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Chapter 389

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 389: How Did They Get Together

    "What do you see?" asked Zi Shang. He looked at Yun Jiuge's big round eyes and could not help tugging her ears.

    "Help me see if that man is Nangong Li." Yun Jiuge pointed to the small round hole. She was worried that she had saw wrongly.

    "It's him. He's already at the Middle Foundation Establishment Stage," said Zi Shang who recognized him at a glance.

    When they swept the Bloodthirsty Sect together previously, Nangong Li had just perfected his Qi Refining Stage. Unexpectedly, his Cultivation had advanced so quickly.

    "How did they get together?" These three people — Jin Chuan, Si Youyue and Nangong Li — they did not seem to get along!

    "Keep watching and you'll know." Zi Shang embraced Yun Jiuge and began to watch the show.

    Inside the dilapidated temple, Nangong Li was clad in black and his handsome face had a cold expression. He appeared as if he was barring strangers from entering.

    Jin Chuan and Si Youyue stood in front of him, cupped their hands in greeting and said at the same time, "Your subordinates are late. Please forgive us, Young Master."

    "Not an issue," Nangong Li said indifferently. Then he looked to Si Youyue and asked, "Have you regained your memory?"

    Si Youyue immediately knelt down on one knee and said to Nangong Li guiltily, "Your subordinate is useless. Before I reached the Yin Corpse Sect, I was plotted against and lost my memory. It almost ruined Young Master's plan. Fortunately, Big Brother Jin Chuan helped me restore my memory in time. I accept my punishment."

    Yun Jiuge was startled when she heard this. She did not expect Si Youyue and Jin Chuan to be Ziyun Sect followers. No wonder Jin Chuan saved Si Youyue.

    "You didn't do it on purpose anyway. Fortunately, some good came out of the setback and you successfully infiltrated the Yin Corpse Sect. Since you've been in the Yin Corpse Sect for so long, have you located my Aunt's whereabouts?" Nangong Li asked.

    "It's now been confirmed that Miss Yue is likely hidden in the Forbidden Grounds by Qiu Sen," Si Youyue carefully replied.

    Upon hearing this, Yun Jiuge thought of the young girl with the Core Formation that she saw in Qiu Sen's Forbidden Grounds. Was it possible that she was Nangong Li's Aunt?

    "So my aunt is still alive?" Nangong Li's cool and handsome face could not help revealing a nervous expression.

    "Your subordinate cannot confirm this." Si Youyue shook her head hesitantly before speaking, "But I've heard that Qiu Sen has been looking for a certain Secret Realm's treasure map for years."

    "A Secret Realm's treasure map," said Nangong Li as a ferocious look flashed across his eyes. He added, "My Aunt went missing when she discovered a Secret Realm."

    "In that case, it seems that this Secret Realm's treasure map has something to do with Miss Yue," said Si Youyue.

    "If only I could catch Qiu Sen and interrogate him properly," Nangong Li said with gritted teeth.

    "Young Master, Qiu Sen has been concentrating on refining the Yin Corpse these years. Although his Cultivation has not been fully restored, he has honed a lot of Monkey Corpse Soldiers. I'm afraid he will not be so easy to deal with," Si Youyue hurriedly advised.

    "Yes, Young Master. Since we've endured all these years, we cannot be hasty," added Jin Chuan in unison.

    "I understand. Continue to investigate then, especially the matter of the Secret Realm's treasure map. You must get to the bottom of it," said Nangong Li, quickly regaining his cold appearance.

    "I heard that this treasure map has been divided into several sections. There is one section inside the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm. From what I gather from Qiu Sen's intentions, he wants to get his hands on that treasure map at all costs," said Si Youyue who had heard the news from Jin Yuanwei.

    "The Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm?" said Nangong Li. A sharp glint flashed in his eyes and he instructed Jin Chuan and Si Youyue, "Since Qiu Sen wants it, you should help him. Inform me again when all sections of the treasure map are collected."

