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Chapter 388

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 388: Exposing Adultery Together

    Zuo Province Mall was not far from where Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang were, so it only took them two hours to reach there.

    After Yun Jiuge and the Liu Sisters had decided on a place to meet up, Zi Shang remained invisible by her side.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, it's great that you're fine." The Liu Sisters were very excited to see Yun Jiuge.

    After they left the Teleportation Array, they had been waiting nearby.

    But after waiting for an entire day and night, Yun Jiuge had yet to appear, so they thought something had happened to her.

    "I came out right behind you but was later delayed by some matters. I apologize for making you guys worry." Yun Jiuge chuckled.

    She contemplated how to explain her late arrival as she did not want the Liu Sisters to guess that she was fighting for treasure in the Ruins. Nobody knew that the Teleportation Array had several exits, making the three of them appear in different places.

    "It's alright as long as you're fine." The Liu Sisters shook their head continuously.

    "How's the cultivation of the Panic Grass going." Yun Jiuge asked Liu Tian'er.

    "It seems to have matured." Liu Tian'er took the small flower pot out of the Magic Bottomless Bag.

    She only saw that the soil inside had turned dark black and the Panic Grass in the middle no longer had a horrified little face. Instead, it had a complete body, even like Liu Tian'er's Nine Purgatories Body.

    "This is the first time I've seen such a Panic Grass in my entire life. What does Senior intend to do with it?" Liu Tian'er was very curious and wanted to try its screaming skills.

    But when she recalled that this baby belonged to Yun Jiuge, she did not dare to touch it.

    If she broke it, there was no way for her to compensate Yun Jiuge.

    "I plan on using it to expel a poison." Yun Jiuge only spoke half the truth.

    In reality, after this strain of Panic Grass had absorbed Liu Tian'er's Nine Purgatories Body, it could be used to nurture a Grass Yin Corpse.

    Since Zi Shang was a faux Yin Corpse, the techniques that Yun Jiuge learnt at Yin Corpse Sect could not be used on him.

    Zi Shang had to think of ways to overcome the fact that Yun Jiuge did not like corpses. Eventually he came up with this method of using Panic Grass to cultivate Yin Corpses.

    Although it took a little longer, if one could cultivate successfully, the Grass Yin Corpse would be even more powerful than a Living Corpse.

    "I see." Liu Tian'er did not doubt him. After all, Yun Jiuge's poisoned face was well-known in the Yin Corpse Sect. Since Yin Spiritual Practitioners could not cure it, it seemed normal to use slightly more unusual herbs.

    "Since your entire Nine Purgatories Body has been used to feed my Panic Grass, the both of you should take this cultivation technique and practice it. I don't have anything else to offer you!" Yun Jiuge gave the Liu Sisters a book titled ‘Double Trouble'.

    This Skill Book was the most suitable cultivation practice for twins who were telepathically synced. Not only would they be able to achieve twice the results with half the efforts, they would also master powerful combined attacking skills.

    The Liu Sisters were ecstatic to receive this Skill Book.

    Liu Tian'er was especially so. After losing her Nine Purgatories Body, she had always felt insecure and was afraid of burdening her older sister. This Skill Book was indeed her saving grace.

    "What are your plans next?" Yun Jiuge asked the Liu Sisters.

    "We plan to find a place to have a Spiritual Retreat and wait until Ba Wang Flower upgrades to another level." The Liu Sisters had been discussing this matter for several days.

    The turn of events at the Ruins made them fully aware of their inadequacies. Everywhere they went, they would be nothing without sheer strength.

    If Yun Jiuge had not protected them, they would have perished inside the Ruins.

    "Having a Spiritual Retreat is good, you can avoid some harsh times as well." Back then when Zi Shang seized the treasure, he looked like the Wicked Patriarch.

    By the time the people in Zhong Province were sent out to find the Wicked Patriarch, Yun Jiuge was worried that the two sisters would be implicated as well.

