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Chapter 386

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 386: Get Undressed, Let's Talk

    Deep in the Ruins, Old Devil Wan and Mistress Shi gawked hard at the Teleportation Array.

    "Impossible — the Teleportation Array has already been destroyed by the people on the other side." Yu Sha squatted down to check the Teleportation Array and shook her head.

    "Did anyone get a clear look at the two people in black?" Old Devil Wan said while gritting his teeth.

    "It seems to be two middle-aged people. I've seen that Ring Ruler before — it belongs to the Wicked Patriarch from the Yin Spiritual Mountains, an Intermediate Foundation Establishment Cultivator," someone said immediately.

    "Find him immediately once we get out." Old Devil Wan desperately wanted to kill his way out.

    Mistress Shi also gave the same instructions, then together with her granddaughter, Yu Sha, bade Old Devil Wan farewell and went their separate ways.

    "Grandma, are we going to leave just like that?" Yu Sha was peeved. They had spent a lot of effort to open this Ruins and sacrificed a lot of men — it would really be a huge loss to return empty-handed.

    Seeing that the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm was about to open, she was still hoping to lay her hands on some treasures from here to defend herself!

    "Silly girl. Though the Magic Cauldron is gone, there might still be other treasures. If everyone spreads out and searches carefully, there may be other gains." With such a large Ruins, Mistress Shi believed that they would find other treasures.

    "Then let's hurry and search for it, before Old Devil Wan lays his hands on them before us again." Yu Sha was an impatient person, and she took a few men along with her before separating from her grandmother.

    She searched along the paths through the Ruins but found absolutely nothing. The empty Ruins seemed to have been swept clean by locusts, so desolate to the point that it was chilling to the bones.

    Yu Sha's pretty face flushed red, and she kept cursing the owner of the Ruins for being a poor and stingy scrooge.

    At that moment, a deep, alluring voice rang in her ears saying, "Come here, come here…"

    Yu Sha fell into a trance and involuntarily followed the voice forward.

    Walking through the long corridor, she finally arrived at a hidden dark room.

    In the dark room stood a Devil Stone Statue of equal height.

    It had sheep-like curled horns, black curly hair like water plants and deep, dark, narrow eyes.

    With seductive lips tightly squeezed together and a strong well-built physique covered in black scales, the statue radiated a strong evil charm.

    At that moment, a strange light flashed across the eyes of the Devil Stone Statue. Yu Sha looked amiably at its alluring devilish eyes and walked towards him involuntarily.

    The corners of the mouth of the Devil Stone Statue curled up and its expression was one of extreme devilish seduction.

    When Yu Sha stood in front of the statue, it suddenly crumbled to pieces and was destroyed. A thick black gas bolted into the spot between Yu Sha's eyebrows.

    Yu Sha's body trembled and she could not help but close her eyes.

    By the time she opened her eyes, her pupils were dark and bottomless like placid lake waters while gleaming with devilish radiance.

    "Goddess, after waiting for 5,000 years I've finally found you again." Yu Sha murmured to herself. Her ruddy lips formed a seductive evil smile and her beautiful and delicate face was covered in a cloud of black light. Its mystical beauty made one shudder in fear.

    Yun Jiuge was travelling hurriedly with Zi Shang at that time.

    "Are you injured or in any discomfort?" Zi Shang looked at Yun Jiuge's listlessness, and couldn't help but show concern.

    "If you're not even injured, then how could I be injured!" Yun Jiuge's face was cold and she did not look at him.

    Zi Shang knew Yun Jiuge was throwing a tantrum.

    He was silent for a moment before saying, "I'm really fine. The shock of the explosion earlier was nothing to me."

    "Since it's nothing, then why not you show me your body." Yun Jiuge stopped in her tracks and challenged him with her persistent, bright eyes.

    "Fine!" Zi Shang succumbed. Moreover it was already nightfall and about time to find a place to settle down.

