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Chapter 383

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 383: He's Your Lover From Your Past Life

    Since they wanted to acquire the treasure, they had to hide their identities. Otherwise it would be troublesome if others discovered them.

    Thus, Yun Jiuge dressed up as the Iron Tower Man whom Zi Shang killed. If discovered, it would cause a civil war in Zhong Province.

    Once Zi Shang got his inspiration, a purple light flashed on his body as he turned into a middle-aged scholar holding a Ring Ruler covered with evil spirits.

    It was the enemy of the Liu Sisters, the Wicked Patriarch!

    "This is a good move." Yun Jiuge gave a thumbs up.

    Even if the Wicked Patriarch left the Ruins alive, he would definitely be hunted down to the ends of the world.

    "Let's go!" Zi Shang had noticed that Yun Jiuge could not forget about the Wicked Patriarch all this while and tried to help her fulfil her wish.

    However, for safety reasons, Zi Shang still put on a black cloak and placed a high-grade Invisibility Talisman on Yun Jiuge, before leaving through the Teleportation Array and quietly returning to Empyreal Land.

    Upon reaching Empyreal Land, they saw two groups of people standing in the middle.

    To the left was Mistress Shi and her right-hand man while to the right was Old Devil Wan heading the group.

    "Old Devil Wan, this precious hasn't even been taken down yet, and here we are fighting to our deaths. Won't this just benefit others?" The Dragon Head Walking Stick in Mistress Shi's hand emitted a black mist which enveloped everyone in her group.

    "What do you suggest then?" Old Devil Wan's red hair was dancing in the air as he held two fiery red rings in his hand that radiated with heat. Even his own people did not dare go close to him.

    "Let's take turns taking this Magic Cauldron down first then decide." Mistress Shi already had a plan in mind.

    "It belongs to whoever gets it then?" Old Devil Wan narrowed his faint-reddish eyes slightly.

    "Whatever I say now, you won't believe it anyway, so let's get the Magic Cauldron down and whoever grabs it first will be the one who owns it." Mistress Shi could not be bothered to play tricks since Old Devil Wan would not have believed anything she said.

    "Alright, let's wait until the Magic Cauldron comes down and then we'll see who gets the final say." Old Devil Wan agreed with this approach.

    All of them were old acquaintances, so even if they could not come to a conclusive result after the fight in the Ruins, they could continue the fight outside of it. It was still better than everyone leaving empty-handed.

    "If that's the case, then you should go first!" Mistress Shi commented as she took ten feet backwards with her people, giving Old Devil Wan access to the entire wilderness.

    Old Devil Wan did not hold back as he immediately got his Cultivators to set up a Defensive Barrier Formation. He patted on his Spiritual Beast Bag, then dozens of red shadows flew out and formed a variety of fire-like Spiritual Beasts upon landing on the ground.

    The outermost circle was made up of twelve Lizards, the middle inner circle had six Firewire Snakes, and the innermost circle was a Fire Jade Spider.

    With a fiery red body, white thin legs and clearly visible demonic patterns, the spider turned out to be a Rank Five Demonic Beast. It was close to achieving Golden Core Cultivation.

    "Go." Old Devil Wan ordered.

    The Fire Jade Spider opened its mouth and ate up all of the sacrifices around it. Then it sprayed countless intertwining red and white light rays towards the domed sky.

    The light rays fell on the Magic Cauldron and turned into a tough spiderweb which bound the Magic Cauldron firmly.

    "Pull!" Old Devil Wan poured a bottle of fiery red Medicinal Pills into the Fire Jade Spider's mouth, and it started tugging at the web.

    Waves of turbulence rocked the sky and the fire clouds cracked under the pressure, sending countless black flames falling to the ground.

    "Protect!" Old Devil Wan threw out a fiery red ring which turned into a red, glowing opening that protected everyone below while engulfing the black flames from above.

    The Fire Jade Spider retreated one step at a time as the huge Magic Cauldron shook violently and descended from the sky bit by bit.

    "Grandmother." Yu Sha became nervous.

    Mistress Shi lifted a corner of her lips and said softly, "It's not that simple."

    As soon as her words was spoken, the Fire Rain from the sky fell hard.

    The capacity of the hole was limited and Old Devil Wan had no other choice but to throw out another ring.

