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Chapter 405

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 405: Ferocious Flying Corpse

    "If the lot of you can't kill the Flying Corpses, don't even think of leaving!" yelled Qiu Sen in his cold and cruel voice. As the Fiendish Rain started falling, an explosion from within the safety zone could be heard.

    Rubbles flew, the first half of the safe zone was immediately taken over by the Silver Corpses. A moat now came between all the disciples and the remaining safety zone. They were so close and yet so far from the safety zone.‬

    It was no longer easy to return to the safety zone.

    "Elder, have you gone crazy?" screamed Feng Ling'er hysterically. The disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect were also just as upset. Their faces flushed red with anger, this was their only escape route.

    Qiu Sen bellowed,"Changes are constantly happening in the Secret Realm! The only way to survive is to kill the Flying Corpses. All of you should be thankful that I am here, otherwise you would have died long ago!" Qiu Sen did not even care that the disciples hated him so. It didn't matter as long as they helped him kill the Flying Corpses.

    Although the disciples of the five sects hated Qiu Sen, they did not dare to offend him. It was Feng Ling'er who broke the silence. She asked, "Elder Qiu Sen, if we help you kill the Flying Corpses, can you promise not to kill us and take away our Fiendish Pearls?"

    "I am not interested in your puny lives and those Fiendish Pearls. As long as you help me kill the Flying Corpse, I guarantee your return to the safety zone. You will also leave the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm in glory. On the other hand, if anyone messes up, then don't blame me for being ruthless," answered Qiu Sen. A light flashed across Qiu Sen's eyes and the surrounding Monkey Demon Yin Corpses scattered among the crowd. As they stomped their feet, the whole ground started to shake.

    "I hope the Elder keeps words," mumbled Feng Ling'er to herself.

    Qian Hun, Li Kun, Gui Ming, and the others were silent. Since things had turned out to be this way, they had no choice but to follow Qiu Sen's instructions.

    "Don't worry too much, apart from being able to command the Golden Corpses, the Flying Corpse's greatest feature is its invisibility. I will use a talisman to break that invisibility. Everyone just needs to focus on your cognitive skills to feel and attack," explained Qiu Sen. He slapped the Magic Bottomless Bag and sent out ten Monkey Demon Yin Corpses. This time they formed an inverted triangle within the original formation.

    With a total of 32 high-level Monkey Demon Yin Corpses, the disciples of the five factions felt more at ease.

    By now, the Golden Corpses began to attack. They were like waves of golden tide, attacking again and again.

    Even with the impressive defense power of the 32 Monkey Demon Yin Corpses, they were simply outnumbered by the Golden Corpses.

    Yun Jiuge and others were drifting like a small boat in the golden ocean. They battled against the attacks fearfully.

    Among the disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect, Lang Ya had the lowest cultivation. He had only entered the Cultivation for a mere two years. Such an aggressive attack was too much for him to bear.

    He was drenched with sweat, his long and narrow eyes had started to droop, and he was breathing heavily. Suddenly, he was surrounded by blood-red bone spurs. They were protecting him while attacking those Golden Corpses.

    Whenever he was close to collapsing, he draw on his survival instinct, built from living with the wolf pack to persevere.

    It was Mo Jingyuan who stood by him that helped him a lot.

    Mo Jingyuan's Dragon Bone was also a rare treasure as it could draw on Fiendish Qi. Compared to the other disciples, Mo Jingyuan was under less pressure hence he took good care of Lang Ya.

    Although Mo Jingyuan was a flamboyant and annoying Senior brother, Lang Ya had to recognize that he had helped him a lot.

    If he could leave the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm alive, he would remember this favor.

    But Lang Ya was not confident of leaving this place alive, it was all rather hopeless.

    The Flying Corpse had not appeared, but yet, everyone was on the verge of collapsing. Could they really hold on till the end?

    Lang Ya's thoughts drifted to the many small secret realms from long ago.

    The disciples had managed to escape then, thanks to Yun Jiuge's aid at that time. Would she bring the same outcome this time?

