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Chapter 404

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 404: Soul Retrieval Wood

    Feng Ling'er exclaimed, "Elder Qiu Sen, what is the meaning of this?" A look of shock was on her face. Qian Hun, Li Kun, and Gui Ming were equally surprised.

    "I should be the one asking you that question! Why are you running away at this critical point, you will cause the death of the other disciples!" said Qiu Sen. He was so sharp that he could read their thoughts.

    Feng Ling'er's and the others' faces turned pale.

    Although they had not collected enough Fiendish Pearls, they could divide the dead disciples' share among themselves to meet the 10,000 required.

    As for the other disciples who had not collected enough, they will be left to fight for themselves, they couldn't care less.

    They thought they could get away with their selfish intention. But now that they had been found out, their reputation was at stake.

    "Senior sister, pls help me!" cried Hu Lingling Those of them still fighting at the frontline were desperately asking for help. They could not hold up for much longer.

    "Either we live or die together, make your choice!" shouted Qiu Sen. It wasn't as if he cared enough for Hu Lingling and the others to save them. But, after this wave of Golden Corpses, the Flying Corpses will attack next. There was no room for mistakes at this critical moment.

    "The Elder is right, we are not thinking right," said Qian Hun. He was wise enough to quickly go with the flow under the present circumstances. He picked up his magic weapon and re-join the battle once again.

    Elder Qiu Sen was of course very worked up over what was happening.

    If they departed from their fellow sect brothers now, their situation would worsen for sure.

    Feng Ling'er, Li Kun, and Gui Ming realized the same. They quickly turned around to help their sect in the battle.

    The Golden Corpses gradually moved forward and replaced the Silver Corpses.

    The Gold Corpses consisted of two types.

    A group of them was thin with low defense ability. But their speed was extremely fast and lethal.

    The second group was tall and strong. Though they were not as fast, their strong defense mechanism terrified the disciples.

    The disciples of the five factions had the urge to give up and die when they saw that the mountains and plains were crawling with Golden Corpses.

    Fortunately, Qiu Sen quickly released another six Monkey Demon Yin Corpses. They were scattered among the five major sects to form a large triangular formation.

    Then, every two disciples from the five factions teamed up with a Monkey Demon Yin Corpse to form a smaller triangular formation.

    The Monkey Demon Yin Corpse used the Fiendish Qi to deploy a powerful Defense Shield. The disciples of the five factions could now resist the attacks of the Golden Corpses.

    Originally, they had been placed themselves in groups of two, taking turns to exchange their roles. But now, only the person with the most injuries was assigned to dig out the Fiendish Pearls.

    The task of digging out the Fiendish Pearls was not an easy one. They had to be quick in taking out the Fiendish Pearls from the insides of the Fiendish Corpses. They also had to be mindful of any sudden attacks from the Fiendish Corpses. Everyone was stretched to their maximum limit.

    It was also the same for Yun Jiuge.

    Right at that moment, Yu Sha was standing to the left of the Monkey Demon Yin Corpse. She held up her bronze mirror to illuminate the Speedy Golden Corpses charging forward.

    Zi Shang was on the right side of the Monkey Demon Yin Corpse, suddenly condensed a burst of Yin Qi into a long sword. He started slashing and killing with the sword. The sword then unexpectedly, changed into small knives.

    Meanwhile, Yun Jiuge was digging feverishly for the Fiendish Pearls.

    The Golden Corpse's Fiendish Pearls were not of a pale color. They were light gold.

    The piles of Pearls on top of the weird-looking bamboo plant looked spectacular as Cute Little Baby continued heaping the Pearls on top of it.

    "After feeding on so many pearls, shouldn't there be some changes?" Cute Little Baby said. As he pouted and squatted beside the weird plant, he continued mumbling to himself.

    To cultivate this weird plant, he didn't even bother with his beloved Herb Soul Seed. All the Spiritual Energy in the Magic Cauldron was also offered only to the bamboo plant.

    "If you still refuse to grow, don't blame me for forcibly pulling out your seedlings so they can grow!" Cute Little Baby was scolding the bamboo plant in his head.

    As if Cute Little Baby's thoughts were heard, the reddish ball started changing its form.

    The red light that was emitted, extended, and shot upwards. It turned into a red tree but the branches and leaves were all made up of black mist.

    The mist gave off a dreamy vibe. It was as if the tree had the power to mysteriously draw people to it.

