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Chapter 406

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 406: The Awesome Herb Soul Seed

    "Master, it is very simple. As long as you cultivate the Herb Soul Seed, it will run to the Flying Corpse by itself," said Cute Little Baby.

    "Isn't the Herb Soul Seed used to raise Yin Corpses? How can it be used on the Fiendish Corpse?" Yun Jiuge asked.

    "Yes, originally you couldn't. But recently, I gave it some secret medicine. So, whether it's a Yin corpse or a Fiendish Corpse, it will work. If the Master is lucky and the Herb Soul Seed consumes the Flying Corpse, you'll gain a junior Flying Corpse," said Cute Little Baby. To impress his Master, Cute Little Baby had put in lots of effort in cultivating the Herb Soul Seed.

    If his job is simply to water the plants, how could he qualify to be the Master's Magic Treasure?

    His previous Master was incredibly cruel. She made it clear that she would never keep anything useless beside her.

    "Hurry up and cultivate the Herb Soul Seed then," replied a relieved Yun Jiuge.

    "Master, just give me another 1,000 Fiendish Pearls. I will immediately cultivate the Herb Soul Seed for you," promised Cute Little Baby.

    Yun Jiuge said, "Sure." She was in high spirits. All the fallen Golden Corpses on the ground were like a pile of treasure to her. She picked up the Wicked Blade and began to cut and dig for the Pearls. When she was done with the ones on her side, she went over to Qiu Sen's side and took even those that belonged to him.

    Qiu Sen and the disciples of the five factions were desperately fighting the Flying Corpse. They didn't have time to harvest those Fiendish Pearls.

    Yun Jiuge dug up 1,000 Fiendish Pearls and placed them into the Magic Cauldron.

    Cute Little Baby happily gave the Pearls to the Herb Soul Seed. He also set up a Spell. He chanted, "Baby, baby, grow up quickly. Grow up and become a Magic Doll, eat flesh, drink blood, bones, and souls, eat it all…"

    Yun Jiuge's face turned solemn when she heard the evil chant. She felt that Cute Little Baby was raising the Herb Soul Seed the wrong way. But given the current situation, she couldn't be too bothered at the moment.

    As Cute Little Baby chanted on, the Herb Soul Seed grew and turned into a tiny gray-colored tiny being. It was only as big as a person's palm.

    It had a small round head, short neck, round body, thin arms, and thin legs. It looked rather cute.

    However, there was a lack of facial features on its gray round face. It looked strange.

    "Master, drip in your blood quickly so it will recognize you as its Master. After that, you can release it to eat up the Flying Corpse," urged Cute Little Baby.

    Yun Jiuge bit her index finger and dripped her blood into the Magic Cauldron.

    Cute Little Baby placed the blood on the little gray person's face. Its facial features gradually emerged. It looked exquisite and soft. It also looked exactly like Yun Jiuge!

    "How come it looks like me?" Yun Jiuge asked. She found it bizarre.

    "Of course it'll look like you. It consumed your blood. The Master's blood is the most powerful," explained Cute Little Baby. It was all rather natural to him.

    At first, the little gray person's consciousness was muddled. It was fully awakened only after getting a drop of the Master's blood.

    "What should we do next? Do we just release it and let it bite the Flying Corpse?" Yun Jiuge thought it was best not to get into the details, as long as it could capture the Flying Corpse.

    "Of course not," replied Cute Little Baby. He grabbed hold of the tiny gray person. Then he looked at it intently and cheerfully said, "It is not time yet."

    Yun Jiuge looked at Cute Little Baby suspiciously. But her attention was suddenly diverted. She saw the Flying Corpse up in the air. It was bruised and battered because of Qiu Sen's heavy hand. It could die at any time now.

    However, Qiu Sen did not let his guard down. Instead, he gathered everyone together and warned them. He said, "When near death, the Flying Corpse will go berserk. This will be the most difficult time to deal with it, so you have to be extra careful."

