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Chapter 194 - Ah, Su Cha, You’ve Become Bad!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 194: Ah, Su Cha, You’ve Become Bad!

    Most of the fans were still at peace but the discussions outside were more intense.

    Every contestant in this season does not seem simple, especially this Su Cha…

    I like Mona better, I don’t know who owed this Su Cha 5 million, she’s so capable yet doesn’t care for people around her!

    Reasonably speaking, I think Su Cha’s stage presence is quite good, and she’s quite adorable on stage? Her last love song was explosively cute, this can be considered reversed cutesy right?

    Oh, I think she must have had cosmetic surgery

    Why does everyone talk about Su Cha but not Jin Mou? Jin Mou is also very cold…

    I’m taking my Jin Mou without saying anything, please don’t drag others down together!

    I think this woman’s fame is quite something!

    Talking about Su Cha, must whatever this Dong Yishan says be the truth? In any case, Su Cha is the champion, her singing is amazing, she has great hard power, it’s not something this group of peasants can step on!

    By this time, most of the contestants were on the Internet to check each other’s standings. After all, Yonggu Town’s district was not outstanding.

    But signs of fanbases tearing each other apart had already started to appear.

    Passerbys, fans and haters were caught in a messy war. Even at this time and although Jin Mou said that she liked Su Cha, the fans who supported her didn’t seem to.

    Because of Dong Yishan’s words, many audience members dragged Jin Mou down, saying she was similar to Su Cha, which made fans uncomfortable.

    At this time, there were still not too many fans speaking out. Including Su Cha’s fans, who did not stand out to defend her.

    Su Cha’s strength was very great. Her natural singing skill was outstanding among the contestants. If her hard power was strong, the fans of other contestants would see and they understood in their hearts and inevitably felt conflicted.

    After all, she was the rival of their idols.

    Le Anqi was angered upon seeing this, and spoke up for Su Cha while on live broadcast, expressing, “Our Su Cha is dazzling!”

    Although her fans expressed support, her live broadcast was picked out by other contestants. Seeing her stand up for Su Cha, they felt that she was targeting Dong Yishan. For a time, Dong Yishan’s fans quarreled with Le Anqi.

    Dong Yishan’s fanbase was not able to do anything to Le Anqi now. Le Anqi also fanned the flames among her fans. These few days before the finals had even begun, the district’s forum was already banned from the official website.

    In addition to a few popular regions, this year Yonggu Town district was the first to be banned.

    Le Anqi also called Su Cha to notify her. After Su Cha found out, she expressed her disagreement. “Anqi, you are too impulsive. I know you did it for me, but you have to remember that you are now participating in the program. To enter the entertainment world, you can’t take action for this kind of thing on your own, people can screenshot this and put you to death in the future.”

    Su Cha had never been in the circle before, but the strategies she learned in the court could not be compared to these people. Especially for Le Anqi in such a public place in the group, with just a screenshot, her life might turn upside down.

    “I know I know, I used my own subaccounts, not many fans know it is me.”

    Le Anqi was still witty, Su Cha directly replied, “As long as someone knows there is a risk.”

    Not many. But that is also a few.

    Le Anqi stuck out her tongue over the phone, and seemed to be able to imagine Su Cha frowning. “But Su Cha, you said you can’t take action on your own, would we have to become fish in muddy water? Ah, Su Cha, you’ve become bad!”

    Su Cha: “…”

    She felt that Le Anqi’s language standards were not very good.