    The Fire Jade Spider was blood red all over, and it was experiencing more difficulty in retreating backwards as the red and white intertwining spiderweb was bounded tautly.

    Old Devil Wan got very tense and nervous as he poured another bottle of Medicinal Pills into the mouth of the Fire Jade Spider, forcing it to continue its retreat.

    The Fire Jade Spider took another few steps back, but the taut red and white spiderweb gave way and snapped suddenly. The Magic Cauldron returned to its original spot, now knocking down countless red flames.

    The Fire Jade Spider wailed in pain and lay motionless on the ground.

    It suffered from a powerful backlash which made its internal organs severely injured and it died instantaneously.

    Old Devil Wan glared at the Magic Cauldron, his face an ashen color.

    This Fire Jade Spider was spawned using his secret technique, yet it still could not get the Magic Cauldron down.

    "What a pity, just a little more left." Mistress Shi shook her head with a sigh.

    She sincerely hoped that Old Devil Wan could have brought down the Magic Cauldron. That way, she would have a better chance of snatching it.

    Old Devil Wan did not utter a word. He took his own people back to the side and stared maliciously at Mistress Shi.

    Mistress Shi guided her people and released two huge Heavenly Rainbow Silkworms. Although they were of Rank Four, they were more powerful than the Fire Jade Spider which just got roasted.

    The Heavenly Rainbow Silkworms spouted two rays of light which entangled the Magic Cauldron, and with a pull, the Magic Cauldron was directly pulled out from the domed sky.

    The entire Empyreal Land shook vigorously and countless Fire Rain fell wildly.

    Mistress Shi and others could not resist it quickly enough and many became scorched by it.

    "Old Devil Wan, if you continue looking on like this, then no one will ever get this Magic Cauldron." Mistress Shi pretended to retract the Heavenly Rainbow Silkworms.

    Old Devil Wan hesitated for a while, but finally decided that the Magic Cauldron was more important. He directed his men to offer a helping hand to Mistress Shi in resisting the Fire Rain.

    Zi Shang and Yun Jiuge were quietly laying in ambush in one corner, waiting for the right time to strike.

    At this moment, a young and tender voice called out to Yun Jiuge saying, "Master, is that you? You've finally found me."

    Master? Yun Jiuge originally thought it was the Treasure-hunting Scorpion, but the diction sound was too articulate, very unlike the unrefined accent of the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    Just then, a buzz resounded within her brain, pulling her consciousness into darkness.

    "Master." A black fat rat ran frantically towards her from a distance.

    "Pipi Jam, where have you been?" Yun Jiuge was about to go up to welcome him.

    However, as Pipi Jam was running, he started to transform into a chubby, soft and cuddly baby which was about five years old.

    This Cute Little Baby was very chubby with fine black hair and white tender skin. It was wearing a fitting black outfit. It looked extremely adorable but there were two short demonic horns on its head.

    A Demonic clan? Yun Jiuge was so terrified that she turned around and wanted to run away.

    "Wawawa, please don't abandon me Master! I'm not a demon." The Cute Little Baby pounced onto Yun Jiuge's thighs, clinging onto dear life as he cried out, "I'm your Weapon Spirit!"

    "Since when have I owned a Demonic Weapon Spirit." Yun Jiuge stopped in her tracks as she said that.

    Her tolerance level for babies had always been very high.

    "Wawawa, I wasn't supposed to be a Demonic Weapon in the first place, but that crazed Wan Sha cultivated me into a Demonic Weapon by force." The Cute Little Baby continued to cry.

    "Wait, who is this Wan Sha?" Yun Jiuge frowned, wondering where this person came from.

    "Wan Sha is a big bad man." Cute Little Baby pouted his red lips and said furiously, "Even though he's your past lover, I still hate him — how dare he seal me in this damned place! With great difficulty I managed to use a little consciousness to possess Pipi Jam to find you, but it's a pity that Pipi Jam is too weak to communicate with you."

    "Wait, if you say that Wan Sha is my lover, then who is Zi Shang?" Yun Jiuge asked. The only person who had a thing with her at the moment was Zi Shang — how did this Wan Sha person come into the picture?

    "Master Zi Shang is your guardian — in the words of the human race, it means he is your official spouse. Wan Sha is just your lover." The little fella's words were so shocking that it blew Yun Jiuge away.