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Chapter 399

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 399: Strange Fiendish Rain

    It was only when they came closer that Yun Jiuge was able to see the actual appearance of the shadows.

    They were ashy in color all over, and somewhat resembled humans. Their eyes were blood-red, and they could pick up the scent of humans extremely fast. They surged forward towards Yun Jiuge. They were the lower ranked Fiendish Corpses.

    "Kill!" yelled Qiu Sen, as he released two Monkey Demon Yin Corpses at the same time. They came charging out.

    Jin Yuanwei and Si Youyue stood guard on both sides of Qiu Sen, while Jin Chuan was positioned not far from Si Youyue.

    Bai Lan released her Bone Spurs, while Zi Shang released his own White Bone Abacus.

    Lang Ya unceremoniously kicked Mo Jingyuan out of the Protective Barrier. He then released his own Black Magic Bone Spurs. They transformed into many blood-red-light rays shooting at the Fiendish Corpses.

    Despite being kicked out, Mo Jingyuan was not angry. His red robe, which was previously somewhat tattered, had instantly turned intact. Then with a flick of his fingers, a black Dragon's Bone came flying out of the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    When Yun Jiuge saw the black Dragon's Bone, she thought that it looked just like the black Flying Device from Black Fiend Sect.

    Black Fiend Sect's Flying Device was composed of Fiendish Qi while Mo Jingyuan had used a variety of Spiritual Bones to piece his together. He had integrated the different pieces by immersing them in a black potion.

    Mo Jingyuan wanted to impress Lang Ya. His Dragon's Bone flipped, flew, and cut across several rows of Fiendish Corpses. They were much faster than Lang Ya's Black Magic Bone Spurs.

    At the same time, Mo Jingyuan had taken away Lang Ya's target. This angered Lang Ya so much that his face turned black.

    This male courtship of a man was rather interesting.

    Yun Jiuge shot out five Wicked Blades, which were aimed at the Fiendish Corpses' necks. A row of them was killed instantly.

    "This guy's Yin Spiritual Rune attainment is quite impressive," said Zi Shang to Yun Jiuge. He was busy killing the Fiendish Corpses.

    Yun Jiuge replied, "Senior Mo is still a Yin Spiritual Practitioner!" It's no wonder why Jin Yuanwei did nothing when Mo Jingyuan bothered Lang Ya earlier. He was the type of person who feared the strong. He also bullied the weak. He probably believed that Lang Ya had found a strong backer.

    "Don't just focus on the killing, we must also take the Fiendish Pearls," said Zi Shang as he pointed to the head of the Fiendish Corpse.

    Yun Jiuge commanded the Wicked Blades to dig at and pry out a small thumb-sized pure white pearl, which was suffused with a soft light.

    "Master, good stuff, good stuff." She could hear Cute Little Baby's voice in her head.

    "What? Do you want to eat it?" she asked. If Cute Little Baby could change its taste in food, it would be much easier.

    Cute Little Baby replied, "It's not that I want to eat the pearls. It's the bamboo that wants to eat them." He was next to the stream, taking care of the beloved Soul Herb Seed. That bamboo had violently erupted and surged forward towards Cute Little Baby. It had turned crazy, craving for the pearls.

    "Well, all right then. Give it a few pearls to try." When no one was looking, Yun Jiuge tossed the Fiendish Pearls into the Magic Cauldron.

    Cute Little Baby eagerly piled all the pearls around that bamboo. He kept urging Yun Jiuge to kill for more pearls.

    It was exactly what Yun Jiuge had in mind. The Spiritual Power contained in the Fiendish Pearls was comparable to that from the Spiritual Stones. They would benefit greatly from the kill.

    Together, Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang had quickly killed more than 500 Fiendish Corpses. All the Fiendish Pearls were thrown into the Magic Cauldron.

    Even though the others did not kill as many as the two of them, they too had killed about 200 to 300 Fiendish Corpses.

    However, the Fiendish Corpses were still advancing towards them. There was a constant stream of attacks.

    "Do you think that Qiu Sen wants to lure the Fiendish Corpse over here?" Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang.

    They had just entered the Secret Realm. It would be far too dangerous to lure the Flying Corpses over when they had not found their bearings yet.

    "That's possible," said Zi Shang. He would have chosen to resolve the battle in the shortest time possible himself.

    "If so, let's stay away from here, and wait out for a while," suggested Yun Jiuge.

