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Chapter 315 – The Powerful Blue Sea Realm

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Zhao Jiutian’s scalp tingled and his face stiffened. Although he knew this matter would inevitably stir up great waves, he never thought that he had actually alarmed a master on this level already.

    Ming Siyuan. Within the Great Desolate Lake, he ranked among the top masters. His status was so high that it neared that husband and wife that ruled over all. Since he personally came here, he clearly wouldn’t give up so easily.

    Black Beibei quickly bowed. His voice was full of respect and reverence, awe thick in his eyes.

    “Black Beibei, you have handled things poorly and allowed the miss to encounter danger. After the competition ends, you will head to the Desolate Temple and receive punishment.”

    “Yes, Revered Ming.”

    Ming Siyuan looked up, his gaze not falling onto Zhao Jiutian. He lightly said, “Fellow daoist Yuan, since you’ve come, why not reveal yourself?”

    “Revered Ming, it’s only been dozens of years since we last met, yet your cultivation has risen once more. This brother feels nothing but deep admiration.” Yuan Tiangang stepped forwards on the void. Each step seemed casual and simple, but they actually caused ripples to appear in space.

    Ming Siyuan’s expression didn’t change. “Fellow daoist Yuan’s cultivation also leaves me in admiration. But, today your Cleansing Temple needs to give me an explanation.”

    In an instant, the void froze!

    It was like an invisible mountain was pressing down on the chests of all cultivators present, making it incomparably difficult to breathe. The cultivations from Cleansing Temple like Zhao Jiutian were all deathly pale. Their mouths had dropped open in panic and horror, none of them able to make a single sound.

    Yuan Tiangang laughed, “Revered Ming remains an honest and straightforward person. I’ll dispense with the small talk then. This matter was not done by us.” He landed beside Zhao Jiutian. It was like he stepped onto an icy lake, instantly smashing apart that frozen void.

    In this equally matched exchange, there were few cultivators on the field that could understand what had happened; Qin Yu was one of them. His expression was dignified and his heart was full of praise. With just a raise of the hand they were able to change the world’s rules, borrowing the strength of the world for oneself. The Blue Sea realm was truly worthy of being known as a boundary where one could turn a blue sea into a sand sea with just a single thought; it was a terrifying realm!

    If that girl White Fengfeng could bring in such a super powerhouse just because she encountered an accident, her identity and background were likely far more amazing than he had thought. Luckily, after his performance he had fled without hesitation, otherwise this Revered Ming might have already seen through him.

    Ming Siyuan’s eyes remained still. “Whether it is or isn’t, words alone are no guarantee.”

    Yuan Tiangang’s smile vanished. When he was smiling, he gave off a sense of majestic grandeur. But now, his expression was one of endless violence. “Revered Ming, can’t you take my words as evidence?”

    Ming Siyuan said, “If it were up to me, then fellow daoist Yuan’s words would be more than enough evidence. But today I am here representing the madam of the Great Desolate Lake. So, I must investigate this matter clearly. Otherwise I fear my family’s madam will personally visit you in the future.”

    A trace of dread flashed in Yuan Tiangang’s eyes. “Since Revered Ming is so insistent, then I will give you some face. Jiutian, be honest, did you do this or not?”

    Zhao Jiutian clenched his teeth and bowed, “Revered Yuan, I did have a subordinate who proposed for me to borrow the strength of the monster beasts in the wilderness to prevent White Fengfeng and her group from participating in the competition, but I explicitly rejected that.”

    Yuan Tiangang had no expression. “And who raised this suggestion to you? Where is he?”

    Zhao Jiutian respectfully responded. “It’s Zhao Fuyu. He was wounded so he’s recuperating in his dwelling.” He rejoiced that he had made preparations earlier, otherwise things would really have been troublesome today.

    Yuan Tiangang said, “Bring him here.”

    Ming Siyuan said, “Perhaps we should go over.”

    Yuan Tiangang replied, “Good, let us go as Revered Ming says.”

