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Chapter 193 - Cold? Or Bad-tempered?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 193: Cold? Or Bad-tempered?

    The viewers congregated to spit fire. Every contestant was insulted, even if they did not do anything notable.

    In almost everyone's interviews, someone would randomly stand up and speak nonsense, this was nothing. But Dong Yishan's words made Su Cha squint.

    She was cold on and off stage, and not easy to get close to?

    It was a fact that her temperament was a little cold now. As for being difficult to get close to, she at least acknowledged when someone spoke to her. Unless it was someone like Mona who had offended her directly.

    She had no special interaction with Dong Yishan. The girl greeted her at the time and she responded with a light smile.

    Turning her back, she said that she was hard to get close to, even comparing her to Mona.

    Her intentions were clearly sinister.

    There were celebrities whose selling point was their coldness, but in general, in the entertainment circle people should only be cold and imposing in appearance. When faced with the viewers they should still show their amicable, friendly side.

    Called out for being someone "hard to get close to" was the same as being called bad-tempered.

    Coldness and bad temper were two different things.

    She had a bad temper which caused people to not dare to approach her easily. This was what Dong Yishan meant.

    No wonder Le Anqi said that Dong Yishan was sensationalising Su Cha. She wanted the viewers to think Su Cha had a bad temper.

    Perhaps some of the audience would ignore it, but some would really think it was true.

    Judging from Su Cha's own performance, they would definitely think that Dong Yishan is speaking fact.

    Su Cha remembered that Dong Yishan and Mona were in a group. When the competition had just begun, she couldn't be bothered if she flattered Mona, but she shouldn't have compared her to others.

    There was a fact. When Dong Yishan greeted Jin Mou, Jin Mou didn't even respond.

    When she didn't mention Jin Mou, but only Su Cha, her intentions were obvious. She was picking her targets well.

    Jin Mou was fortunate to have her family background - she didn't dare to mess with it.

    She wanted to create hype that dragged others down, and picked Su Cha.

    Of course, to the program team, this was not a big deal. For those who proactively engaged in such hype, they would definitely not delete these words.

    A delicate smile bloomed on the face of the exquisite and beautiful girl, but it seemed to stop on the surface. It always made people feel that there was a surging undercurrent, subconsciously causing fear.

    Dong Yishan?

    Who knew where this clown jumped came from. Perhaps if she didn't know her privately she wouldn't bother much about her, but now that she publicly sensationalised her in the program, things were different.

    She squinted. She didn't plan to take action for now.

    The last round of eliminating twenty to ten had not begun, the 29th was important. Now, Su Cha was not anxious, and instead started on her embroidery beside her.


    Though Su Cha was not anxious, Le Anqi was even more so.

    As soon as the interview video came out the competitors from the district of Yonggu Town were not very popular. There were still some fans, but their discussions were mediocre.

    The focus was on what was said in the interview. As expected, Dong Yishan's mention of Su Cha being hard to get close to and being cold made some viewers feel that Su Cha had a bad temper.

    Now a small group of fans have started to build fanbases in private, and they have created discussions for Su Cha on Weibo and Tieba. Although there were not many active people,only about two hundred in total, it was the same for other contestants. Mona was undoubtedly the most popular.

    At this time, fans should discuss Su Cha's performance, but under the subtopic about Su Cha, some fans made the following remarks.

    Hey, she's an academic genius, being cold and hard to get close to is normal

    Seeing the appearance of our Su Cha, I don't think it's that surprising?

    Young lady Cha should be taking on the image of a cold person in the future I suppose? Supporting a cold idol is the most exhausting

    Mother fxxker who cares about what other contestants say, does Su Cha have Weibo, does she?!