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Chapter 391

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 391: Dual Cultivation to Expel Poison

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang quietly returned to Yin Corpse Sect and discovered that the Defensive Barrier outside the door had been tampered with.

    Needless to say, it must have been Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu who came to harass them. They would not give up so easily.

    "My Defensive Barrier is not something they can break." Zi Shang was very confident in the Defensive Barrier he had personally set up. If he had not been concerned about acting ostentatiously, he could have made it better.

    "That's good," Yun Jiuge responded without lifting her head. She began to handle the Dark Netherworld Herb.

    She hastened to refine the antidote to upgrade her Cultivation, so that she could seize the last section of the treasure map in Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm.

    "Pass me the Panic Grass," said Zi Shang. Seeing how Yun Jiuge was so busy, he also started to help.

    With a flip of her right hand Yun Jiuge took out a small flowerpot.

    The Panic Grass which Liu Tian'er grew and nurtured inside the Magic Cauldron with Spiritual Stones for a period of time had already ripened to a hundred years.

    The phantom that emerged from the seed not only had a robust body, but also distinct facial features.

    It placed its hands on the cheeks as its eyes became vacuous from the panic. Its cheeks then became sunken and its mouth became distorted, as if it was shrieking.

    "Drip some blood for it to acknowledge its master and then you can extract the soul seed." Zi Shang carved a delicate pattern of small holes onto the skin of the seed to let Yun Jiuge drip her blood inside. In this way, if she extracted it for regrowth it would be very loyal and obedient.

    By now Yun Jiuge was very skilled at the ritual of master acknowledgement.

    After the golden red blood dripped into the seed of the Panic Grass.

    They saw the phantom's frightened and villainous eyes opening wider. Its body swung violently as if it was scared to death. The soul suddenly left the seed and floated toward Yun Jiuge's palm, turning into a ball of light.

    "It's so timid. Can I really grow a Yin Corpse from it?" Yun Jiuge said with a frown. She did not want to raise a Yin Corpse which would panic so easily.

    "What makes you think that it's timid?" asked Zi Shang as he poked the small ball of light. A small figure appeared inside, holding its feet and curling into a ball. Its expression was serene like it had gone into slumberland.

    "Huh?" Yun Jiuge's eyes widened. She still remembered the panic-stricken look that this ball of light had just now!

    "The Panic Grass collects Frightened Soul Power. That's why it shows the expression of fright. Now that it's out of its body, it becomes something else. First of all, plant it inside the Magic Cauldron and put more Spiritual Stones. Once it germinates and bears fruit, you can grow the Herb Corpse," Zi Shang explained.

    "Okay," Yun Jiuge was also full of anticipation for this magical seed. She immediately put it into the Magic Cauldron.

    Cute Little Baby was wandering around aimlessly inside.

    It now grew a little Spiritual Herb every day. This was quite a waste of its talents and it was so bored that it would soon rot.

    This time, when it saw the ball of light that Yun Jiuge had put inside, it immediately became excited and asked, "Is this the Demon Soul Seed?"

    "What's a Demon Soul Seed?" Yun Jiuge asked suspiciously.

    "It's the Demon Seed gathered from the Demon Qi of heaven and earth!" Cute Little Baby circled the ball of light twice while looking at it. Then it suddenly pursed its lips in disappointment and said, "Pfft, it's only a Herb Soul Seed!"

    "Don't worry about what kind of seed it is. If it doesn't grow well, I'll hold you responsible." Yun Jiuge glared at it with a fierce expression.

    Cute Little Baby would act up from time to time if it were not disciplined properly.

    If you spoke to it nicely, it would get complacent and ask for more. One needed to be very strict in order to control it well.

    "Master, rest assured that I'll help you grow it." Cute Little Baby had wanted to break open the Herb Soul Seed earlier to play with it. But once it heard its master's stern tone, it hastily puffed out its chest to make a pledge of assurance.

    "That's much better. Do your job well and I'll get you something delicious to eat when we get back," said Yun Jiuge, now dangling a carrot after disciplining it.

    This guy was a glutton. She did not know whether it was because it was honed to be a Demonic Weapon but it just grumbled all the time about wanting to eat souls.