    Just as he trailed off, the Flying Corpse's blurry figure suddenly filled up with blood fog. It changed into four different colors, gold, silver, copper, and iron. Then it dashed forward at an incredible speed.

    The disciples of the five sects were prepared. They quickly retreated behind the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses.

    The Flying Corpse suddenly grabbed hold of two Monkey Demon Yin Corpses and instantly tore them to pieces.

    Qiu Sen's eyes opened wide in surprise. Although he knew that a dying Flying Corpse was incredibly terrifying, he did not expect it to kill so viciously.

    He braced himself and gathered all the remaining Monkey Demon Yin Corpses. He compressed them into a single line of defense in front of the disciples so that they could continue with their attacks.

    But a berserk Flying Corpse was still powerful and scary. When the Flying Corpse single-handedly slaughtered the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses, it was like a lion coming across a herd of weak sheep.

    What was even more frightening was the fact that the magical weapons of the disciples were ineffective against the Flying Corpse.

    The Flying Corpse simply slapped away Mo Jingyuan's Dragon's Bone, shattering it into pieces.

    Qiu Sen's Blood Sucking Bat Bone Spurs were thrown into its mouth but it just chewed them into pieces.

    Three male disciples were also caught and eaten up by the Flying Corpse. It sucked their blood, ate their flesh, and even devoured their souls.

    Out of the thirty-two Monkey Demon Yin Corpses, twelve were destroyed. The rest were either missing their arms or legs. They could barely maintain the defensive barrier spell to intercept the attack of the Golden Corpse.

    After consuming flesh and blood, the Fiendish Qi on the Flying Corpse's body became even stronger. This was similar to the late stage of Golden Core Cultivation. The disciples began to lose hope, even Qiu Sen felt a little hopeless.

    "Elder, please let us go, I don't want to die here!" cried Feng Ling'er. She was in tears.

    "Elder, we should preserve our energy. When there's life, there's hope. This Flying Corpse is just too strong and terrifying, we can't fight it! Wouldn't it be better to go back to the safety zone and discuss countermeasures?" asked Si Youyue desperately. He couldn't help but speak up as the disciples of the five factions had mostly all collapsed. If they kept at it, the whole army would be wiped out.

    "There is no turning back now," Qiu Sen said through gritted teeth. He continued, "This Flying Yin Corpse is cunning, brutal, and heartless. If we turn back and flee, it will just destroy us."

    All the disciples of the five sects had lost hope. Even now, a few of the men were already paralyzed, lying down on the ground. They were all waiting to die.

    Both Zi Shang and Yu Sha quickly returned to Yun Jiuge's side. They were ready to take Yun Jiuge back to the safety zone if the situation turned really bad.

    Yun Jiuge looked at the powerful and terrifying Flying Corpse and felt herself go numb. This was an indestructible monster!

    Can the Herb Soul Seed consume it?

    Just then, Cute Little Baby's voice rang out in a happy tone, "Alright, it's now ready to go!"

    "Hey, wait a moment," yelled Yun Jiuge as she tried to stop Cute Little Baby. But she was too late.

    Cute Little Baby had already tossed out the tiny gray person in his hand. It changed into a gray light before it drilled itself into the Flying Corpse's body.

    The Flying Corpse's light exploded and scattered all around.

    "It has started eating! It is eating the Flying Corpse!" Cute Little Baby shrieked. He was clapping his hands in glee.

    "Is it working?" asked Yun Jiuge. It was still somewhat hard to believe. Will they succeed in destroying such a powerful Flying Corpse?

    "Of course, who's the one who planted it?" Cute Little Baby said smugly.

    Yun Jiuge was initially jubilant. Then, she had a serious thought, whether the Herb Soul Seed will recognize her as its Master after consuming the Flying Corpse.

    "Of course, the Herb Soul Seed is loyal to you, just as I am," assured Cute Little Baby. Yun Jiuge carried a worried expression.

    If the Flying Corpse starts to recognize her as the Master in the presence of Qiu Sen and the disciples of the five sects, everyone will know that she is harboring a secret. Isn't she courting death?