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Chapter 392

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 392: You Reap the Reward, I Endure the Hardship

    Cold sweat caused by the pain seeped out of Zi Shang's forehead, but he did not care at all. His light purple eyes only watched Yun Jiuge with concern.

    Yun Jiuge fully focused her mind on expelling the poison. After working on it for three days, she finally discharged all the second stage toxins of the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison.

    "My level has gone up again." Yun Jiuge opened her eyes and discovered that she had advanced to the ninth level of the Qi Refining Stage.

    "Then consolidate it for a while more," Zi Shang briefly answered as he began to put on his clothes. His movements were steady as if there was nothing unusual.

    "Okay." Yun Jiuge also felt that her Spiritual Energy from the recent advancement was still somewhat chaotic. She closed her eyes in meditation to consolidate her Cultivation.

    Zi Shang took the opportunity to concentrate on eliminating the red poison light from his body. Because he was afraid that Yun Jiuge would find out, he allowed his own body to bear the brunt of the brutal inner fighting, to his own detriment.

    When Yun Jiuge opened her eyes once again, Zi Shang had already eliminated the red poison light.

    Yun Jiuge was really happy to have successfully expelled the poison. She put her arms around Zi Shang's neck and kissed him firmly on the lips as a reward.

    Zi Shang smiled and gave a kiss in return. As long as Yun Jiuge was well, nothing else mattered.

    After her excitement, Yun Jiuge immediately remembered that Zi Shang had performed Dual Cultivation with her.

    Zi Shang was exceptionally reliable when handling tasks. If expelling the poison required Dual Cultivation, he would do it ahead of time and not wait for things to worsen before he acted. There must have been a reason.

    "You helped me detoxify. It didn't hurt you, did it?" Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang up and down.

    "Do you I look like I'm hurt?" Zi Shang raised his eyebrows and had a wicked smile on his handsome face. He still had that cool and smug appearance, which masked the fact that he was actually injured.

    "Then why did you suddenly perform the Dual Cultivation with me?" Yun Jiuge still did not believe him.

    "The Nine Stages of Fractured Bones pays particular attention to abolishing first and then rebuilding. You will suffer extreme pain before you can develop your Cognitive Imprint. When I saw that you could not hold on, I could only use my Spiritual Energy to help you get through the difficulty. However, your Cognitive Imprint will be a little lacking later," said Zi Shang, giving her the half-truth.

    Without experiencing the torture of that pain, her Cognitive Imprint would have been a little lacking. He did not lie about this point.

    But he did not tell her how both his Cultivation was devoured and his Meridians were injured from drawing the poison to his own body.

    "If it's a little lacking, so be it then!" When Yun Jiuge recalled the bone-scraping spasms, she could not help but shudder.

    She absolutely did not want to experience that feeling a second time.

    "The next time you detoxify, I'll perform the Dual Cultivation to help you. Now that you have a Magic Cauldron, you can slowly develop your Cognitive Imprint." Zi Shang's handsome face suffused with a light and soft glow. The look in his eyes when he gazed at Yun Jiuge was full of tender loving indulgence.

    Each detoxification of the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones felt like going through death. Moreover, it would become more intense at the later stages.

    If it had been others, Zi Shang would have reacted with cold detachment. After all, one had to suffer in order to reap the benefits.

    But he had a soft spot when it came to Yun Jiuge. He had experienced that feeling before, so he did not want Yun Jiuge to experience it a second time.

    "Okay." Yun Jiuge was naturally delighted to not suffer anymore.

    But she was still somewhat worried about the impact on Zi Shang. After all, the poison from the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones was no joke.

    "Extend your hand." Yun Jiuge intended to take Zi Shang's pulse to see if he was really unaffected as he said.

    "I'm really fine. If you've some idle time, why don't you quickly inquire about the people going to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm?

    Even though I'm around and you don't have to worry about your safety, it's rare that you get to enter such a Secret Realm. You must train well.

    And about the treasure map, Si Youyue should have some clues. You have to make good use of this connection. After all, you saved her life once.