    "I heard Senior Wanli saying that Zhong Province is in chaos now, and that it'll be best to stay as far away as possible." Liu Mei'er nodded.

    Just then, Liu Tian'er suddenly recalled something and asked, "By the way, Senior Yun Jiu, did you know Senior Wanli is the young master of Wan Bao Building?"

    "So he's the young master of Wan Bao Building! I was wondering how a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator like him could have such an eye-catching and suave image. He even had a Sword Spirit." Yun Jiuge suddenly realized as she thought to herself.

    "Senior Wanli is in Zuo Province Mall right now. Senior Yun Jiu, you should approach him for a black card so that in future you can get a 30 percent discount for anything you buy at Wan Bao Building." The Liu Sisters immediately made him give them black cards the moment they discovered his identity.

    "Alright, I'll go find him now." Yun Jiuge bid goodbye to the Liu Sisters and then headed towards Zuo Province Mall.

    However, she was not in a hurry to find Wanli Mingxuan so she dragged Zi Shang along and started wandering around the mall. She wanted to see if there were any suitable Spiritual Herb seeds that could be planted in the Magic Cauldron.

    The space inside the Magic Cauldron had been opened but there were still very few items inside, so a big haul was in order.

    Zi Shang was invisible as he followed Yun Jiuge around, yet he still held her hand as they went shopping.

    He felt that such behavior was a little corny, but since Yun Jiuge liked it, Zi Shang went along with it.

    Yun Jiuge felt that holding Zi Shang's hand while shopping was an incredibly romantic act. Walking around became even more enjoyable, and buying things became secondary.

    When they passed by a small stall, Zi Shang suddenly pulled her back and transmitted a message, "That couple two hundred miles in front of us on the left are Jin Chuan and Si Youyue."

    "Jin Chuan and Si Youyue?" Yun Jiuge opened her eyes wide at the two strange figures in disbelief.

    It was an old man and a charming granddaughter. If it weren't for Zi Shang's warning, she would have never recognized them.

    "What are those two doing over here?" When Yun Jiuge was at the Yin Corpse Sect, she had already suspected their relationship.

    It was a pity that Jin Chuan had covered it up so well that she never got to ask about Si Youyue again and thus could not find anything interesting.

    "Let's follow them and see." Zi Shang instructed in a light tone.

    Jin Chuan and Si Youyue were of low status in the Yin Corpse Sect. If one could lay their hands on some valuable information to hold against them, it would greatly benefit Yun Jiuge's status in the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Yun Jiuge thought the same, so she dragged Zi Shang along and stealthily followed behind the couple.

    Jin Chuan and Si Youyue were very vigilant.

    The couple circled the mall, only leaving the mall quietly when it was nightfall and they walked to the outskirts.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang quietly followed them from behind and finally arrived at a run-down temple 200 miles away.

    At this time, a Defensive Prohibition Spell had already been set around the temple, while many other spells could be seen glowing inside.

    "That's Ziyun Sect's Magic Talismans." Zi Shang whispered to Yun Jiuge.

    During a past massacre of the Bloodthirsty Sect, Yun Jiuge and he had interacted with the elite disciples of the Ziyun Sect for awhile. He knew their Magic Talismans well.

    "It was already so late into the night — what did Jin Chuan and Si Youyue want to do by coming here to see the Ziyun Sect disciples?" Yun Jiuge frowned. The Yin Corpse Sect and the Ziyun Sect were archenemies after all!

    "We'll find out soon enough once we get over there." Zi Shang grabbed Yun Jiuge's hand and quietly pulled her to the top of the run-down temple.

    The rays of those Magic Talismans could not obstruct Zi Shang's destructive demonic powers.

    He stretched his finger and poked a small round hole through the roof where he could clearly see what was happening inside.

    Yun Jiuge looked through the round hole as she held onto Zi Shang and she was taken aback.