    "Yes," Jin Chuan and Si Youyue replied as they nodded at the same time. Then they left the dilapidated temple.

    After remaining where he was for a moment, Nangong Li took a black Medicinal Pill from the Magical Bottomless Bag and put it in his mouth.

    Next, his body shook and his height suddenly increased by four inches. The muscles on his face repeatedly rippled till he ultimately transformed into the appearance of Wanli Mingxuan.

    F**k! Yun Jiuge watched Nangong Li's major transformation and was stupefied. This was even more shocking than finding out that Jin Chuan and Si Youyue were spies from Ziyun Sect.

    She had interacted with Nangong Li before and knew that he was a reserved, astute man. He was the complete opposite of the boisterous Wanli Mingxuan who had a devil-may-care attitude.

    This was a man who could play two roles and do it so seamlessly. That required fine performing skills!

    She was still pondering this when she saw Nangong Li twist his head and crack a grin. Then he went out with a devil-may-care attitude.

    Although there was no one around, he naturally maintained Wanli Mingxuan's appearance without seeming contrived.

    "This man's soul is very strange," Zi Shang said softly in Yun Jiuge's ear. "There are two people in his body."

    "Could it be that Wanli Mingxuan's soul has been possessed by Nangong Li?" Yun Jiuge hurriedly asked.

    "It's not a soul possession. The energies of these two souls are exactly the same, a little like a pair of twins but yet not." Zi Shang did not know how to fully explain the situation.

    Yun Jiuge pondered for a while and could only use the notion of ‘split personality' to explain it.

    However, as the Young Master of Ziyun Sect and Wanbao Building, Nangong Li was still able to become the Inner Disciple of Black Fiend Sect. It remained a mystery how he allowed the Spiritual Practitioner and Black Magic Practitioner to coexist.

    Yun Jiuge's situation seemed very similar to Nangong Li. But if it had not been for the destroying of her Elixir Field and disappearance of her Cultivation, she would not have been able to begin her Cultivation in the Outer Region of Yin Corpse Sect. After all, Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu were not blind.

    Nonetheless, Yun Jiuge was more concerned about the treasure map in Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm. It was likely the last section and she had to get her hands on it.

    Nangong Li wanted to save his Aunt while Yun Jiuge wanted the treasure map. The two of them could potentially join forces to deal with Qiu Sen.

    But it was not wise to bring this up without careful consideration. She'd better sound him out first.

    Yun Jiuge sent a Communication Talisman to Wanli Mingxuan that very morning, stating that she was in Zuo Province.

    Wanli Mingxuan immediately replied, "Where are you? I'll come find you."

    "No need for that, I'll head to Wanbao Building to find you instead. I heard that you arranged a black card for the Liu Sisters. Don't leave me out!" Yun Jiuge used a playful tone in her reply.

    "No problem, I look forward to Junior Yun Jiu's arrival at any time." Wanli Mingxuan could not wait to arrange a meeting with Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge went to Wanbao Building and the moment the shopkeeper saw her, he immediately welcomed her into the tearoom.

    "Junior Yun Jiu, I waited for you in that Teleportation Array for a long time. I was afraid that you'd met with a mishap." Wanli Mingxuan poured a cup of tea for her.

    "I was fine. It's just that the location where I was teleported to was a little farther away from you." Yun Jiuge brought out the superficial act that she used on the Liu Sisters.

    "Do you know that Zhong Province is in a mess now? I heard that the Magic Cauldron in the Ruins was robbed by two male Cultivators. Mistress Shi and Old Devil Wan are furious. They're looking for the two men everywhere!" Wanli Mingxuan's eyes had an inquisitive look. After all, Yun Jiuge was the last to come out. Perhaps she knew something.

    "Any idea who the two male Cultivators are?" Yun Jiuge's eyes lit up, adopting an interested look.