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Chapter 384

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 384: I Couldn’t Have Been Such a Scumbag in My Past Life (1)

    "Official spouse, lover — what nonsense are you talking about?" How dare it slander her reputation? It deserved to be beaten to death."Official spouse, lover — what nonsense are you talking about?" How dare it slander her reputation? It deserved to be beaten to death.

    "I'm not blabbering nonsense, it's the truth! When that perverted Wan Sha couldn't find you, he captured me and refined me into a demonic weapon. He said that Master would like me more this way! Boo-hoo, he must be lying! I'm Master's personal handmade Medicinal Cauldron — how would it be possible for you to despise the original me?" Cute Little Baby mumbled as it started crying again.

    Yun Jiuge was irked by Cute Little Baby's crying. Just as she was about to ask something more, a buzzing sound rang in her head suddenly, and she regained complete consciousness.

    "What's up with you?" Zi Shang asked as he looked at Yun Jiuge, slightly worried.

    "Nothing," Yun Jiuge muttered. She was embarrassed to tell Zi Shang that she had somehow encountered a child claiming that he was her official spouse. On top of that, she had a perverted lover.

    Zi Shang looked at her lightly and did not probe further. Instead, he pointed outside and said, "They're about to succeed."

    They looked out only to see Fire Rain pouring down heavily with multi-colored Spiritual lights flickering.

    Mistress Shi and Old Devil Wan each stood on one side, fully concentrating on controlling their Spiritual Beasts.

    At that critical moment, Old Devil Wan released another Fire Jade Spider and pulled the Magic Cauldron down together with Mistress Shi.

    The Magic Cauldron had been completely pulled out of the domed sky. Its colored design patterns were very similar to Yun Jiuge's Green Bronze Cauldron, but it looked slightly more sophisticated.

    Yun Jiuge immediately set aside any thoughts of the inexplicable Cute Little Baby and got ready to attack.

    The fake Ring Ruler that Zi Shang held in his hand gave out a faint glow and was pointing in the direction of Magic Cauldron.

    At that very moment, the Magic Cauldron suddenly spewed out countless sparks, breaking free of its shackles as it spun around. Without a second thought, it dashed towards Yun Jiuge's direction.

    Yun Jiuge's eyes widened as she stared at the blazing Green Bronze Cauldron. It dashed towards her in high spirits, looking as if it had found a treasure.

    Zi Shang reached out and grabbed the Green Bronze Cauldron, but the residual sparks broke the Invisibility talisman on Yun Jiuge and even exposed Zi Shang's silhouette.

    Yun Jiuge was about to break down. She had initially planned a sneak attack on them but was now exposed instead. Wouldn't they become a target now?

    Mistress Shi, Old Devil Wan, and the others stared in shock at the two black-robed men who suddenly appeared in the lighted corner.

    "Magic Cauldron," Yu Sha screamed.

    A fierce glow flashed across Mistress Shi's eyes suddenly, and she slammed the Dragon Head Walking Stick in her hand on the floor hard. A black dragon's soul flew out, baring its teeth and claws as it pounced on Yun Jiuge.

    Zi Shang threw out the Ring Ruler from his hand, igniting a cloud of purple mist to trap the black dragon. It then lifted Yun Jiuge up into the Teleportation Array.

    The black dragon looked extremely terrified of the purple mist and scampered back into Mistress Shi's walking stick.

    Mistress Shi was taken aback. The magical weapon she used was a real dragon, which was valiant, powerful, and unstoppable — how could it have been scared away by a mere purple mist?

    "Put that thing down!" Old Devil Wan exclaimed as he threw out two red circles from his hand.

    His rings had just absorbed a lot of Fire Rain and transformed into two ferocious dark red fireballs.

    They were seething with heat waves that caused the surrounding air to be distorted.

    Without even turning, Zi Shang threw two purple Spiritual Arrows at the dark red fireballs. The arrows burst into two arrays of purple mist that obstructed the attack.