    Zi Shang said they could let Cute Little Baby eat a soul at the appropriate times. After all, it had been sealed for 5,000 years and had suffered immense wear and tear. For it to recover quicker, a little Devil Cultivation was acceptable.

    Although Zi Shang agreed to let it eat souls occasionally, Yun Jiuge was now in Enclosed Cultivation and there was no way to obtain them. She could not possibly take the disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect to feed Cute Little Baby!

    Thus, she could only wait for the Fiendish Corpse's Secret Realm to open so that she could go get some for Cute Little Baby to have a large, sumptuous meal.

    After Cute Little Baby received the incentive from Yun Jiuge, it immediately summoned its fighting spirit and was determined to grow the Herb Soul Seed well.

    After Yun Jiuge finished with Cute Little Baby, she took out the Green Bronze Cauldron. She was getting ready to refine the antidote.

    The cadre of the Magic Cauldron which Cute Little Baby was in was too powerful. Yun Jiuge simply could not work on it with her Cultivation. As long as a Green Bronze Cauldron could be used outside of the Magic Cauldron, its strength would probably be reduced to one thousandth of the original.

    Yun Jiuge placed the seeds of the Panic Grass and the hundred-year Dark Netherworld Herb into the Green Bronze Cauldron. Next, she brought forth the White Bone Flame and began to refine.

    Two hours later, the Green Bronze Cauldron spewed out hot air and the second antidote to the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison was successfully refined.

    Yun Jiuge opened the small cauldron and saw a hazy golden light inside. It had to be consumed there and then.

    Yun Jiuge stuffed the ball of light into her mouth, and then sat cross-legged in meditation to absorb.

    Zi Shang kept watch beside Yun Jiuge and drew up a protective spell to keep her safe from harm. He was fully focused on observing her condition.

    The ball of light entered Yun Jiuge's mouth and began circulating along with her Spiritual Power in her body.

    Things went smoothly at first. The toxins which were deep in the bone marrow were purged out. Next, as the ball of light arrived at Yun Jiuge's Elixir Field, it directly rushed into its core.

    Then, there was a sudden bang and an immense pain exploded in Yun Jiuge's abdomen.

    Yun Jiuge shrieked in pain and held her stomach as she fell onto the ground. Her face was deathly pale.

    "Jiuge." Zi Shang's handsome face changed and he hurried up to lift her clothes to take a closer look.

    He saw Yun Jiuge's abdomen rise and fall. The rays from eight kinds of toxins and the golden light started to fuse together. Her Elixir Field had turned into a battlefield, among which the red-colored poison ray fought the most violently.

    The Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison disintegrated and regrouped alternately. Immense pain was inevitable!

    "It hurts!" Yun Jiuge groaned in pain. Her back was drenched in cold sweat and even breathing was difficult. She wished she could kill herself.

    Zi Shang's heart was in tandem with her. He gently touched Yun Jiuge's head and whispered in a comforting tone, "Don't be afraid. Soon there will be no more pain."

    With that, he took off both of their clothes and embraced Yun Jiuge from behind.

    Yun Jiuge felt the familiar feeling of swelling pain. Her mind could not help but rage. What the hell was he doing?! This was not the time for Dual Cultivation!

    Zi Shang's heart was calm as still water while he held Yun Jiuge and silently mouthed the Cultivation Technique. A wisp of purple color Demonic Power entered Yun Jiuge's body.

    The red-colored poison ray which was fighting the golden light inside her Elixir Field detected the scent of Demonic Power like a shark sensing blood. It abruptly rushed out in pursuit of Zi Shang's Demonic Power towards his body.

    The detoxifying golden light also followed suit.

    The other seven poison rays lost their rivals and gradually came to a halt.

    Yun Jiuge did not know that Zi Shang had lured the poison away. When she realized that her Elixir Field had calmed down, she accelerated the mastery of Spiritual Power to finally expel the poison from her body.

    Zi Shang let the golden light and the red light wreak havoc within his body. He then imparted Spiritual Power into Yun Jiuge's body to help her operate her Microcosmic orbit to expel the poison.