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Chapter 402

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 402: A Jealous Little Bitch

    Feng Ling'er and the others were immediately quiet.

    They were besieged previously and desperately fought their way out of the situation. They were not in any frame of mind to dig for the Fiendish Pearls. They were lucky just to have 1,000 pearls. Of course, this amount was nowhere close to the 10,000 pearls required.

    Now that the ordinary Fiendish Corpses were in the realm of Iron Corpses, it would be extremely difficult for each of them to collect enough to make up 10,000 Fiendish Pearls.

    "If you listen to me, I guarantee that you will complete the mission," said Qiu Sen, as he began to cast a long line to reel them in.

    "Elder Qiu Sen, please share your idea with us. We are all ears," said Feng Ling'er in a respectful manner.

    "You don't want to go out there, there is nothing but the fear out there. You will have no one to rely on for support. That being the case, let's set up the safety zone as our base camp. We will organize ourselves in a ‘Triangular Formation' to go out and kill the Fiendish Corpses," explained Qiu Sen. He clearly had a card up his sleeve.

    Feng Ling'er, Li Kun Qian Hun, and the others looked at one another. They were impressed by what Qiu Sen had suggested.

    "This idea will work!" said Mo Jingyuan who had taken the initiative to speak out. He went on to explain. "The Fiendish Corpses will not come anywhere close to the safety zone. We have to enter the depths of the Secret Realm if we want to kill the Fiendish Corpses. There is no place to hide in there, which is extremely dangerous."

    If they killed the Fiendish Corpses near the gate of the safety zone, whenever they got tired or injured, they could turn back to safety and rest. This would greatly reduce the risk of being killed.

    "This is a matter of great importance. We need to give it more thought," said Feng Ling'er. She and the others were afraid to agree without careful consideration.

    "Everyone is tired today. Let's have a good rest. You can give your answer by tomorrow," said Qiu Sen although he was certain they would say yes eventually.

    ‘Senior Yun Jiu, can I be on the same team with you when the time comes?" asked Yu Sha.

    "Didn't you come with Black Fiend Sect?" said Yun Jiuge. She did not understand why this girl was hanging on to her.

    "We just took a free ride on their ship. We are not familiar with the people of Black Fiend Sect. Senior Yun Jiu, as long as you are willing to be in the same team with me, once I gather the required 10,000 Fiendish Pearls, any excess will go to you. You can be rest assured that my fighting capability is immensely powerful," said Yu Sha earnestly. She was trying very hard to sell herself to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge believed that Yu Sha's fighting skills were good.

    In addition to the people from the five major sects, the other minor sects and influential families also had two places each, which came to a total of ten people.

    Those people were all dead except for Yu Sha. She was indeed powerful to have survived and collected more than 1,000 Fiendish Pearls.

    But Yun Jiuge was afraid of being conned.

    Besides, Zi Shang did not like Yu Sha. Yun Jiuge had more reasons to turn down Yu Sha's request.

    "I think Yu Sha is good. Master can believe her," said Cute Little Baby suddenly.

    "How do you know she's good?" replied Yun Jiuge. She did not know that Cute Little Baby could read people besides planting herbs.

    "She gave you all the Fiendish Pearls that she owned. Of course, she's good," said Cute Little Baby. He spoke with full conviction.

    "Hello, and I gave her Medicinal Pills in return, didn't I?" Yun Jiuge retorted. She thought Cute Little Baby was being ridiculous.

    "Anyway, she's good," reiterated Cute Little Baby. He knew what he said was not quite right. But, how could he tell Yun Jiuge that he had picked up the scent of Wan Sha on Yu Sha's body?

    Although Wan Sha had been sealed for 5,000 years, he was still very loyal to and infatuated with the Master.

    Yu Sha looked intently at the different emotions playing across Yun Jiuge's face.

    She did not expect that the formidable and mighty Yun Jiuge would display her feelings so openly. She seemed weak after her reincarnation. It would be easy for anyone to bully her since she had turned this fragile.

    All these thoughts were just playing quietly on Yu Sha's mind. She wouldn't want to get herself in trouble once Yun Jiuge's memory and cultivation were restored.

