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Chapter 531 - The Tumor Is Gradually Shrinking!

Medical Master
     Chapter 531 The Tumor Is Gradually Shrinking!

    Everyone looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.

    No one expected that Fang Qiu even dared to agree to such a condition.

    Could he shrink the tumor little by little?

    If he could do that, it would shock the entire country!

    However, could he really do that?

    On the stage, Fang Qiu was full of confidence.

    In fact, this reporter had really come up with a good idea for him.

    Fang Qiu never came up with a way about how to prove that Qi really existed in front of everyone. He had also reckoned for a long time for this matter.

    That was why he would take the initiative to ask about how to prove it.

    But he didn’t expect that this reporter’s method of proving actually solved his problem.

    Fang Qiu said with a smile, “Well, I’ll start to treat the second patient.”

    “Now, there are still two patients.” Li Huawen continued, “So, let’s ask this reporter who put forward this question to choose a patient.”

    “I choose the third one.” The reporter didn’t hesitate at all and immediately said, “Mr. Cao.”

    Upon hearing that, everyone nodded in succession.

    Fang Qiu nodded. “All right.”

    At this time, Mr. Cao was sitting on a chair off the stage.

    His eyes were full of hope as he looked at Fang Qiu.

    He was severely tortured by the disease. Actually, he was ready to sit back and wait for death, but he didn’t expect to learn on TV that there was such a person who could cure cancer.

    When he learned of the appearance of this person, the hope of surviving was rekindled in his heart.

    Therefore, he made every effort to contact Fang Qiu and asked him to treat him, but he couldn’t get in touch with Fang Qiu. In the end, he could only find the TV station.

    After knowing the purpose of his visit, Director Li Huawen kept his contact number.

    Yesterday, he received a phone call from Director Li Huawen.

    He came and successfully became a patient for Fang Qiu.

    Especially when he saw Fang Qiu cure the first patient right in front of him, the excitement in his heart was beyond words.

    After waiting for so long, it was finally his turn!

    Fang Qiu said, “Mr. Cao, please come on the stage.”

    Mr. Cao immediately stood up and went to the stage without hesitation.

    When he came to the stage, Fang Qiu said with a smile, “Relax and lie down, please.”

    Mr. Cao immediately lay on the bed.

    “In order to prove the existence of Qi to everyone, the treatment may last for a long while. But I can guarantee that it will never affect the treatment result.” Fang Qiu comforted him.

    Mr. Cao nodded with understanding.

    “Then, I’ll start.” Fang Qiu took a deep breath after glancing at the 100 reporters under the stage and then looked at the live camera again. Then he slowly raised his hand and gently pressed it on Mr. Cao’s liver.

    Seeing this, no one under the stage dared to make a sound to disturb him.

    All the people stared straight at the stage.

    Meanwhile, the people who were watching the live broadcast on the Internet began to discuss wildly again.

    “He can’t do such a thing, can he?”

    “How can he shrink the tumor in such a short time when it can’t even be seen?”

    “It will even take a few hours for it to recover after someone was bitten by a mosquito, let alone a tumor.”

    “That’s right. I feel that Fang Qiu is a little overconfident this time.”

    “I just want to know how he’s going to shrink the tumor little by little. It’s not like he performs the surgery. How could there be a method that a tumor could be shrunk bit by bit?”

    In the discussion of everyone, time passed by.

    Soon, ten minutes passed.

    “Stop!” In the conference room, a shout was heard.

    Just as everyone tried to control themselves and didn’t dare to make a sound, the reporter who had asked Fang Qiu to shrink the tumor little by little suddenly stood up and shouted.

    Hearing the man’s voice, Fang Qiu, who was treating the patient, suddenly opened his eyes and withdrew his mental power and internal Qi into his body. Then he withdrew his hand and took a step back.

    In the hospital bed, Mr. Cao, who was about to fall asleep, woke up as well.

    “Time’s up.” Under the stage, the reporter opened his mouth and said, “Your first treatment took 45 minutes, so in order to prove the existence of Qi you mentioned, I must check once every 10 minutes to confirm whether the tumor in the patient’s body will shrink every 10 minutes.”

    “All right.” Although there was no discussion before, Fang Qiu was also prepared for it since he agreed to his condition.

    However, thinking about it carefully, it seemed that it was the first time that he was interrupted when he was treating patients.

    Director Li Huawen said, “Then, a hundred media reporters, please go with Mr. Cao to have an X-ray inspection.”

    Upon hearing that, all the reporters stood up and accompanied Mr. Cao to take an X-ray.

    In the conference room, Fang Qiu was still standing on the stage.

    “Will it work?” Director Li Huawen stepped forward and whispered in Fang Qiu’s ear.

    Although he had personally seen Fang Qiu’s strength, he still couldn’t help but be a little worried about such a condition about shrinking the tumor little by little. He didn’t know if Fang Qiu could do it or not.

