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Chapter 400

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 400: Strange Fiendish Rain Part 2

    Qiu Sen's Monkey Demon Yin Corpses were opening up a path ahead. As they went further forward, there were more fake Iron Corpses. After some time, they formed a dense mass at the back.

    The fake Iron Corpses' defense ability was high. They were fast and powerful with their killing ability. They were very troublesome indeed.

    If not for the six Monkey Demon Yin Corpses released by Qiu Sen, perhaps all the disciples would not have been able to move forward at all. Those Yin Corpses had cut a bloody path out of the battlefield for everyone.

    While Zi Shang was protecting her, Yun Jiuge had been doing her best to kill the Fiendish Corpses. She managed to collect many Fiendish Pearls for the Magic Cauldron.

    "Master, your bamboo has sprouted! But why does it look so strange?" exclaimed Cute Little Baby.

    After the bamboo had absorbed the Fiendish Pearls, it sprouted out of the ground. A small red ball grew out of it, emitting a strange light.

    Yun Jiuge suddenly saw a chance to enter the Magic Cauldron. She was curious about the odd bamboo. She wanted very much to grow it so that she could see what it was exactly.

    "Master, Master, do collect more Fiendish Pearls. I will use them to grow Herb Soul Seed," shouted Cute Little Baby. He was very excited.

    Cute Little Baby thought that his master was usually too poor. A chance to make a fortune was rare, so she must take advantage of the current situation.

    "Right," said Yun Jiuge. Her fighting spirit was always high.

    Once she stepped out of the Magic Cauldron, she found that those Fiendish Corpses backed off from around her. They seemed to be fearful of Yun Jiuge!

    "That bamboo of yours is certainly interesting!" said Zi Shang. He realized that something had changed. He quickly released more Demon Qi on the sly to attract the Fiendish Corpses. Otherwise, they would have all ran away. Qiu Sen and the others also realized that it was Yun Jiuge who caused the change.

    "Are you saying that those Fiendish Corpses are afraid of the bamboo?" asked Yun Jiuge, somewhat in disbelief. The bamboo was placed inside the Magic Cauldron. How could the Fiendish Corpses know about it?

    Inside the Magic Cauldron, Cute Little Baby was nodding his head vigorously. He directed the energy above the bamboo outwards. He was unaware that the bamboo had brought a lot of trouble to Yun Jiuge.

    "I am only guessing. If we want to be certain that it's true, we'll have to obtain more Fiendish Pearls to check it out," said Zi Shang. Although he understood Cute Little Baby's cheeky nature more than Yun Jiuge, he still thought it was too bold.

    "Okay, I'll give it a try," said Yun Jiuge as she wielded her Wicked Blade for a killing spree.

    Those Fiendish Corpses ran to the side in succession, bringing intense pressure to Lang Ya and Mo Jingyuan.

    "You'd better dig out those Fiendish Pearls at the back!" yelled Zi Shang as he lured the Fiendish Corpses back.

    "Right!" Yun Jiuge saw that the bodies of the Fiendish Corpses were everywhere.

    Qiu Sen's Monkey Demon Yin Corpses were very lethal. The others at the back were also busy protecting themselves. No one had time to dig for Fiendish Pearls. It was such a waste.

    Although they might scold her later for picking up the ones that were missed, she could allocate to them the ones she dug out. It should not be a problem.

    Yun Jiude made a quick decision. She flashed the Black Magic Weapon's red light over the Fiendish Corpses' heads. She could then easily dig out the Fiendish Pearls and put them away quickly into her Magical Bottomless Bag.

    Bai Lan was not at all happy with what Yun Jiuge was doing. She wanted to protest, but Elder Qiu Sen's frosty-face put her off. She quickly changed her mind about complaining of Yun Jiuge.

    Surviving the present situation was more critical. They could deal with Yun Jiuge later.

    "Senior Mo, how far are we from the safety zone now?" asked Si Youyue. She was about to gag from killing too many Fiendish Corpses.

    "It's about 500 meters away!" Mo Jingyuan responded.

    "Everyone! Now is the time to ramp up our effort! Let's surge forward and kill them all now!" yelled Si Youyue as she visibly pulled herself together.

    Lang Ya and the others picked up their pace. As Qiu Sen led, they followed him in surging forward.

    An hour later, Yun Jiuge suddenly heard the sound of fighting coming from the front.

    Qiu Sen heard it too. He asked loudly, "Which sect do the disciples ahead belong to?"