    Yun Jiuge did not know that Yu Sha was harboring evil thoughts over her. She turned around to ask Zi Shang, rather foolishly, "Zi Shang, what do you think? Cute Little Baby said teaming up with Yu Sha will be good." Now that Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm was full of dangers, it was always good to have another trusted ally.

    Zi Shang's face was gloomy. If he could, he would have kicked Yu Sha out of the Secret Realm.

    Although, apart from himself, it was this guy who had taken over Yu Sha's body that would be worried about Yun Jiuge's safety.

    To help Yun Jiuge get the Bloody Fiendish Pearls, he needed to tolerate what was going on.

    Zi Shang suppressed his jealousy and anger. He calmly replied Yun Jiuge, "Let's team up with her!" For now, achieving Yun Jiuge's goal was more important than his feelings.

    "Right," said Yun Jiuge. She trusted Zi Shang completely. She turned to Yu Sha and said, "Alright. You and I will be on the same team."

    "Senior Yun Jiu, you will not regret it," replied Yu Sha happily. She moved even closer to Yun Jiuge's side and pressed her soft chest against Yun Jiuge's arm.

    Yun Jiuge was feeling miserable. Although she had been disguising herself as a male in the past two years, she had no idea nor was she ever interested in same-sex love.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, let me tell you something. Black Fiend Sect's Li Kun and Soul Devourer Sect's Qian Hun are both interested in Feng Ling'er. But Feng Ling'er likes your Yin Corpse Sect's Mo Jingyuan," whispered Yu Sha.

    "Is that so?" replied Yun Jiuge. She was thrilled to hear this piece of gossip.

    She took a closer look at Li Kun and Qian Hun.

    Li Kun had single eyelids and his lips were very thin. His appearance suggested that he was a cold person and probbaly fickle when it came to love.

    On the other hand, Qian Hun was always smiling. With his baby face, he looked like an easy person to get along with.

    Both of them were in discussion at the moment. From time to time, they would glance in the direction of Feng Ling'er.

    But Feng Ling'er always sat next to Mo Jingyuan and she would speak ever so softly to him.

    The two of them looked like the ideal couple. They appeared to be well-matched for each other based on their looks.

    "Doesn't Feng Ling'er know that Senior Mo likes men?" Yun Jiuge could not help but ask.

    "She does but she likes the challenge. To be able to turn him straight, what a sense of achievement that would be," Yu Sha explained with a smile.

    "To turn a gay person straight, isn't she overreaching herself? What if she breaks him?" Yun Jiuge asked seriously.

    "Hahaha Senior Yun Jiu, you are so humorous," said Yu Sha, smiling coyly. "I heard that Hu Lingling and Yin Corpse Sect's Lang Ya have quite a relationship. She almost slept with him at one time."

    Yun Jiuge remembered how Lang Ya looked when she first met him. At that time, he was poisoned by the Peach Blossoms Aphrodisiac. Could it be Hu Lingling who poisoned him then?

    Right at this moment, Hu Lingling got up and walked towards Lang Ya. But before she could speak to him, Mo Jingyuan had sent her flying with a wave of his hand.

    "Senior Mo, what did you do that?" Feng Ling'er got up, looking hostile.

    She liked Mo Jingyuan but as the leader of Hehuan Sect, she must stand up for the sect's disciples.

    "Senior Feng, I only wanted to say hello to Senior Lang Ya. I don't know why Senior Mo hit me," cried Junior Hu. She was down on the ground, sobbing with her chest heaving up and down. The male disciples watched with great relish.

    "Whoever dares to touch my man, will court death." This was Mo Jingyuan's vicious reply.

    "Your man?" Feng Ling'er looked disdainfully towards Lang Ya.

    But Lang Ya was indifferent to how Feng Ling'er looked at him.

    Jin Chuan, Si Youyue, and Jin Yuanwei were busy, fawning all over Qiu Sen.

    Bai Lan gazed steadily at Yun Jiuge. Zi Shang was busy thinking up a plan. So, no one came forward to sort out the argument. It was awkward all around.