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Chapter 316 – Reincarnated Deva

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Ming Siyuan frowned. After a brief silence he slowly restrained his aura. “Exalted Yun, I may have been rash today, but since this is an order personally passed down from my family’s madam, I won’t give up on it.” He swept an icy cold gaze over Zhao Jiutian and then cupped his hands together. “Young master, let’s go.”

    White Fengfeng nodded. She put on a stern face and walked away. The surrounding crowd fell back, opening a path, awe in their eyes.

    When this little girl put on airs, she really did seem intimidating.

    Yuan Tiangang forced a smile. He cupped his hands together and said, “Exalted Yun, I was the one being unreasonable today, so I thank you for helping me break the standstill.”

    Yun Yilan smiled. “You two stopped to give me face, but I believe Revered Yuan should deal with this matter as soon as possible.” He nodded and stepped away, disappearing in a flash.

    Yuan Tiangang’s eyes frosted over. “Zhao Jiutian, come with me!” He didn’t forget to take away Zhao Fuyu’s corpse. Since he had inexplicably fallen for someone’s trap, he naturally wouldn’t eat this loss and not do anything about it.

    The Southshine Nation had constructed many temporary wooden houses in the surrounding field. Yuan Yiangang pushed open a door, with Zhao Jiutian following close behind. Once they entered, Zhao Jiutian plopped to his knees, his body shivering.

    Yun Tiangang didn’t even glance at him. He sat down, closing his eyes in contemplation for a long time. Then, he opened them, a cold light erupting from his pupils. “Zhao Jiutian, I will only ask you this one time. Are you the one who planted the mystic beast fodder medicine?”

    Zhao Jiutian shook his head repeatedly. “Revered Yuan, please understand, although I have no talent, I still have a bit of intelligence. Why would I try to kill White Fengfeng and the others? This must be some sort of plot. Perhaps the Great Desolate Lake schemed this play all on their own so they could open up a chance to cause trouble for my Cleansing Temple.”

    Yuan Tiangang coldly sneered. “The protection of god appeared, meaning that the White Family girl must have encountered some life or death peril. That husband and wife couple from the Great Desolate Lake would never do something like that.” His fingers twisted together, his gaze becoming increasingly cold. “I don’t believe you have the courage to do it. But with your stupidity, it's completely impossible to explain what happened. Zhao Jiutian, the mistakes you’ve made have caused great damage to the overall plan. If you can smoothly win this competition, there might be a favorable turn for you. But if you don’t you should understand what sort of fate awaits.”

    Zhao Jiutian started to stream sweat. “Revered Yun, please rest assured that I will do everything in my power to win!”

    On another side, the people from the Great Desolate Lake were settling themselves.

    Ming Siyuan’s complexion was still faint, but there was a bit more warmth in his eyes. “Young master, you’ve caused too much trouble this time. If there was a problem, I’m afraid even the sky would have collapsed.”

    “Uncle Ming, aren’t they fine?” Without any outsiders here, White Fengfeng immediately dropped her haughty and aloof appearance. She pouted, “That bastard Zhao Jiutian, he actually wanted to kill someone as beautiful and cute as me. It’s unforgivable!”

    Black Beibei’s lips twitched. Of course, he wouldn’t bother disputing this right now.

    Ming Siyuan seemed to already be accustomed to this. His expression didn’t change as he said, “This matter might not be because of Cleansing Temple.”

    White Fengfeng’s eyes widened, her face sweet and naïve.

    Ming Siyuan shook his head. “There is no need for you to worry about this again. I will personally investigate this matter myself. If there is someone deliberately trying to inflame our relationship with Cleansing Temple…” Though he didn’t finish speaking, the sharp light in his eyes was more than enough to indicate his attitude. He restrained the killing intent in his heart and asked, “You still haven’t told me. Beneath the killing trap of the mystic beast fodder medicine, how did you manage to withdraw?”

    White Fengfeng proudly thrust out her chest. “It’s all the hard work of my Big Brother Baoyu!”

    Ming Siyuan frowned. His eyes fell onto Black Beibei.

    Black Beibei protested in his heart. With Senior Baoyu’s warning fresh in his mind, he didn’t dare to say anything. But if he didn’t, then with Revered Ming’s temper, he would surely flay a few layers of skin from his body. At that time he really would be miserable.

    Feeling Revered Ming’s eyes becoming increasingly cold, Black Beibei braced himself and said, “Reporting to Revered Ming, Fengfeng is correct. The reason we survived is because Senior Baoyu acted to save us. But before he left, he warned us to not reveal this to anyone.”

    White Fengfeng’s eyes widened and she suddenly cheered. “I knew that my Big Brother Baoyu was the strongest. Compared to this Black Beibei or whatever, he is countless times stronger! And, you despicable Black Beibei, how dare you try and deceive me? Hurry up and tell me where my Big Brother Baoyu went!”

    Glancing at the threatening White Fengfeng, Black Beibei nearly cried. Little granny, shouldn’t you be helping me out right now?

    Ming Siyuan’s eyes narrowed. “Baoyu…Black Beibei, tell me everything you know.”

    Black Beibei opened his mouth but couldn’t speak a single word of refusal. He could only put on a sad face and clearly describe the day’s events in detail.

    White Fengfeng heard about Qin Yu revealing his invincible prestige and wildly slaughtering the swarm of monster beasts, finally managing to intimidate them away with his strength alone. Her eyes sparkled like stars as her worship of him only increased.

    Ming Siyuan revealed a dignified expression. “Are you saying that even though he only has a Nascent Soul cultivation, he could erupt with a Divine Soul level combat strength and in the last clash of supernatural skills, even block the Beheading Blood Light and cause a backlash that killed the blood eye beheading ape?”