    He found a remote cave, set up a simple Defensive Barrier, then offered his hand to Yun Jiuge for an examination.

    Yun Jiuge's expression was solemn as she concentrated on reading Zi Shang's pulse. She immediately realized that his pulse was very chaotic. His body had obviously been subjected to a huge impact, yet he still dared to claim that he was fine.

    "Take off your clothes now." Yun Jiuge pulled a long face, took out the Lightning Fire Needle and prepared to perform acupuncture on him.

    Zi Shang did not move but just stared blankly at Yun Jiuge.

    "What's the matter — are you afraid that I'll rape you?" Yun Jiuge raised her eyebrows flirtatiously. Although she still had a face of disguise, her overbearingness was in force. She would have done as she liked even if he were to object adamantly.

    If things were as before, Zi Shang would have joined in the fun of teasing her once he detected Yun Jiuge trying to play rogue.

    But now there was only silence as he took off his clothes, revealing a perfectly beautiful physique.

    Reddish scars resembling potholes covered his entire back. That was the Fire Poison left behind by Old Devil Wan's Flaming Fire Ring.

    Yun Jiuge's heart ached at this sight. After she performed acupuncture on Zi Shang, she transfused Spiritual Energy to him, intending to force the Fire Poison out.

    But Zi Shang was now at Golden Core Stage and she was merely at Seventh Level of Qi Refining Stage. How pathetic.

    Why was she so weak!

    For the first time, Yun Jiuge felt totally defeated.

    "Don't be sad, I'm fine." Zi Shang propped himself up slightly, turning his head to comfort Yun Jiuge as his eyes glowed with gentleness.

    "Who says I'm sad? Lie down." Yun Jiuge pressed Zi Shang down and continued to pierce him with needles as she instructed, "Work your Spiritual Energy around the downward motion of my needles and then we can force the Fire Poison out of your body together."

    Zi Shang did not make a sound. The fact was that his physical body was extremely strong. Even without any special attention to it, the poison would be forced out eventually over time.

    However, Yun Jiuge was clearly in a very foul mood and Zi Shang was smart enough to not continue provoking her. He started to work on his Spiritual Energy as she had asked.

    Bit by bit, the reddish Fire Poison was forced out, dripping on the ground before immediately dissipating into a faint white smoke.

    Yun Jiuge scowled as if she was angry with someone. Her application of the Lightning Fire Needle was swift and accurate.

    Two tender green leaves on her body also emitted a light green glow as they followed closely behind the Lightning Fire Needle with their repairing actions.

    In less than an hour, Zi Shang expelled out all the Fire Poison.

    His broad and masculine back was restored to its original state. The fair jade-like skin glowed moistly in the gentle light, enticing one to caress it.

    Yun Jiuge knew how smooth and supple Zi Shang's skin was, just like top grade silk. It was simply a luxurious enjoyment just to touch it.

    She reached out wanting to touch it, but heard Zi Shang ask dully, "Is it done?"

    "Oh, it's done." Yun Jiuge recollected herself and somewhat spurned herself suddenly.

    In the past, when Zi Shang welcomed her with open arms allowing her to touch him, she did not cherish it. Now, she was hankering after him when it was too late.

    "Thank you." Zi Shang got up and dressed himself. His gray hair dangled freely on his handsome face, along with a sense of alienation.

    The Lightning Fire Needle in Yun Jiuge's hands paused in its tracks. She raised her head to look at him while saying begrudgingly, "You've never said ‘Thank you' before."

    Zi Shang's face lowered and said, "That's because I didn't know manners before, so please forgive me."

    "Forgive my ass, what the hell is wrong with you — you're being so eccentric! If you're dissatisfied with me in some way, just say it." Yun Jiuge was fuming madly.

    "I just think that I've been too disrespectful to you in the past — my bad, sorry." Zi Shang spoke emotionlessly. That grayish hair and grayish eyes of his made him look even more like an unfeeling Yin Corpse.