    You can also start preparing the medicinal herbs for the third stage antidote‚Ķ"

    Zi Shang slowly analyzed a variety of problems with Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge nodded repeatedly as she listened. She had now expelled the poison of the second stage, so it would not be an issue to achieve the Final Level of Qi Refining Stage within three months.

    In addition to investigating the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm and treasure map, she had to start cultivating the antidote to the third stage poison as well.

    All the other medicinal herbs were ready except for a Spiritual Herb called Bloody Fiendish Pearls. It was said that it could only grow in places where Fiendish Qi was dense. She had to look for it during this trip to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm.

    There were too many things to do. Yun Jiuge was distracted from thinking about them that she forgot to take Zi Shang's pulse.

    It was also because Zi Shang was really good at feigning. He had plenty of ways to not let Yun Jiuge find out.

    The more Yun Jiuge contemplated, the less likely she was able to sit still. She immediately came out of her Enclosed Cultivation to find Little Fatty for some news.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, you've advanced in your level again." Little Fatty stared wide-eyed at the newly upgraded Yun Jiuge with his small beady eyes.

    She had only entered Enclosed Cultivation for a few months and yet soared by three levels effortlessly. It was simply remarkable.

    "Isn't it normal?" Yun Jiuge was aware that all kinds of rumors were spreading within the Yin Corpse Sect that she advanced by debasing herself. But she gave up trying to allay them long ago.

    Little Fatty had also thought of this and quickly cleared his throat awkwardly before he changed the subject saying, "Senior Yun Jiu, the list of Yin Corpse Sect candidates going to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm has been determined."

    Ever since he knew that Yun Jiuge wanted to go to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm, Little Fatty gathered all kinds of related information.

    Although he did not obtain the core secret, the list of candidates participating was not something difficult to find out.

    Because the Sect Leader's Peak was sparsely populated, Yun Jiuge and Jin Chuan were designated as representatives. Candidates of the other peaks were decided through tests.

    Bai Lan and Senior Mo Jingyuan with Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage prevailed in Mo Hua Peak.

    Lang Ya and Senior Zi Yan with Early Foundation Establishment Stage triumphed in Bai Gu Peak.

    The winners of Qiu Ren Peak were Jin Yuanwei and Si Youyue. All three peaks had exactly a male-female pair each.

    Yun Jiuge raised her eyebrows. There were four old acquaintances among these six people!

    Since she had offended the three elders Mo Hua, Bai Gu, and Qiu Sen, everyone thought that their disciples would target her.

    However, other than Bai Lan as well as Mo Jingyuan and Zi Yan, both of whom she did not recognize, the other disciples were not a big problem.

    First of all, Si Youyue, Jin Yuanwei, and Jin Chuan would be busy looking for the treasure map. They would certainly not be in the mood to cause her trouble.

    Secondly, she and Lang Ya were friendly with each other. If she were to privately entice him with some benefits, he would likely turn a blind eye.

    Yun Jiuge mulled over it and felt a lot more settled. Then she thought of another question and asked, "Little Fatty, do you know anyone in other Black Magic Sects and Devilish Sects? Can you help me ask about their candidates entering the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm?"

    Not knowing what the situation was like inside the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm, it was always good to get more information.

    "Yes, I do know some people but not that well. However, as long as there are Spiritual Stones, it'll be easy to find out." Little Fatty reckoned that the other sects would have determined their candidates through tests, so it should not have been difficult to find out.

    "I'll give you 100 Spiritual Stones. Go find out all you can, the more details the better. Especially Black Fiend Sect's name list. It's best if you can get down to details of the teachers' origins as well as the techniques and magical weapons that they're best at." Yun Jiuge mainly wanted to know the news of Ye Ruyi.

    That little lass had gone to Black Fiend Sect for a period of time. With the mighty help from that Devilish Sect, her Cultivation should have become fairly good!

    There was also Nangong Li, who wanted to find the treasure map. Yun Jiuge had to pay more attention to him too.