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Chapter 387

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 387: Let’s Dual Cultivate after Making Up

    Cut it out with the sorry!

    Yun Jiuge almost snapped the Lightning Fire Needle in her hands. The pent up-anger in her could no longer be contained and she walked right up to Zi Shang, grabbing his collar as she said, "I shall set the record straight right here, right now. The previous life is the previous life, this life is this life. Even if I did you wrong in my previous life, you can't place it on me in this one." She would not take the blame for something she did not do anyway.

    "Have you remembered everything?" Zi Shang looked nervous and his pupils had already turned purple.

    "No, Cute Little Baby told me." As soon as Yun Jiuge shook her head, she could hear the horrified screams of Cute Little Baby echoing in her head, "Master, how could you betray me! I'll be killed by Lord Zi Shang."

    Yun Jiuge ignored that little ragged baby and glared at Zi Shang, determined to straighten things out with him.

    Zi Shang sighed. His faint purplish pupils looked straight at Yun Jiuge and he said seriously, "You didn't do me any wrong — not before, and definitely not now."

    "Then why are you still acting so weird?" Yun Jiuge frowned. Could it be that Cute Little Baby had lied to her? Perhaps she was not such a scumbag at all in her previous life.

    "Master, I didn't lie to you! You really had a lot of lovers." Cute Little Baby continued to scream.

    Shut up! Yun Jiuge yelled at that ragged Baby angrily, and it immediately went silent.

    "It's because you were too powerful before, so I was afraid that you'd hit me once you remembered things of the past. From today onwards, I'll earnestly be your obedient demon." Zi Shang suddenly smiled, flashing his signature seductive sly expression as before.

    "Even if I don't recall anything from the past, I can still hit you now." Yun Jiuge gave Zi Shang a forceful punch.

    Zi Shang's handsome face cringed and pretended to be in a lot of pain.

    "You can just keep on pretending then!" Yun Jiuge couldn't help but punch him again.

    Zi Shang did not even resist. His ruddy lips held an indulgent smile and his eyes were very gentle yet with a trace of melancholy, as if looking at something through her.

    Yun Jiuge felt uneasy even though she wished to hammer him to death.

    But to hammer him to death was too difficult. So Yun Jiuge thought for a while, then cupped Zi Shang's face in her hands while declaring resolutely, "No matter how I was like in the previous life, if you don't abandon me in this life, I too will stay by your side and till death do us part."

    Zi Shang was totally taken aback and he gazed deeply into Yun Jiuge's eyes, as if wanting to examine her heart.

    Yun Jiuge did not bother hiding.

    From the moment she crossed over and entered this body, Zi Shang had been with her all this while — protecting her, teaching her cultivation, and most of all, looking out for her.

    Even though Zi Shang could be vile at times till one really wished to kill him, most of the time he was still very reliable.

    Yun Jiuge did not know if this was love. She only knew that she hated Zi Shang looking at others through her. Even if it was her from her previous life, it would also be unforgivable.

    She wanted to monopolize this detestable male demon, from his body to his very soul.

    "Well, if you don't despise or abandon me, I pledge my life to you till death do us part." Zi Shang nodded. His eyes were smiling and his handsome face glowed as brightly as peach blossoms, like a wisp of spring breeze that blew into Yun Jiuge's heart.

    Feeling relieved, Yun Jiuge suddenly felt extremely worn out and could not open her eyes any longer.

    She slowly lay down beside Zi Shang, yawning as she said, "Remember your own words — in future, you're not allowed to think about others except for me, not even those in my past life." Her voice trailed off towards the end, sounding very shallow and she drifted off to sleep after.

    Zi Shang carefully embraced Yun Jiuge in his arms and his palms brushed across her face lightly, revealing her true looks.

    Beautiful and delicate facial features along with a cherubic disposition — she looked very similar to how she was in the past life.

    This woman's memory had not yet awakened but deep within her, she was still as domineering as before, like a blazing fire that could burn one instantly. He still could not reject her.

    But wait, the two were still very different.

    She was the only goddess in the world in the past life, with supernatural powers and an overbearing and ruthless stance. All beings were seen as insignificant and no one could stir her cold heart.

    The present Yun Jiuge however, was weak, stubborn and a little silly. She was a bit of a softhearted person and a loyal friend. Any benefactors would definitely have a place in her heart.

    "No matter what you look like, I'll still love you forever!" Zi Shang pressed his ruddy thin lips lightly on Yun Jiuge's clean forehead, a resolute glow lighting up in his eyes.

    He had exhausted all his fortunes so that he could be the first to find her before everyone else. He would never give her up to anyone in this life!

    Yun Jiuge woke up feeling very refreshed.

    As soon as she looked up, Zi Shang gently planted a kiss on her lips and said, "Good morning!"

    "Morning!" Yun Jiuge wrapped her arms around Zi Shang's neck and kissed him back passionately.

    After all the awkwardness from the previous cold war, she especially cherished Zi Shang's affection now.

    "Come, let's Dual Cultivate!" Zi Shang's fingers undid Yun Jiuge's shirt nimbly as it slid off her smooth skin.

    Yun Jiuge was also very passionate. She had been pining for Zi Shang's sturdy physique as she hadn't touched him for a long time — she was really missing it.

    Both of them spontaneously matched each other in enthusiasm. Even though they were in an ordinary position, the effects of Dual Cultivation this time compared to previous ones were more smooth and fervent.

    Although Zi Shang could not achieve his release at the end, their spiritual union was incomparably satisfying as they were completely immersed in the intertwining of spirit and flesh.

    After completing a fulfilling, hearty session of Dual Cultivation, Yun Jiuge realized that she had advanced in cultivation. She was now at the Eighth Level Qi Refining Stage.

    "When you've gotten rid of the poison in your Elixir Field, you'll advance even faster in the future." Zi Shang reached out and patted Yun Jiuge's flat stomach.

    Previously he was not very enthusiastic about Yun Jiuge's detoxification.

    Because he was worried that Yun Jiuge would break the cognitive seal in her mind after she leveled up her cultivation.

    And whether she would abandon him again once she remembered everything in the past.

    But for now he was willing to believe in Yun Jiuge. Once the poison in her body was completely cleared, he must have a child with her, so that she could completely belong to him.

    "Oh, by the way, the Dark Netherworld Herbs in the Magic Cauldron have fully grown, and now we're just waiting for the Liu Sisters' Panic Grass." Yun Jiuge gave Cute Little Baby a batch of Spirit Stones and quickly ripened three stalks of the hundred-year-old Dark Netherworld Herbs.

    Based on some time calculations, the Panic Grass should have been maturing soon.

    It would have been better if the poison in her body was purged out faster because there was still the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm at the Yin Corpse Sect awaiting her.

    "Let's go get it from them then." Zi Shang hugged Yun Jiuge and dressed her.

    Ever since the two bared their hearts to one another, Zi Shang's attitude towards her changed drastically. He was more intimate and doting now and loved to take care of her, even going to the extent of personally doing simple things like dressing her up.

    Seeing him so happy, Yun Jiuge let him have his way. She was happy to take it easy too.

    After dressing up, she took out the Communication Talisman and discovered that the Liu Sisters and Wanli Mingxuan had circulated a lot of news to her. They had also been inquiring about her safety.

    Yun Jiuge first sent back a message to the Liu Sisters asking about their whereabouts.

    The Liu Sisters replied very quickly, stating that they were in a mall in Zuo Province.