his subordinates first and continued to wander in the Labyrinth.

    Both the Golden Core Patriarchs were not in a hurry to leave the Labyrinth. Thus, Yun Jiuge and the others arrived in the inner hall safely, and quickly located the Teleportation Array to leave the Ruins under Zi Shang's guidance.

    Because Zhong Province's Cultivators had not caught up with them yet, Yun Jiuge and company were not in a rush to leave, instead thinking about profiteering a little more.

    After walking around a little more, they stumbled upon a large hall.

    Right before their very eyes was a red wilderness, and above their heads, a vast bluish dark night sky covered with huge fire clouds.

    There were countless small stars hiding behind the fire clouds, exuding the unique glow of top-grade magical weapons.

    However, the most striking thing was the huge precious cauldron in the middle of the starry sky. Its whole body was dark, and the fire clouds lingered around it, occupying most of the night sky. There was no doubt that this was the Magic Cauldron.

    "Is this the Magic Cauldron?" The Liu Sisters looked excitedly at the cauldron in the sky.

    The precious treasures next to it must have been extraordinary items too, and if they were to just grab one, they would be rich.

    Moreover, they'd already determined the location of the Teleportation Array, so even if they were to grab one precious treasure before leaving, they didn't have to worry about those Golden Core geezers catching up with them.

    Wanli Mingxuan looked longingly at the precious cauldron and he could not help but ask, "Shall we go up to see?"

    "Yes, even if we can't get it, it'll be good to just see it." The Liu Sisters stared intensely at the starry sky, totally enchanted.

    Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang, and to be honest, she was also a little tempted!

    "Well, let's see if you're capable of even flying up there." Zi Shang did not comment any further and simply gave an aloof look.

    "Whoever wants to go up, go by yourself. I'll be down here to protect you guys." Yun Jiuge thought it was better not to take risk.

    "I'll try." Wanli Mingxuan could not resist the temptation and released his little black cutlass and rode on it upwards.

    Unexpectedly, after he flew two meters above the ground, a huge suction force broke out from the ground.

    He fell off the sword with a bang.

    The Liu Sisters, who also wanted to give it a try, originally had turned pale at this point.

    If one were to fly to a higher altitude and then fall down, one would become human smithereens instantaneously.

    "Forget it. It seems like I just don't have this destiny to become prosperous." Wanli Mingxuan struggled to get up from the ground.

    Although he didn't fall heavily, the pain was excruciating as he was already injured all over before this.

    It was also this pain that made him wake up from the greedy fantasy of possessing the precious treasures.

    "Senior Wanli is right, let's leave quickly lest the more we look at it, the more we lust for it." The Liu Sisters reluctantly pulled their sight away from the scene and secretly regretted coming here.

    No pain would have been caused if one did not see, and there would not be any reluctance when one was to leave.

    "Let's go then!" Yun Jiuge was incredibly open-minded. If something was meant to be hers then it would be hers, if it wasn't then there was no point fighting for it.

    Because this small Teleportation Array could only teleport one person at a time, the first to go out was the Liu Sisters, followed by Wanli Mingxuan and then finally Yun Jiuge.

    "After teleporting out, leave Zhong Province as fast as you can and return to the Yin Spiritual Mountains before we meet again."

    Before teleporting out, they made an agreement and then placed the Spirit Stone to activate the Teleportation Array.

    The Liu Sisters and Wanli Mingxuan both left smoothly.

    When Yun Jiuge was about to enter the Teleportation Array, she was held back by Zi Shang who said, "We haven't retrieved our precious yet, where are you going?"

    "Ah?" Yun Jiuge was a little stunned.

    From the start, Zi Shang had shown indifference towards the treasures in the ruins, and she thought she had lost all chances.

    "Those people are too cumbersome." Yun Jiuge was someone who placed a high value on loyalty and would never leave them behind, so he devised a way to send them away by using the Teleportation Array. Now that the cumbersome ‘burden' was gone, it was now time to go all the way out to plunder.

    "What are you planning to do?" Yun Jiuge asked excitedly.

    Although she felt a little guilty towards the Liu Sisters and Wanli Mingxuan, they were in a way some sort of a hindrance.

    "Seize the precious treasures and destroy the Ruins." Zi Shang's gray eyes flashed fiercely, and a burst of icy words spat out from his thin lips.

    Yun Jiuge inexplicably shivered, carefully observing Zi Shang as she asked, "Do you have any grudges against the owner of this Ruins?"

    "How do you know?" Zi Shang's eyes narrowed, his expression unfriendly.

    "I guessed it." With his face full of resentment, anyone could have guessed the situation easily.

    Zi Shang looked Yun Jiuge up and down twice, as if he was confirming her statement.

    "How did that guy provoke you?" Yun Jiuge couldn't help but dig deeper.

    "Because he's despicable." Zi Shang's expression was even colder.

    Despicable? Yun Jiuge's mouth twitched, as it was a word to deeply ponder about.

    "Enough with the talking already, let's go get our precious!" Since that guy created this Ruins, then it must be destroyed.

    "Alright, alright, alright." Yun Jiuge conceded with her utmost consent.