    Black Beibei nodded. “Yes.”

    Ming Siyuan was silent for a long time. He finally said, “Black Beibei, the things you told me today, you must not mention to anyone else. Do you understand?”

    Such a serious tone…Black Beibei was startled. He nodded repeatedly, his complexion paling even further and his lips twisting with regret.

    White Fengfeng blinked, “Uncle Ming, what are you saying?”

    Ming Siyuan thought a bit. “Young master, can you tell me for what reason you decided to be so close to a stranger you had only seen twice?”

    White Fengfeng bit her nails, earnestly thinking about the reason. “Ah…I know. At first glance I instantly thought that Brother Baoyu was a very, very good person, so I wanted to be friends with him. Then, the longer I was with him for, the better I thought he was. At the very least he’s 100,000 times better than this cousin of mine!”

    The sad Brother Black was stabbed with another spear, his face full of tears.

    Ming Siyuan let out a light breath. “If miss has such a feeling, then it shouldn’t be wrong.” He thought about it and decided to inform them of the situation. This was to prevent these two children from randomly blurting something out and stirring up even more trouble. “Young master, if I’m not wrong, then fellow daoist Baoyu should be a reincarnated person. Before he entered the Divine Soul realm, he managed to awaken his consciousness. Unless he had a heaven defying stroke of good fortune, he should have carried his memories into samsara with him. The former possibility is so minor it's almost negligible, thus the greatest possibility is that…this fellow daoist Baoyu must have been one of the most peak characters in the world in his previous life.”

    He didn’t speak too clearly, but with White Fengfeng and Black Beibei’s status, they had the qualifications to come into contact with some of the deepest secrets of this world. For instance, reincarnation through samsara.

    In truth, all living beings had a past life. It was just that their spirit marks were all washed clean as they passed through samsara, and all their previous memories vanished along with them. However, if a person’s cultivation was powerful enough in their previous life, then once they stepped into the Divine Soul realm in their new life and opened their soul space, there was a chance that they could awake some of the fragmented memories of their past life.

    These were often some of the greatest obsessions and most persevering memories of their past life. It might cause a great change in one’s personality, or they could even inherit some memories that made them incomparably powerful.

    And in samsara, there were extremely special and extremely unique existences that consciously chose to reincarnate. In this kind of reincarnation, they could even designate which body they ended up in. This involved the strength of samsara and the rules of the Great Dao. The difficulty of this was unimaginably difficult, but once they succeeded, the harvests were equally astonishing.

    This was because after reincarnation, from the moment they were born, they would possess all the memories of their past life and also the excellent body they chose beforehand. They could grow in a short period of time, soon arriving at the realm they had reached in their previous life and even ascending to more powerful boundaries. This sort of samsara was known as the deva reincarnation. And anyone that could be called a deva had to be at least at the Calamity Immortal realm!

    A cultivator cultivated in order to defy the heavens and change their life. With each step they took forward they would grow increasingly powerful. After Nascent Soul was the Divine Soul, where the soul was awakened. After Divine Soul was Blue Sea, where one could control the rules. And after Blue Sea was the Calamity Immortal realm! Those at this boundary could be called immortals. They were at the last level before they ascended up into the Heavenly Dao. If they could pass the three disasters, five calamities, and ten tribulations without falling, they could then rise into the transcendent Great Dao.

    Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, things related to the transcendent Great Dao only appeared in fables. In vast empires, even those Great Emperors that used the destiny of their nations to resist the Heavenly Dao only had a cultivation at the Calamity Immortal realm.

    In other words, within the Land of Divinity and Demons the Calamity Immortal realm was a peak existence!

    Black Beibei was stunned, a dazed expression on his face. Although he had suspected this before, once it was confirmed by Revered Ming, the difference was like night and day.

    Calamity Immortal… Calamity Immortal…

    These two words struck his ears like endless heavenly thunder, crashing into his mind with loud cracks and shredding apart all his thoughts. Even breathing became difficult.

    That brat White Fengfeng, she was also left stunned in disbelief. But, she managed to regain her composure in a short period of time and her eyes brightened. She screamed, “Calamity Immortal, my Big Brother Baoyu is a Calamity Immortal! Hahahaha! My Big Brother Baoyu is a Calamity Immortal! Let’s see who dares to bully me now! From now on, I have the qualifications to go where I want!”

    Black Beibei was awakened from his trance by a wild cackling. His lips twitched and he wanted to mock her, but when he remembered how Senior Baoyu had glanced at White Fengfeng before he left, he didn’t dare to say anything again.

    Ming Siyuan said in a low voice. “Enough, I’m only making a guess and it's impossible to determine anything right now. But let me tell you something. All of you must remember to not tell this matter to anyone. Black Beibei, go and tell those two Jiang Family juniors that they had best forget this matter.” His voice deepened further, “A body that might be the reincarnated form of a Calamity Immortal will inevitably draw many covetous eyes. I shouldn’t need to warn any of you of the inconceivable consequences that would occur if news of this were to leak out.”

    There were some words he didn’t say. If a great uproar was whipped up, with the methods of a reincarnated Calamity Immortal, fleeing wouldn’t be difficult. But he would inevitably bear a grudge towards the Great Desolate Lake. If they were targeted by such a powerful character, even the formidable Great Desolate Lake would find it hard to escape destruction.

    White Fengfeng nodded, looking like a chicken pecking rice. Then, she seemed to think of something. She turned and ruthlessly said, “You surnamed Black, you’re the type that likes to blabber on as soon as you take a sip of wine. It's best for you to give up wine from now on out. If you dare to say a single word, I’ll make sure the rest of your days are as dark as night!”

    Black Beibei’s eyes became wet with tears…you brat, I’m your cousin, your real cousin!