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Chapter 393

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 393: The Evil Ways of Cute Little Baby (1)

    "Senior Yun Jiu, rest assured that I'll take care of this matter." Little Fatty was exceptionally excited. He was going to make connections that would increase his network in future.

    After Yun Jiuge parted with Little Fatty, she returned to the cave and began to prepare things which would entice Lang Ya.

    Since Lang Ya was now at the Foundation Establishment Stage, the Yin Gathering and Meridian Protection Pill would be suitable for him to consume. She still had a lot of them on hand, so it would be good to take them with her as a gift.

    "You're giving the Medicinal Pills to him in vain. I'm afraid he dare not accept them. You might as well sell him some good defensive magical tools cheaply. He can still use them when he goes to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm." Zi Shang had thought about this in more detail than Yun Jiuge.

    If Elder Bai Gu really ordered Lang Ya to do something, it would be useless for Yun Jiuge to give anything.

    It was better to engage in some business transactions at low prices. She would not lose out and it would also be easier to gain his friendship.

    "You're right." Yun Jiuge thought about it again.

    There would be trouble if Lang Ya misunderstood that she wanted him to deal with Elder Bai Gu.

    However, she could prepare for both eventualities in terms of the gift-giving.

    She could first give him the Medicinal Pills and then sell a magical weapon if he would not accept the gift.

    She had previously plundered and collected a lot of things along the way to Zhong Province. She could take this opportunity to sort them out.

    After Yun Jiuge finished sorting them out, the total came up to 10,000 Spiritual Stones, Magic Talismans and Medicinal Pills etc.

    There were 12 types of defensive magical tools which were common interchangeable goods in the Mall.

    Then, there were eight types of offensive magical tools. The three most valuable amongst them were obtained from a Cultivator at the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage.

    They were a Black Iron Hook Weapon, a Green Ghost Ring Ruler, and the fat old man's bamboo staff.

    Even though the Black Iron Hook and Green Ghost Ring Ruler were high-grade magical weapons that were hard to come by, Yun Jiuge had to dispose them for fear of people finding them on her.

    The moment she took out the fat old man's bamboo staff, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion crawled out from Yun Jiuge's newly bought, expensive Spiritual Beast Bag.

    "Master, there's a treasure." The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was not able to perform the previous time at the Ruins. Recently, it had racked its brains wanting to perform well. Now that it sensed a Spiritual Light, it immediately crawled out.

    "Which one is a treasure?" Yun Jiuge immediately took out things which seemed to be treasures from the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion circled them twice, and finally stopped at the bamboo staff. It said hesitantly, "This thing has a powerful Spiritual Light on it."

    It was preparing to advance recently, so its Spiritual Sense was stronger than before in order to faintly detect the Spiritual Light on the bamboo staff. But it did not specifically know what kind of treasure it was.

    "A Spiritual Light?" Yun Jiuge looked carefully at the bamboo staff, which was three feet long with a dark green surface. There was nothing special about it and it could not compare to the conspicuous three leaves above it which acted as a weapon.

    "What?" Zi Shang gathered some clues and picked up the bamboo staff to take a closer look at it. He said, "This bamboo seems to be alive. Why don't you use Wood Spiritual Power to give it a try." With that, he handed it to Yun Jiuge.

    "I'll give it a try." Although Yun Jiuge had swallowed the Wood Spiritual Crystal, she rarely used it on ordinary days. Thus she did not realize the secret of this bamboo staff at first.

    It was not until she transmitted Wood Spiritual Power into the bamboo staff to examine it that she immediately discovered that it was not actually bamboo. It was the rhizome of some kind of plant instead and it contained formidable vitality like a vast ocean.

    This short a length of the rhizome was already so powerful. If it were the whole plant, how mighty it would be.

    Yun Jiuge immediately made a decision to use the Magic Cauldron to plant this thing.

    The current Magic Cauldron had already undergone major transformation after she put it to order during this period of time.

    What used to be a spacious and empty Medicinal Garden was now neat rows of Spiritual Medicine plants. There were the Purple Monkey Flowers, Red Rockfoils as well as a lot of Medicinal Herbs needed to refine the Yin Gathering and Meridian Protection Pills. Yun Jiuge needed them to expel her third stage poison.