    Fang Qiu said with a smile, “No problem.”

    Hearing Fang Qiu’s answer, Li Huawen breathed a sigh of relief. “Great.”

    A hundred people followed the patient to the room for the CT.

    The examination rooms here were all prepared for this activity because they had already discussed it with the hospital in advance. There was no need to line up at all. And there was no one other than the relevant people in the surrounding area.

    It was still the doctor who helped the last patient do a physical examination.

    “So fast?” Seeing the patient come over for an examination, the doctor immediately said in surprise, “The last patient was cured a while ago. It’s only been more than ten minutes, and now another one has been cured?”

    “No, I don’t.” As soon as he said that, Mr. Cao immediately explained the situation.

    After knowing what was going on, the doctor took the patient for examination.

    One minute later, the patient finished taking an X-ray.

    A group of people had waited outside the door for about five minutes.

    The doctor came out with the X-ray in his hand.

    “Doctor, how is it going?” the patient asked.

    “Not bad.” The doctor nodded immediately, holding the X-ray in one hand. “What I hold in my left hand is the X-ray you took for your first examination. In my right hand is the X-ray that you just took. From the test results of these, your tumor did shrink a little, but it is not very obvious.”

    As the patient heard this, he got excited immediately.

    The one hundred media reporters present were very surprised.

    They didn’t expect that Fang Qiu really did it.

    Although the extent was not obvious, the tumor did shrink.

    As they were full of surprise, everyone followed the patients back to the conference room.

    Seeing the looks on everyone’s faces when they came back, Fang Qiu immediately chuckled on the stage.

    “Mr. Cao, let’s continue.” Without asking for the result, Fang Qiu asked the patient to come on the stage with confidence and told him to lie down again.

    The one hundred media reporters didn’t speak and continued to watch Fang Qiu’s treatment quietly.

    Soon, another ten minutes passed.

    “Stop!” It was still the same reporter and the stopping sound was still on time.

    Once again, they accompanied the patient to take the X-ray.

    A few minutes later, the result came out.

    Compared with the result of the first medical examination, the tumor in the patient’s body was obviously much smaller. After careful comparison, this size was probably reduced to about one-third of its original size!

    Getting this result, the reporter who proposed this method questioned again.

    However, this time, he was not questioning Fang Qiu, but the doctor who took the X-ray.

    The reporter asked, “Doctor, is it possible that the different direction of the X-ray would lead to different results?”

    “It’s possible.” The doctor nodded and said, “But I can assure you that the direction of each X-ray of this patient is the same, and it has never changed.”

    The reporter asked again, “Then, is it possible that the test result of the first examination is wrong and what is taken this time is actually the correct one?”

    “Well, this…” The doctor thought for a moment and said, “Generally speaking, it won’t.”

    “That is to say, there is a possibility?”

    Speaking of this, the reporter smiled and returned to the conference room with the patient and other reporters.

    Although his incisive questions made many people who were watching the live broadcast puzzled, many of the reporters still had the same idea as him. They still felt that Fang Qiu didn’t have this kind of ability and believed that it was probably because of the angle and other problems.

    Of course, there were also a lot of people who were watching the live broadcast thinking the same thing.

    However, Fang Qiu couldn’t hear these doubts at all. Even if he could, it didn’t affect him at all.

    He was only used to speaking with his own strength!

    Fang Qiu continued the treatment.

    In the blink of an eye, another ten minutes elapsed.

    After a rough calculation, it had been 30 minutes.

    This time, Fang Qiu stopped on time without waiting for the reporter to tell him.

    All the reporters took the patients to take another X-ray for examination again.

    When they got the result, all the people present couldn’t help marveling at it.

    This time, the tumor really became smaller. And the extent of shrinking was much bigger than the last time. Compared with the first time, this time it was directly reduced to one-half of its original size, and there was only half left!

    After learning about this result, the reporters who had been questioning for a long time no longer spoke.

    Obviously, Fang Qiu had already fulfilled his request.

    The other reporters were the same as him. No one spoke. When they returned to the conference room, they looked at Fang Qiu on the stage with amazement in their eyes!

    Fang Qiu continued his treatment.

    Ten minutes passed.

    This time, it seemed to be a few seconds in advance when Fang Qiu stopped.

    Once again, they took the patient to have the examination.

    But this time, when the result came out, the 100 reporters on the spot, as well as the patient himself, were all dumbfounded!

    “The tumor disappeared!” The doctor held up the X-ray and announced the result.

    Not only the reporters on the scene but also those who were watching the live broadcast were shocked at this moment!

    “What the fuck, what did I just see?”

    “It actually disappeared?”

    “Wasn’t there still half left just now? Why did it just disappear all of a sudden?”

    “Is this a miracle?”

    In the heated discussion of countless netizens, the one hundred reporters on the scene rushed back to the conference room one after another. They wanted to ask Fang Qiu what was going on!