    Old Devil Wan was on the verge of going insane and used a finger gesture to detonate the two crimson balls.

    The huge, violent, terrifying Qi waves made the entire inner hall tremble.

    Zi Shang carried Yun Jiuge firmly in his arms as he deftly moved.

    The powerful Qi wave broke through Zi Shang's protective purple mist, sending Yun Jiuge and him flying out.

    "Zi Shang, are you alright!" asked Yun Jiuge. Although she was not hurt by the Qi waves, she was able to feel its formidable power.

    Zi Shang wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. Without a word, he rushed into the Teleportation Array while hugging Yun Jiuge tightly.

    Yun Jiuge placed the Spirit Stones as fast as she could, and the Teleportation Array suddenly lit up.

    By the time Mistress Shi and Old Devil Wan led their people in pursuit, the Teleportation Array was already empty.

    In a barren mountain fifty miles away from Zhong Province.

    Yun Jiuge walked out of the Teleportation Array weakly.

    Zi Shang followed behind her with his hands pinching the Magic Cauldron. Then he turned round to destroy the Teleportation Array.

    "Is this the treasure of the Ruins?" asked Yun Jiuge as she looked at the Green Bronze Cauldron in Zi Shang's hands.

    "Yes," replied Zi Shang. He nodded and then continued, "There's a space inside for cultivating medicinal herbs. You can use it to cultivate herbs for removing your poison in the future."

    Yun Jiuge's eyes lit up immediately.

    The toxin of the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones in her body was like fetters on her. If she could remove this chain, her cultivation practice would speed up significantly.

    How did Zi Shang know that there was such a space in this Magic Cauldron anyway?

    "Acknowledge your Master!" Zi Shang bellowed as he threw the Green Bronze Cauldron to Yun Jiuge. There was no expression of joy on his handsome face but instead, some indifference.

    Yun Jiuge hesitated and asked, "Will this Magic Cauldron turn on me?"

    "No, it won't hurt you," answered Zi Shang. Although he seemed to be quite familiar with this Magic Cauldron, he didn't say much. He only wanted to get the acknowledging process over and done with.

    "Alright then!" Yun Jiuge said. She thought of the Cute Little Baby she had encountered in the Ruins — maybe it could give her some answers.

    She then bit her finger and dripped some blood onto the Green Bronze Cauldron.

    The Magic Cauldron flashed a light and impatiently acknowledged its Master successfully.

    Yun Jiuge's subconscious mind entered the Magic Cauldron, and what lay before her eyes was a vast field surrounded by a spiritual spring. Spiritual Energy was in abundance.

    "Master, I knew you would definitely save me," spoke a child's voice. Then, the long-horned Cute Little Baby appeared in front of Yun Jiuge.

    "So, it is you," Yun Jiuge muttered as she sulked. She did not have a very good impression of it.

    "Master, I'm your most loyal Weapon Spirit, how can you despise me," Cute Little Baby mumbled, detecting Yun Jiuge's displeasure. It pulled a face and was again on the verge of crying.

    "Don't cry anymore," Yun Jiuge answered. She would get a terrible headache whenever she heard it crying. She quickly asked, "Do you know Zi Shang?"

    "Of course! I'm just sealed, but not destroyed," Cute Little Baby said with a frown.

    "How do you know him?" Yun Jiuge asked again.

    "Of course, it's because Master knows him!" Cute Little Baby replied with its head tilted, showing a look of innocence.

    "So, how do you know me then?" Yun Jiuge questioned. "Of course, it's because you're my Master!" Cute Little Baby said while blinking its eyes. Was it not natural to know one's Master?

    "I don't know you at all, so how could I be your Master?" Yun Jiuge questioned. She suddenly felt a throbbing pain in her head as she wondered, "Am I asking in the wrong way or is this Cute Little Baby a fool?"

    "Master, you've lost all your memories after being reincarnated, so it's normal not to recognize me at all now," Cute Little Baby replied. Finally, something intrigued Yun Jiuge.