    Qiu Sen was now restraining his Cultivation. Even though he brought a lot of Monkey Demon Yin Corpses, they were no match for the Flying Corpses.

    They could easily become cannon fodder in the melee. They might as well stay farther away from here.

    Throughout the scuffle, Qiu Sen did not say a word. He only commanded the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses to keep killing without stopping.

    Those Fiendish Corpses were being cut down endlessly.

    The viscous black and red Fiendish Rain continued to rain down without stopping. Everyone's Protective Barrier was now weakened. With Elder Qiu Sen killing so earnestly, no one dared to complain. They could only carry on with the killing.

    By now, Yun Jiuge had killed more than 500 Corpses.

    A black shadow suddenly pounced out from among the Fiendish Corpses. It then flew with lightning speed towards Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge gestured with her fingers and flew the Wicked Blades over to attack the black shadow. But instead, a loud sound reverberated around.

    Although the black shadow was not killed, its pace did slow down. Its face was gradually revealed. It turned out to be a Fiendish Corpse which was emitting a faint black light.

    "An Iron Corpse!" shouted Mo Jingyuan, recognizing the Corpse right away. Immediately he commanded his Dragon's Bone to attack and then dangled the Iron Corpse over.

    Yun Jiuge swiftly took advantage of the situation. She merged the Wicked Blades into a single sword and quickly cut down the head of the Iron Corpse.

    Mo Jingyuan took out a bone spur and cut open the head of the Iron Corpse to retrieve a thumb-sized Fiendish Pearl.

    "Senior Mo, why is this Iron Corpse's pearl no different from the other Fiendish Corpses'?" asked Yun Jiuge, feeling a little disappointed. She thought perhaps the Iron Corpse's pearl would be more powerful.

    "This is not an Iron Corpse," Mo Jingyuan said solemnly.

    "What is it then?" she asked. Although Yun Jiuge had not been in the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm before, she had heard of the Iron Corpse's appearance, which was dusky black.

    "The Fiendish Pearl inside the Iron Corpse is black, while this pearl is just a normal Fiendish Pearl," Mo Jingyuan replied. He shook his head, and then looked at the sky before he spoke again, "Furthermore, this Fiendish Rain fell too early and for too long."

    When Mo Jingyuan previously entered the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm, the Fiendish Rain had begun to fall only after he killed all the ordinary Fiendish Corpses.

    After the rain stopped, the Iron Corpses appeared. After killing the Iron Corpses, the Fiendish Rain then started again.

    And once the rain stopped again after that, Copper Corpses emerged. There was a pattern to the cycles.

    But this time, the Fiendish Rain came first, and the smell of the Fiendish Rain was extremely unpleasant. The fishy odor was so foul, it made everyone gagged.

    And this time, they encountered ordinary Fiendish Corpse which was similar in shape and appearance to that of the Iron Corpse. The Fiendish Pearl was white, but its killing power was comparable to that of an Iron Corpse.

    If these ordinary Fiendish Corpses had the formidable power of Iron Corpses, then there would be real trouble.

    "Since Senior has found something wrong, why didn't you say anything earlier?" snapped Bai Lan.

    If Senior Mo had been more earnest and not place all his focus on Lang Ya, they would have discovered the anomaly earlier. Then they would have reacted more aggressively.

    "I wouldn't dare make irresponsible remarks before I was certain of the situation. Would you take responsibility if something were to happen?" said Mo Jingyuan as he raised his eyebrows and stared at Bai Lan.

    Although Elder Qiu Sen was part of the same team, he didn't want to get involved with the argument. If the current situation had not been getting so weird, he would not have wanted to step forward nor speak up!

    "There must be demons involved given the anomaly. Elder, should we re-think our course of action?" suggested Lang Ya. He was thinking of the appearance of the Human-faced King Peach previously at the Secret Realm. At that time, more than 1000 disciples died.

    "Yes, Elder, we'd better be careful!" echoed Si Youyue who was also a little nervous.

    Qiu Sen looked at the sky with the thickening red and black clouds, and the never-ending falling Fiendish Rain. He also felt that things were not too encouraging.

    "Jingyuan, do you have any good suggestions?" asked Qiu Sen.

    "Elder, your humble student remembers that there is a rest area on the east side. Why don't we head there first?" Mo Jingyuan suggested.

    "Let's head east then," said Qiu Sen as he immediately ordered the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses to kill and clear the east side.