    Lang Ya could not help but glanced over at Yun Jiuge. She was somewhere behind and still digging for Fiendish Pearls. She didn't look up.

    Lang Ya thought he must have gone crazy, relying on someone like Yun Jiuge who was only at the Final Level Qi Refining Stage to come up with a way to survive! He might as well hope that Elder Qiu Sen would be merciful and let them return to the safety zone.

    Qiu Sen stood akimbo and focused on the blackish-red clouds in the sky. He turned away from the sight of the attacking Golden Corpses.

    After an hour had passed, the Fiendish Rain gradually came to a stop. The attacks of the Golden Corpses gradually stopped but everyone did not even think of no one was rejoicing.

    The Fiendish Rain stopped, that would mean the Flying Corpse was coming out next!

    Yun Jiuge had the same thought. She saw the clouds in the distance rolling in. A black figure with heavy Fiendish Qi rushed towards everyone.

    "Ah!" someone screamed. It was Hu Lingling! Her body was pulled roughly into the sky by the Flying Corpse, then shredded into pieces! Her blood sprayed over everyone.

    All the disciples of the five factions were terrified, someone was killed in a mere flash!

    Qiu Sen's eyes glowed with excitement. A strange red talisman hit the Flying Corpse.

    It was a Grade Five Cognitive Ban. These were usually used by Elders in the Clan to protect the junior's cognitive skill.

    Qiu Sen used it on the Flying Corpse to dispel the Fiendish Qi from its body. The Flying Corpse turned into a human-shaped black mist.

    The black mist appeared in front of everyone for a moment, then turned invisible and disappeared.

    The disciples were in a state of confusion, an invisible enemy was the most terrifying.

    "Use your cognitive skills to feel my talisman, then you will find it," Qiu Sen said. He then stabbed his Bloodthirsty Bat Bone Spur at the empty West.

    The figure of the Flying Corpse re-appeared, and then vanished again. Still, Qiu Sen's attack had found the target.

    The disciples of the five factions surveyed around with their cognitive skills and found the Flying Corpse. They attacked aggressively with their strongest blows.

    Although the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses had strong attack power, they had no consciousness. This was why Qiu Sen needed the disciples of the five sects to stay on.

    Everyone tried their best to attack the Flying Corpse. They managed to heavily damaged the Flying Corpse.

    Qiu Sen's attitude was to kill the Flying Corpse much like how he treated his father's enemies. With every attack, the Bloodthirsty Bat Bone Spurs would take away a part of its Fiendish Qi.

    Under the furious bombardment of the Bloodthirsty Bat Bone Spurs, the Fiendish Qi on the Flying Corpse rapidly faded away.

    The disciples of the five factions became more courageous as the fight went on. All of them wanted to take down the Flying Corpse in one go.

    Unlike the others, Yun Jiuge did not join in the attack. Instead, she hid behind Zi Shang, carefully observing the Flying Corpse's special traits.

    The Flying Corpse was extremely fast and nimble with its ability to quickly change speed in the air.

    Thanks to Mo Jingyuan and Feng Ling'er persistent flying weapon attacks, they were able to curb the Flying Corpse's incredible speed.

    But the most powerful person was Qiu Sen. His attacks were powerful and concise. He brought great damage to the Flying Corpse.

    Yun Jiuge felt that Zi Shang couldn't apply Qiu Sen's method of attacking the Flying Corpse.

    The Cognitive Ban Talisman that Qiu Sen had issued, took at least ten years to develop. It was used specifically to crack the Flying Corpse's stealth ability.

    Zi Shang did not have such a talisman.

    Yun Jiuge was thinking hard but he could not come up with a solution to get rid of the Flying Corpse.

    But if Yun Jiuge failed to get the Bloody Fiendish Pearl, what could be done with the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones in her body?

    This antidote was only the third tier. The remaining antidotes will be even more difficult to obtain, what should I do? Yun Jiuge was muddling through her thoughts.

    She felt a little lost and dejected.