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Chapter 398

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 398: Male Flirting

    "Is that what you should ask?" said Qiu Sen. He gave Bai Lan a thundering look.

    "Elder, I was wrong! Please forgive me," stammered Bai Lan. She had broken out in cold sweat as she went down on her knees to beg for mercy.

    The others didn't dare make any sound. Only Si Youyue pleaded on Bai Lan's behalf. She said, "Elder, Sister Bai Lan didn't do it on purpose. Please forgive her this time!"

    Qiu Sen looked at them coldly. He turned around to look towards the east, without saying what was on his mind.

    Si Youyue quickly signaled the still kneeling Bai Lan to get up.

    Bai Lan gave her a grateful look before silently retreating to one side.

    Although she escaped any punishment this time, she was still troubled by the death order issued by her Master.

    How could she kill Yun Jiuge and bring the Millennium Living Corpse back to her Master while Elder Qiu Sen was around?

    She would have to rely on Senior Mo Jingyuan.

    Bai Lan started to look for Mo Jingyuan. But she saw that he had eyes only for Lang Ya. He wasn't looking her way at all!

    "Crap!" Bai Lan swore under her breath. Although she knew that Senior Mo was a homosexual, this was the first time she had seen him that infatuated with a man.

    What was so great about Lang Ya?

    Bai Lan felt utterly frustrated. But she consoled herself with the thought that he was at least not infatuated with Yun Jiuge. Otherwise, it would be even more difficult to manage.

    Meanwhile, Yun Jiuge was paying no attention to the flustered Bai Lan.

    She was a little upset. She had intended to sneak away quietly with Zi Shang after entering the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm. She did not expect Qiu Sen to come along. It was now impossible to leave without being seen.

    "Why are you upset? Didn't you expect that Qiu Sen would come along?" asked Zi Shang through Mental Transference.

    "I didn't expect him to come in," she replied. Most Golden Core Cultivators cherished their lives and they normally, would not restrain cultivation to enter this place. What if they were accidentally killed by people from the other sects? That could certainly happen.

    Qiu Sen was taking too big of a risk!

    "Since we are already here, let's just take it easy. We'll sneak away once we get a chance to," Zi Shang said.

    "Okay," Yun Jiuge replied. She started to settle down. While she observed the surroundings, she was also looking for a route to slip away.

    She saw a dusky wasteland in the distance. The clouds in the sky were of a strange black and red color. The air was filled with a pungent smell of blood.

    She said, "It smells really bad!"

    The pungent smell of blood made her all jittery and her blood energy had started to surge. She hurriedly swallowed a Mind Calming Pill.

    "We should get ready for trouble," said Zi Shang. His expression was serious as he looked at the threatening black clouds overhead.

    "What sort of trouble?" Yun Jiuge asked, feeling puzzled.

    Zi Shang gave an inexplicable reply. "Just remember to run as fast as you can."

    Yun Jiuge soon understood why.

    The black and red clouds in the sky suddenly roiled. Viscous black and red raindrops started to fall. The rain had a powerfully corrosive effect and carried an extremely fishy odor.

    Protective Barriers in various colors emerged on the bodies of Lang Ya and the others.

    A light purple fog also wrapped itself around Yun Jiuge's body. This helped keep the raindrops out.

    At this time, Qiu Sen released a Monkey Demon Yin Corpse which could resist Fiendish Qi.

    "Elder, the rain is just too heavy. It would be better for us to first find shelter from the rain," Si Youyue proposed.

    Their Defensive Magical Tools were limited and could be easily damaged under constant exposure to the abrasive Fiendish Rain.

    "Go." The Monkey Demon Yin Corpse was directed by Qiu Sen to walk towards the east.

    Yun Jiuge and the others were quietly following behind.

    Bai Lan stared hard at Yun Jiuge's back. She was thinking perhaps she could use this sudden black rain to attack Yun Jiuge. But she soon changed her mind.