    Zhao Jiutian personally led the way. With loud rustling sounds all over, countless cultivators followed in tow. This was a confrontation between two Blue Sea realm supreme elders; it wasn’t often one could see something like this.

    The Southshine Nation officials seemed to have noticed earlier so they didn’t interfere at all, allowing the Great Desolate Lake and Cleansing Temple to do as they pleased. Zhao Fuyu’s residence wasn’t that far away and they soon arrived. Zhao Jiutian knocked on the door. Unfortunately, there was no response. His complexion changed and he clenched his teeth, then kicked down the door. No one was inside.

    His heart skipped a beat. Facing Yuan Tiangang’s icy cold gaze, Zhao Jiutian started to stream with sweat. “It’s impossible, he was just here…perhaps…perhaps something happened so he left for a moment…”

    Ming Siyuan’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. “You little thing, where do you think you’re running to?” He lifted a hand and grasped out. Heaven and earth spiritual strength wildly gathered, turning into a palm that flew out and grabbed a cultivator that was sneaking away, immediately pulling him in front. “Zhao Jiutian, is the subordinate you speak of this person?”

    Zhao Jiutian paled. Although he knew things weren’t going well he didn’t dare to deny. This was because it wasn’t a secret at all and could be found out with a brief investigation. He braced himself and nodded, “That’s right, it’s him.” He gnashed his teeth and roared, “Zhao Fuyu, where are you running to? Could you really have been the one who secretly tried to murder fellow daoist White Fengfeng!?”

    Zhao Fuyu’s face drained of color and filled with panic. “Master Jiutian, save me, save me! I did everything according to your orders! Now that there’s a problem you can’t ignore me!”

    Zhao Jiutian’s vision flashed black and he nearly stumbled to the ground. His first thought was: just who the hell is this bastard that he’s trying to harm me!

    “Shut up! Stop spouting nonsense. Since when did I order you to harm White Fengfeng and the others? Zhao Fuyu, think carefully before you speak. Remember that loose tongues can cause trouble!”

    Ming Siyuan swept his eyes around. “Are you threatening him in front of me?”

    Zhao Jiutian shook as if he had been struck by thunder. He hurriedly bowed, “This junior wouldn’t dare!”

    Ming Siyuan coldly snorted, “Zhao Fuyu, explain yourself.”

    Underneath that cold gaze, Zhao Fuyu shivered like a shaking sieve. “I have evidence, I have evidence!”

    He lifted a trembling hand and took out a handphone from his chest.

    He unlocked it, opened the photo app, found a recording file, and then opened it.

    A video immediately started to play on the handphone screen.

    In a dimly lit room, Zhao Jiutian passed a round object to a middle-aged cultivator. It wasn’t known what he said, but his cold gaze and posture clearly indicated that it wasn’t anything good.

    The video ended.

    Zhao Jiutian’s face was deathly pale. His eyes had popped open, full of disbelief.

    His brain was full of a single thought…how was this possible…how was this possible…?

    An icy cold light flashed in White Fengfeng’s eyes. She said, “Uncle Ming, what I have here is the mystic beast fodder medicine taken out from the hairpin I bought. The middle-aged cultivator in the video recording is the same person who sold me the hairpin.”

    Whoosh –

    The crowd began to restlessly stir. Their eyes towards Zhao Jiutian were filled with pity. At this point, even if he had a thousand mouths he wouldn’t have a chance to explain himself. Moreover, he couldn’t blame anyone at all. To even have something so confidential be recorded by others, even if he didn’t die he was just too stupid to live.

    Ming Siyuan narrowed his eyes. “Fellow daoist Yuan, is there anything else to say?”

    Yuan Tiangang was silent for a moment. Then he said, “I will interrogate him personally.”

    “Very well.”

    Ming Siyuan let go, allowing Zhao Fuyu to fall on the ground. But in the next moment, he immediately started running away.

