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Chapter 403

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 403: Zi Shang Backs Down and Joined Forces with Yu Sha

    "If you have the energy to be jealous of your love rival, isn't it better to keep some to fight the Fiendish Corpses tomorrow?" said Qiu Sen. His chilly reminder instantly cooled off the explosive situation.

    Mo Jingyuan returned to Lang Ya's side and sat down, while Feng Ling'er dragged Hu Lingling back to Hehuan Sect's area.

    Although everyone had settled down, they were all restless. The cooperation with everyone for the next day was now a little worrying.

    "Senior Yun Jiu, don't worry, I'll cover you tomorrow," said Yu Sha. She winked at Yun Jiuge, then used her full chest to bump Yun Jiuge in the arm.

    Yun Jiuge had the goosebumps. But she remained calm and collected as she leaned closer to Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang looked at Yu Sha quietly. She was causing trouble unnecessarily. If it had been Wan Sha himself, he might be less unscrupulous.

    But Wan Sha was thinking too highly of himself with his attempt of using a woman's body to seduce Yun Jiuge.

    All disciples of the five major sects, with heavy thoughts and worries on their minds, said nothing more for the night.

    When they got up the next day, the Fiendish Corpses were everywhere outside of the safety zone. But the Fiendish Rain had finally stopped.

    "With the Fiendish Rain gone, the Copper Corpses will appear next. You must all be aware of the level of danger out there without me having to tell you. I hope everyone will collect enough Fiendish Pearls today. You must strive to leave the Secret Realm as soon as possible," said Qiu Sen solemnly.

    "Yes." All the disciples present nodded. No one dared to make light of the situation.

    Then, Qiu Sen began to explain the formation to fight against the Fiendish Corpses.

    He would lead the Yin Corpse Sect disciples in the middle while Hehuan Sect and Soul Devourer Sect would be flanking them. Ten Thousand Ghouls Sect and Black Fiend Sect would be further behind.

    Although the last two sects were a little farther away from Qiu Sen, they were closer to the safety zone. And so, they had no objections.

    "You will arrange among yourselves. The best is for two teams to take turns killing the Fiendish Corpses," instructed Qiu Sen. His intention was to let each sect make their own arrangement. This way they could reserve some strength and find the time to dig out the Fiendish Pearls. Otherwise, it would be pointless to kill the Fiendish Corpses and yet, not take their Pearls.

    "Yes." Feng Ling'er and the others immediately continued with their arrangements.

    Black Fiend Sect's Li Kun glanced at Yu Sha.

    Yu Sha quickly tugged at Yun Jiuge's sleeve.

    Yun Jiuge understood immediately. She said to Qiu Sen, "Elder, Miss Yu Sha will team with me."

    Qiu Sen looked at Yu Sha, then said indifferently, "As you wish." Their Yin Corpse Sect would be under the most stress in the middle. Even if it was just one more person, it would help.

    "Thank you very much, Elder," said Yu Sha politely. She turned and smiled sweetly at Yun Jiuge.

    Her fake smile gave Yun Jiuge the shivers. Without saying another word, she pulled Zi Shang along and they followed along, right behind Qiu Sen.

    "Let's set off." Qiu Sen released six Monkey Demon Yin Corpses and led everyone out of the safety zone.

    As far as the eye could see, the pitch-black Fiendish Corpses were everywhere. It was a terrifying sight. Many of them went soft in their knees with fear.

    Even Yun Jiuge got nervous.

    If Qiu Sen had not entered the Secret Realm and took on the role of a leader among the five major sects, none of the sects' disciples would have the courage to step out of the safety zone.

    "Let's get started!" Qiu Sen instructed. He calmly signaled with a wave of his hand and six Monkey Demon Yin Corpse started attacking the Fiendish Corpses.

    On Yin Corpse Sect's side, Mo Jingyuan, Si Youyue, Jin Chuan, and Zi Shang formed the first echelon.

    Bai Lan, Jin Yuanwei, and Lang Ya formed the second echelon. They were responsible for digging out the Fiendish Pearls.

    With Zi Shang ahead, Yun Jiuge did not have to be on the front line. She just needed to focus on collecting as many Fiendish Pearls as possible.

    Yu Sha's magical weapon was a Bronze Mirror which was engraved with a pattern of 10,000 demons. The red light that the weapon emitted did more than just killing the Fiendish Corpses. The light also affected the actions of other Fiendish Corpses in the surrounding area.

    Zi Shang's magical weapon was a long, single-edged sword forged from Yin Qi. It was incomparably sharp.