    After walking for an hour, she still could not find a suitable place to take cover. Her Protective Barrier would soon not hold up anymore against the rain.

    Unexpectedly, the first person to lose his Protective Barrier was Mo Jingyuan!

    "Junior Lang Ya, my Protective Barrier is broken. Please share your shelter with me!" Mo Jingyuan said. He put up a charming smile and moved closer to Lang Ya's side.

    He had to scrap his Protective Barrier which had broken down. His fiery red robe was full of defects. He looked rather pitiful with his fair arms marked by angry, red dots.

    Lang Ya gave Mo Jingyuan a cold glance.

    He did not believe that Mo Jingyuan, a Cultivator at the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage, would be this unprepared. Even more so since this was his second time coming into Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm. Maybe he was just looking for an excuse to harass him.

    Mo Jingyuan cried, "Junior Lang Ya, aren't we fellow disciples of the same sect? Surely you will not let me die so unfeelingly?" He looked as if he was about to cry. He was a big man, acting fragile, and yet he didn't look too bad.

    "If Senior wants someone to help, you should look for Senior Bai Lan!" Lang Ya finally spoke up. It was not as if they were buddies or shared anything before.

    "It is improper for a man and woman to have physical contact!" exclaimed Mo Jingyuan.

    Lang Ya was speechless. Everyone in the entire Yin Corpse Sect knew that he preferred men.

    Even though his Protective Barrier could shelter one more person, he was not willing to be taken advantage of by Mo Jingyuan.

    "Junior Lang Ya, it is fine not to share if you're unwilling. But, why do you have to get me involved?" asked Bai Lan. Although she was not happy that Mo Jingyuan kept pestering Lang Ya, she was even more upset that Lang Ya was using her as a shield.

    "Junior Lang Ya, I will need only temporary shelter. I will leave as soon as the Fiendish Corpses appear. I am also willing to pay you. How about 100 Fiendish Pearls as payment?" begged Mo Jingyuan. He was using all tricks and treats to get Lang Ya to give in.

    Although Lang Ya was annoyed, he thought that perhaps, it was good to earn 100 Fiendish Pearls. He finally gave in and shared his Protective Barrier with Mo Jingyuan.

    Mo Jingyuan happily made a beeline for Lan Ya. Under the guise of saving on Spiritual Power, he sneakily put his hand on Lang Ya's waist and stuck his body up close to his.

    Lang Ya's build was tall and straight. He was also more than a head taller than Mo Jingyuan. He was certainly stronger and more masculine than Mo Jingyuan.

    But Mo Jingyuan had put a tight, possessive embrace over him. He was trying to show everyone that they belonged together.

    Bai Lan thought of using a similar approach to get up close to Yun Jiuge. But she gave up the idea altogether when she saw the Yin Corpse standing right next to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge was somewhat entertained by the shenanigans between Mo Jingyuan and Lang Ya. She found the visibly-frustrated Lang Ya to be rather amusing.

    She knew that there were men who were Dao mates in black magic and devilish sects.

    "Do you find it so amusing?" asked Zi Shang as he gave Yun Jiuge a sideways glance.

    "I believe Senior Mo should be far too busy to bother with me now," Yun Jiuge replied. Mo Jingyuan was all over the Lang Ya as he glowered at anyone that came close to two of them.

    "There's no need to fear Mo Jingyuan," Zi Shang said. He did not attach any importance to a Cultivator with Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage.

    "Nonetheless, it's good to have less trouble," replied Yun Jiuge. She found Mo Jingyuan rather tenacious as Lang Ya was a lone wolf. He certainly was not easy to ensnare.

    Zi Shang couldn't care less about Mo Jingyuan. He looked at the distance and then said, "Be careful, we have real trouble coming our way."

    Yun Jiuge instantly became serious. As she looked out into the distance, she could see countless swaying shadows. Amid the hazy rain, the shadowy figures were coming menacing closer, encircling them.