    Yuan Tiangang was expressionless. He lifted a hand and thrust forwards, causing the void to freeze!

    The surrounding cultivators subconsciously widened their eyes and lifted their thumbs up in praise. To actually try to flee in the presence of a Blue Sea master, this person had no brains at all.

    But at this time, an accident occurred. The imprisoned Zhao Fuyu suddenly gushed out blood from every orifice of his head and his eyes lost their light.

    He died…

    This was a truly unexpected result!

    The entire area fell deathly silent. Then, all eyes subconsciously turned to Yuan Tiangang.

    He had openly killed someone to silence them!

    There was simply no need to think about it. This thought immediately leapt out from everyone’s hearts.

    Yuan Tiangang’s face darkened. He lifted a hand and pulled Zhao Fuyu’s corpse to his side. After probing with his divine sense, the coldness in his eyes deepened. This person truly had their organs crushed by a formidable strength and even their soul had been erased by some unexpected power. As for Yuan Tiangang, he just happened to possess a skill that could accomplish this while maintaining his composure.

    If so, then things really couldn’t be explained.

    Ming Siyuan’s expression sank. “Fellow daoist Yuan, what is the meaning behind this?”

    Yuan Tiangang drew in a deep breath. “Revered Ming, I cannot explain things clearly right now, but you must believe me when I say there is a plot behind all of this. Please give me some time to clearly investigate this matter.”

    Ming Siyuan said, “Fellow daoist Yuan, if you want to investigate then I won’t stop you, but you need to hand that junior over to me.”

    Zhao Jiutian, who had just been pointed at, suddenly felt fear course through him.

    Yuan Tiangang furrowed his eyebrows. “Revered Ming, I cannot agree to that.”

    Ming Siyuan said, “Is fellow daoist Yuan prepared to save him no matter the cost?”

    Yuan Tiangang replied, “I ask Revered Ming to give me some time.”

    Ming Siyuan took a step forward. “The dignity of the Great Desolate Lake’s young master cannot be provoked by anyone.”

    Bang –

    In that instant, the prestige of the Blue Sea realm swelled out in all directions like the tide. It was like the void had transformed into a raging sea with waves crashing all around. Heaven-shocking waves swirled about, releasing a strength that could destroy all.

    Yuan Tiangang sighed, “This isn’t what I hoped for, so I ask Revered Ming to excuse me.” His vision turned somber. His figure suddenly rose in everyone’s mind. He was like a divine mountain within the sea, unable to be shaken no matter what storm struck it.

    The surrounding crowd emitted cries of alarm. As people drew back in distress they didn’t forget to take out their handphones and excitedly open their photo apps. This was a battle between Blue Sea realm supreme elders! Being able to witness this event was something they would be able to boast about for years to come. Of course, it was also important to take a picture. They needed one to circulate amongst their friend circles and brag about.

    Qin Yu was mixed within the crowd. He looked around and saw the happy and excited expressions of everyone and secretly thought that they were being happy a bit too soon. Unless the Southshine Nation officials didn’t plan on letting the competition proceed as scheduled, they absolutely wouldn’t allow two Blue Sea realm super powerhouses to freely battle upon the field.

    As expected, just as Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang’s auras began to rise and space shook, on the verge of collapse, a figure appeared on the field without warning.

    “Revered Ming, Revered Yuan, I am overjoyed that you chose to personally attend. But since tomorrow is the day of the competition, I ask that you two be considerate and not make things too difficult for me.” A blue-robed cultivator appeared with a happy smile on his face. However, at this time, no one could ignore this cultivator who had suddenly intervened.

    Upon initial discovery, this person’s aura didn’t seem powerful at all. But upon further exploration, one found that after this person appeared, there seemed to be an additional net between the heavens and earth, a net that dragged everyone within. At this time they might not be able to feel the might of this net, but once it tightened, there was no one that would be able to escape.

    This person was an Exalted of the Southshine Nation’s imperial court, Yun Yilan!