    These two persons who were in front of Yun Jiuge, fought side by side in tight coordination. Rows after rows of Fiendish Corpses fell behind them.

    Yun Jiuge who was behind them dug out the Fiendish Pearls enthusiastically.

    The other teams would rotate after every hour. But Yu Sha and Zi Shang pressed on without showing any signs of exhaustion.

    Bai Lan stole a glance at Yun Jiuge and almost went insane with jealousy. In that one moment of distraction, her arm was caught by the Fiendish Corpses and she was almost pulled in.

    Fortunately for her, Mo Jingyuan commanded his Dragon's Bone to help her by fighting off the attack.

    "If you want to live, then you'd better focus. Don't think about other stuff," said Mo Jingyuan as he glared at Bai Lan. If he had not considered their friendship, she could drop dead for all he cared.

    Bai Lan was fuming but she couldn't afford to be distracted. She pulled herself together and continued battling the Fiendish Corpses.

    The weakest part of the fake Iron Corpses was in their chest. Once she identified that, she became very fast in killing them off.

    After about an hour, everyone managed to accumulate a few thousand Fiendish Pearls. Their spirit was thus revived.

    Then, a sea of copper color beings appeared in the distance.

    "Everyone, be careful! The Copper Corpses are coming. Go for their necks! The neck is the weakest part!" yelled Mo Jingyuan.

    Everyone was alert and on guard against the onslaught of Copper Corpses.

    The Copper Corpses' defense mechanism was stronger than that of the Iron Corpses. Their attacks were also more aggressive. Their speed was exceptionally fast. They were extremely difficult to deal with.

    Yu Sha's Bronze Mirror was able to curb the speed of the Copper Corpses.

    "Kill on this side!" shouted Yu Sha as she wielded her Bronze Mirror over a group of Copper Corpses. Zi Shang reacted immediately and cut off the heads of those Copper Corpses.

    Yun Jiuge used the Wicked Blade to slash open the Copper Corpses' heads. But, the Fiendish Pearls inside were also white! They were only larger than those from the ordinary Fiendish Corpses.

    "Senior Mo, the Fiendish Pearls of these Copper Corpses are also white," yelled Yun Jiuge.

    "How is that possible?" Mo Jingyuan said with a frown. These Copper Corpses appeared to be no different from the Copper Corpses in the previous Secret Realm. Why did they come with Fiendish Pearls and not Copper Pearls?

    "Senior Mo, can it be that the Iron Corpses and Copper Corpses had the magic power in their Fiendish Pearls removed by something?" asked Feng Ling'er.

    "Now is not the time to analyze this," said Mo Jingyuan. He looked up at the gradually gathering of black and red clouds and said, "Everyone, hurry up and kill a few more before the Fiendish Rain arrives!"

    Unfortunately, his voice was drowned out by the pattering of the falling Fiendish Rain.

    No one dared fight under the rain. They could only return to the safety zone.

    There was no way the Copper Corpses could come into the safety zone, so they kept swaying about outside.

    "Once this rain stops, the Silver Corpses will appear next," Mo Jingyuan sighed. The Silver Corpses would be even more difficult to deal with.

    "As it is, we can only keep fighting," said Qiu Sen. While he looked calm, he was burning with anxiety. As everything continued to move forward, the Flying Corpses would appear before long.

    Yun Jiuge also had the same thought. Once the Flying Corpses come out, she must quickly figure out their main weakness. Then she and Zi Shang can be confident of killing them.

    The Fiendish Rain soon stopped. Immediately, Qiu Sen instructed the group to attack and kill the enemies.

    Soon the Silver Corpses appeared. Casualties started to climb among the disciples of the five major sects. Ten Thousand Ghouls Sect and Black Fiend Sect which were farther away from Qiu Sen, each lost a male disciple.

    Both Hu Lingling and Bai Lan were also seriously injured. They retreated to the safety zone to get their wounds dressed. They returned to the battle soon after.

    If they failed to dig for more Fiendish Pearls in the current situation, it would be extremely difficult to accumulate 10,000 pearls.

    They could not rely on others for help. Each wanted to save their own life.

    Then the Fiendish Rain fell for a second time. The Golden Corpses soon appeared.

    As Yun Jiuge looked up and saw the swathe of brilliant golden light in the distance, her throat went dry.

    Feng Ling'er and the others immediately turned around to rush back into the safety zone. But they found that right behind them was a row of Monkey Demon Yin Corpses and Qiu Sen himself. He had a vicious look on his face.