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Chapter 237 - Cannot move

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 237: Cannot move

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    Xiao Luo was in a dilemma—kill Hei Lang or allow Bai Ling to be killed? This was the ultimatum from Long Sankui.

    Could he put Bai Ling’s life at risk?

    Xiao Luo couldn’t do it. Although the two of them had only known one another for a short time, to watch Bai Ling die because of him was something he could not bear.

    Xiou Luo’s expression changed, and the wrath in his eyes was no more. When Hei Lang noticed this, his fighting spirit instantly returned, and he became fearless once more. A madness took him, and he broke into a burst of deranged laughter. Suddenly he did not even feel the pain of losing his arm.

    “Every man has a weakness. I now see that she is yours.”

    Hei Lang said in a vicious tone, as he slowly picked himself up. He plodded toward Xiao Luo, staring at him with his dark, cold eyes. Then without any warning, he stabbed swiftly at Xiao Luo with the dagger in his hand.

    Xiao Luo instantly slapped the knife-hand aside and grabbed Hei Lang’s wrist, locking it with his fingers like a steel vice. The dagger was still in Hei Lang’s hand, but he could do nothing with it.


    Just at that moment, he heard another painful cry from Bai Ling. The man that was holding on to her had stabbed the back of her shoulders this time. The intense pain made the girl turn pale, and tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed uncontrollably.

    Xiao Luo pointed his nine-ringed sword directly at Long Sankui. A bright glint reflected off the sword. The blade was well forged and honed to a keen edge. Even blood simply slid off its polished surface. Holding the sword aloft, Xiao Luo roared angrily, “Long Sankui, if you are a man, then you will release that girl and get your best men to come for me instead.”

    Long Sankui laughed coldly and said: “Hahaha! I am going to kill you. If you don’t want the girl to die, then you better stand still there and not resist!”

    Xiao Luo’s heart was seething with anger. He could only stare back coldly at Long Sankui.

    Xiao Luo let go of Hei Lang. Hei Lang’s face was contorted with raging fury, and he stabbed fiercely at Xiao Luo again.

    Xiao Luo instinctively dodged the dagger but did not strike back.


    He heard Bai Ling’s muffled scream again, more desperately this time. The mean-looking man stabbed Bai Ling once again in her right shoulder. He knew exactly what he was doing and took care not to allow the knife to penetrate too deeply. His job was to use Bai Ling as leverage to get Xiao Luo to bow to their demands. She would be useless to them if she was dead.

    Although it was a superficial wound, Bai Ling was still in very much pain, and almost lost her consciousness. She was soaked in blood, and her clothes were stained a bright red.

    “You little rotten pr*ck, you must be f*cking deaf. I’m telling you to stand still, but you are still moving around. Do I need to repeat myself again?” Long Sankui sneered wickedly.

    All Xiao Luo wanted to do was to cut that man up into seven or eight pieces, but seeing Bai Ling in such a state, he finally gave in to Long Sankui’s demands.

    “Okay, as you wish, then!”

    He lowered the nine-ringed sword, pointing it to the ground. But, his intention was not to surrender; he was merely waiting for an opportunity to make his move.

    Hei Lang grinned with malice and stabbed hard into Xiao Luo’s left shoulder. There was a squelchy sound as the blade plunged into his flesh, and blood began to ooze from the wound. Xiao Luo’s eyebrows knitted in pain.

    “Didn’t you say that I could not hurt you anymore? Then what is this now, huh?”

    Hei Lang was laughing in a sinister way, half in arrogance and the other in a dull pain from his left arm. “Relax, I won’t kill you. Your life will be taken by the Dragon Lord. I will merely torture you slowly!”

    Both his eyes widened excitedly with bloodlust. His mind had descended into a dark madness.

    Xiao Luo’s mouth curled up into a half-smile, and he gazed right at Hei Lang, showing no emotion whatsoever.