    In addition to the Medicinal Garden, rows of bright red fruit trees were planted outside. They were filled with pink Spiritual Peaches that were soon to be ripened.

    These peaches were not only abundant with Spiritual Power, but they could also nourish one's Meridians. The most important thing was that they were greatly beneficial to a Spiritual Beast's advancement. Yun Jiuge grew them for Mr. and Mrs. Treasure-hunting Scorpion to consume.

    Next to the brook, in a superior grade Medicinal Garden where Spiritual Power was the strongest, only the Herb Soul Seed was planted.

    This rare item consumed a lot of Spiritual Power and generally needed to exist on its own.

    Cute Little Baby was solicitously waiting upon the Herb Soul Seed at the edge of the brook.

    It had brought most of the Magic Cauldron's Spiritual Power in here to let the Herb Soul Seed germinate and bear fruit earlier. That way, it could obtain a few superior souls to taste.

    Wow, looking back on those years where Wan Sha wantonly let it eat souls, how wonderful those days were!

    Cute Little Baby could not help touching the small black horn on its own head. Without a supply of souls, its horns had become smaller and less desirable looking. How was it going to find a Weapon Companion in the future?

    It did not want to be a lover like Wan Sha. It wanted to be the mainstay partner like Lord Zi Shang.

    Just when Cute Little Baby groaned in agony, Yun Jiuge's consciousness carried the bamboo staff in and asked Cute Little Baby, "Do you recognize this?"

    Yippee, the opportunity to shine was finally here.

    Cute Little Baby perked up and hurriedly took the bamboo staff to carefully look at it. It examined it some more and to its misery, realized that it simply did not recognize the item.

    "Master, I was sealed for 5,000 years and exhausted a lot of Cognitive Imprint in order to find you. I don't remember a lot of things now." Cute Little Baby touched the small black corner on its head, feeling extremely aggrieved.

    "Never mind then, if you don't remember. Tell me if you can plant it!" Yun Jiuge's expectations of Cute Little Baby had never been high, so she was not disappointed.

    "It can be planted, but the root system is a little odd. I'm afraid it will consume a lot of Spiritual Power to plant it." Cute Little Baby had a knack for planting things. It could still plant something even if it could not recognize it.

    "How much Spiritual Power will it roughly take?" Yun Jiuge mused over the idea of planting it first then finding out later, if it did not require much Spiritual Power.

    If it turned out to be good, then she would profit.

    "In terms of Spiritual Stones, we need at least 500 superior grade Spiritual Stones." Cute Little Baby gave a rough estimate.

    "What?!" Yun Jiuge was stunned. One superior grade Spiritual Stone was equal to 100,000 low grade Spiritual Stones. 1,000 superior grade Spiritual Stones were equal to 5,000,000…

    The 10,000 low grade Spiritual Stones she had on hand were not even worth mentioning!

    "Anyway, plant it first and just make sure it survives." Yun Jiuge decisively gave up. Even if she were to sell herself, she could not put together a number like 5,000,000 Spiritual Stones.

    She might not earn enough now, but it did not mean she would not in the future. She would just grow it first as a consideration for down the road.

    "Well, there's another method without having to use Spiritual Stones." Cute Little Baby blinked its big eyes. Its little round face seemed to be full of consideration for Yun Jiuge.

    "What method?" Yun Jiuge's eyes lit up as she hurriedly asked.

    "If you use souls to grow it, you only need 10,000 souls to do so." Cute Little Baby looked especially innocent as it put up a tender little finger.

    It implied that this method was much simpler than getting superior grade Spiritual Stones. The Yin Spiritual Mountains were full of people, so it would be mere trifle to wantonly kill tens of thousands of them.

    When the time came, Cute Little Baby could secretly eat to its heart's content. Presumably its master would not discover anything.

    "Ha ha, 10,000 souls." Yun Jiuge chuckled at Cute Little Baby and then switched into a fierce tone saying, "How dare you? Since you like to eat souls so much, why don't you go back to that Wan Sha master of yours? I cannot provide for a big demon like you."

    It constantly instigated her to kill people to get souls. Did it really want to turn her into a cold-blooded she-devil?