    "Oh my goodness! This plant has turned into Soul Retrieval Wood!" screamed Cute Little Baby. He was so excited, he was practically jumping up and down.

    "Soul Retrieval Wood? Isn't it one of the Four Godly Woods?" asked Yun Jiuge. She was equally surprised.

    "Yes, it is one of the Four Godly Woods indeed. If you use this wood to refine the medicinal pill, even if you lose your soul and entered the Hades, you can still return," explained Cute Little Baby. Although he had six thousand years of knowledge, it was the first time he saw the actual Soul Retrieval Wood. It was not surprising that he did not recognize it earlier.

    "So are we rich now?" asked Yun Jiuge. She was very excited. A plant that could save lives would be a real treasure.

    "Oh please, if others found this treasure, they would keep it as their family heirloom. Why would you trade it for money?" said the disapproving Cute Little Baby.

    Has the Master gone bonkers after reincarnation? How could the Master attach monetary measure over such a treasure?

    "It was just a casual remark, do make me out to be stupid!" said Yun Jiuge who was somewhat annoyed with Cute Little Baby.

    While her attention was diverted momentarily, a speeding Golden Corpse broke through the Monkey Demon Yin Corpse's defense and dashed towards Yun Jiuge.

    Before she could even pull out her Wicked Blade, both Zi Shang and Yu Sha had already launched their attack on the Golden Corpse.

    The Golden Corpse was blown into pieces. Zi Shang grabbed the Fiendish Pearl and right away offered it to Yun Jiuge.

    Yu Sha was a little depressed. She felt that she was robbed of a chance to impress Yun Jiuge. Yu Sha gave Zi Shang a questioning look while asking Jun Jiuge, "Senior Yun Jiu, your ‘Yin corpse' is pretty good!" She emphasized ‘Yin Corpse' as she spoke.

    Yun Jiuge said, "Yes, it's not too bad." She did not dare to say more. If Qiu Sen finds out that Zi Shang is not a real thousand-year-old corpse, it will be troublesome.

    Zi Shang continued with his pretense of being a Yin Corpse and stayed quiet. Moreover, he couldn't be bothered with Yu Sha. Instead, he swung the Yin Qi Sword in his hand and killed a few more Golden Corpses on Yu Sha's side.


    Yu Sha panicked for a while as she was almost hit. She started complaining, "Senior Yun Jiu, your Yin Corpse is bullying me. This is just too much!"

    Yun Jiuge pretended not to hear her. She would always protect and side with Zi Shang.

    As if he was responding to Yu Sha, Zi Shang threw a few more blows and killed a few more Golden Corpses on Yu Sha's side.

    Yu Sha stopped her talking. Silently, she cursed Zi Shang in her head. That damned Zi Shang was still the same as ever, stingy, overbearing, and sly.

    Yun Jiuge dug out the Golden Corpse's Fiendish Pearls with lightning speed and glanced at the others.

    Si Youyue, Jin Yuanwei, and the others around Qiu Sen were managing fine. The other disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect were also doing alright.

    After all, the three Monkey Demon Yin Corpses protecting Qiu Sen were the most powerful. They were already in the stage of Advanced Foundation Establishment Cultivation.

    The other disciples of the five factions were not so fortunate. Even the strongest among them, Feng Ling'er and Qian Hun were injured. As for the rest, they were struggling to carry on with their fighting.

    However, they did not dare to retreat without permission. They could only rely on the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses for survival. Offending the mighty Qiu Sen would almost guarantee the death sentence.

    "Stay alert, the Flying Corpse will be coming next, " said Zi Shang. He saw that the thick, blackish-red clouds had reappeared. Once again, the Fiendish Rain began to fall.

    All the Speedy Golden Corpses turned around and moved behind the Defensive Golden Corpses. They were like soldiers responding to recall orders of the general. They turned from a chaotic formation into a new neat one.

    The Speedy Golden Corpses no longer stopped running around randomly. They went behind the Defensive Golden Corpses and together they formed a Spear and Shield Formation. Almost everyone turned frantic.

    "Flying Corpses! The Flying Corpses must be coming!"

    "Elder, let's rush back to the safe zone!"

    "We have enough Fiendish Pearls now! We only need to stake out another five days, then we can leave the Secret Realm!"

    The disciples of the five factions were petrified when they saw the impressive formation of the Golden Corpses. They desperately wanted to return to the safety zone to hide out.