    The look enraged Hei Lang even more. His face suddenly turned even darker. He tried to pull the dagger out from Xiao Luo’s shoulder to continue stabbing him a few more times, but the blade would not budge! No matter how hard he pulled, he was unable to extract it.

    “What are you doing?” Hei Lang growled loudly.

    “Fool, it has grown into my flesh.”

    Xiao Luo had used his mighty internal power to hold the dagger in. Hei Lang, having lost an arm, had bled out a lot, but he would not have been able to pull it out even under normal circumstances.

    Xiao Luo’s mockery was not lost on Hei Lang. Yet, try as he might, he could not dislodge the blade despite countless attempts. In anger and frustration, he kicked Xiao Luo’s abdomen repeatedly.

    Xiao Luo’s shifted internal power toward his abdomen, and when Hei Lang’s right foot slammed into it, it was repelled with great force, like an exploding grenade. Hei Lang howled in pain as his right foot was thrown back violently. The bone on his right leg was broken in several places, and he lay shaking on the floor, screaming in pain.

    “Damn it you little b*stard, do you really want her to die?” Long Sankui roared, as he pointed at Bai Ling.

    “F*ck your mother, did I f*cking move?”

    No matter how calm Xiao Luo’s temperament was, he couldn’t help but swear when he became furious. But whenever he cursed, he always had on an impassive expression, and seldom gave others the impression that he was cursing.

    Long Sankui was taken aback for a moment, then laughed, “Alright, alright, alright. I have wronged you!”

    Long Sankui glanced at one of his elite guards. The man then strode towards Xiao Luo, brimming with animosity and his intentions crystal clear.


    The man, clad in black, yelled aggressively and rushed in. With the long knife in his hand, he slashed across Xiao Luo’s back.


    A gaping wound opened up on Xiao Luo’s back. Blood spilled, and a sudden pain shot up to his brain. Xiao Luo’s body trembled, and as he tried to hold his composure, a painful grunt escaped from his throat.

    “Hmm, hmmph… hmmph”

    Bai Ling was desperately trying to say something to Xiao Luo, but her gag prevented any words. She had just wanted to find Mie and did not expect to be the cause of Xiao Luo’s predicament. How did things progress to this instead?


    Another slash and another wound gouged into Xiao Luo’s body. Blood flowed from the injuries, and Xiao Luo’s clothes were soaked red.


    Another elite guard now took his turn. He stabbed Xiao Luo in the back, careful not to kill him. Just as Hei Lang had said, Xiao Luo’s life should be taken by Long Sankui, so the blow avoided all the vital spots.


    Xiao Luo groaned. His face had become pale, and he coughed painfully. Xiao Luo was bleeding badly and losing blood, staggering, he kneeled on the ground.


    Bai Ling’s muffled cry was in vain, and no one would help Xiao Luo. Her heart was bleeding out for him as she shed tears uncontrollably.

    “Why was it like this?”

    “Xiao Luo, hurry up and fight back!”

    So many thoughts were running through Bai Ling’s mind. The trauma to both body and spirit was too much to bear; she finally succumbed, falling to the floor unconscious.

    Believing the threat was over, the man left Bai Ling lying on the floor and did not pay her any more attention. She would not be needed any longer as leverage against Xiao Luo. He wouldn’t be able to resist after what he had just been through.

    Long Sankui could not hide his joy. He gave no attention to Bai Ling, and looking at Xiao Luo, he sneered, “Little rotten pr*ck, look at you now. Just like a dead dog, killing you would be easier than killing an ant. Why do you still bother putting up a fight?”

    “Sorry, I have to let you down!”

    Xiao Luo raised his head, and a devilish grin flashed across his face.

    His internal energy exploded, and the dagger sticking out of his left shoulder was released. Grabbing it quickly, he threw it at the man standing next to Bai Ling.


    The dagger flew at an incredible pace in a straight trajectory and thumped into his head. The knife lodged in his forehead, and the man slumped to the ground. He did not even make a sound.