    "We are from Soul Devourer Sect! We have asked our fellow cultivators to come over to save lives!" someone cried out in reply.

    Qiu Sen and Zhou Hua from Soul Devourer Sect were on good terms, so he immediately instructed his disciples to rush over.

    The Soul Devourer Sect disciples had white-colored Soul Tools as their Protective Barriers. These covered the top of their heads. They held fire torch-like weapons as they killed the Fiendish Corpses.

    The Soul Devourer Sect disciples were all exhausted. Many were injured. When they saw more people came to support, they were happy. They were surprised to see Qiu Sen, and asked, "Elder Qiu Sen, why are you here?"

    "Stop asking questions if you want to live! Fall in behind us and continue to move forward!" commanded Qiu Sen. They continued to slay forward, still heading eastward.

    The disciples of the Soul Devourer Sect trailed behind silently, following Yun Jiuge and the others to cut a bloody path out of the battlefield.

    The safety zone was actually a pile of stones. Tall stones were randomly piled up together.

    These stones were black with red color running through. They were strong enough to withstand the corrosion from the Fiendish Rain.

    Everyone's spirit was lifted when they saw the tall stones. They charged into the safety zone.

    But when they stepped onto the pile of stones, a big pink net dropped down from above to ensnare them!

    Qiu Sen's face remained calm as he made a hand gesture to the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses.

    Six Monkey Demon Yin Corpses jumped up high and struck down the big pink net.

    "Is that Elder Qiu Sen?" A cry rang out of the pile of stones. Then a few women dressed in pink came walking out. They were people from the Hehuan Sect.

    "What's your intention? How dare you set up a trap for us here?" Bai Lan asked angrily.

    "Fellow Cultivator, pls don't misunderstand. We did not set up an ambush here. We were actually worried about the Fiendish Corpses breaking in, so we had set up a Protective Barrier. The surface of the net was not an Offensive Rune," the disciples of the Hehuan Sect explained hurriedly.

    Bai Lan wanted to continue with her scolding in response but was stopped by Mo Jingyuan. He said to her, "Nobody will think you're a mute if you do not speak."

    "They meant to harm us, and yet you blame me?" hissed a furious Bai Lan.

    "Dear Senior, please don't blame this Senior Sister. She must be affected by the Fiendish Rain with her blood energy raging. She has no control over her temper. A lot of our people were infected just now. But as long as you take the Mind-clearing Pill, you should be fine," said an oval-faced beauty from the Hehuan Sect.

    "Fiendish Rain does affect everyone's mood. Everyone has Mind-clearing Pills, so take them now!" said Mo Jingyuan as he let go of Bai Lan. He then took out a bottle of Mind-clearing Pills. After he took a few pills for himself, he passed the rest to Lang Ya.

    "I have my own," said Lang Ya as he rejected the Mind-clearing Pills that Mo Jingyuan gave him.

    Mo Jingyuan was not angry and quietly kept the pills.

    Bai Lan also could not bother with the male couple. She downed half a bottle of Mind-clearing Pills directly into her mouth. The rage in her chest finally subsided.

    She wondered why she was so easily angered this time.

    She had thought that it was due to too much pressure. She did not think it was due to the effect of the Fiendish Rain.

    "Elder Qiu Sen and all Fellow Cultivators, disciples of the other sects, please come inside. Everyone, come with me!" The Hehuan Sect disciples led the way and walked into a tall pile of stones.

    Yun Jiuge followed the Hehuan Sect disciples into the safety area, All disciples of the five major sects had gathered at this place. Everyone looked battered and exhausted.

    Qiu Sen learned that everyone present had encountered the same experience once they entered the Secret Realm.

    First, the Fiendish Rain started to fall, then they were besieged by the ordinary Fiendish Corpses.

    Then the endless lethal attacks by the Fiendish Corpses. Each of the five major sects sustained damage, with Hehuan Sect suffering the most damage. They lost two men and one woman. Now only five women were left.

    "Elder Qiu Sen, before we came in, Elder Peach Blossom instructed us to befriend everyone from your Yin Corpse Sect. Please Elder Qiu Sen, show us how to get to the right path," said Feng Ling'er, the beautiful woman leading the Hehuan Sect. Her Cultivation was at Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage.

    "Anyone who had been in the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm in the past, come forward now. We need to carefully analyze the differences between the past and present encounter," Qiu Sen tersely commanded.