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Chapter 274 - Are You Coming Home Tonight?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 274: Are You Coming Home Tonight?

    Huo Beichen, clad in a full suit, was standing at the exit with a hand in his pocket while another was holding a bouquet of roses.

    The crimson red roses and his black suit were like a striking contrast in color, pulling the attention of everyone who walked by.

    Not only that, but the man himself was quite a looker…

    Ning Meng's steps got slower as she got drew closer to the exit. She felt as though a flower was about to bloom on her chest at any second now…

    Putting a hand on her chest, a smile was curved upon her face as the pupils in her eyes dilated. God, who was following her from behind, saw the blooming joy and love on his Sis Ning Meng's face.

    Lowering his head, God grieved for the impossible odds of him winning his sis over. Still, there was a hint of a smile on his lips too.

    Sis was happy when she saw Bro, so, that meant that Bro was treating her right.

    God raised his head and spoke. "Sis, I'll go meet up with CM's manager and get a taxi. I'll head to the club with him right away."

    Ning Meng nodded her head before pulling her luggage, which had somehow become not as heavy as before, and skipped chipperly toward Huo Beichen.

    Upon seeing her, the man lowered his head and took a good look at her face.

    It had been 3 days since they had last met. Ning Meng had not thought that she would miss him that much.

    Ning Meng smiled. "Hi, handsome~ You look like one of my relatives~"

    Huo Beichen responded in a doting voice. "Who?"

    "My dad's son-in-law."


    Looking aside, a smile crept on Huo Beichen's face. Then, he turned toward Ning Meng and looked at her with his obsidian eyes, extracting the hand that was inside his pocket to grab the luggage from her hands.

    Pulling the luggage, Huo Beichen presented the bouquet of roses to Ning Meng. "Missus Huo, shall we?"

    Receiving the flowers, Ning Meng nodded her head. "Okay, let's go."

    Both of them walked side-by-side toward the car park. Upon seeing his boss, the chauffeur greeted them politely before depositing the luggage into the car trunk.

    While waiting for him to put the luggage into the car trunk, Ning Meng and Huo Beichen stood next to the car.

    Ning Meng mischievously nudged her shoulder against his. When he lowered his head to look at her, Ning Meng giggled at him.

    She looked so happy and naive.

    Huo Beichen glanced at the chauffeur, and upon seeing that the latter was still storing the luggage, he gently pushed Ning Meng forward, pinning her in between him and the car before lowering his head to place a tender kiss on her forehead.

    Gazing at the handsome, refined face in front of her, Ning Meng bit her lowered lips before giggling again.


    The car trunk was shut tight, and Huo Beichen immediately took a step back, standing straight.

    The chauffeur walked toward the driver seat, already prepared to get to work when he saw both of them were still standing next to the car.


    Confused, the chauffeur asked, "Mr. and Mrs. Huo, why aren't you in the car yet?"

    Hearing this, Huo Beichen seemed to recall something and opened the door for his lady.

    After Ning Meng had gotten into the car, the glittering light in Huo Beichen's obsidian eyes started to dim down.

    8 years ago… he did have a similar experience like this with her as well…

    That day… the sun had been blazing in the sky, shining its rays into the classroom.

    Upon seeing their homeroom teacher turned toward the blackboard, Ning Meng's fingers had been locked with his as he shielded her behind his huge figure…

    When the teacher turned his head, both of them had quickly sat up straight in their seats.

    The girl's mocked serious face… it looked exactly like hers right now.

    It had been years, but she had not changed one bit.

    Closing his eyes, Huo Beichen asked, "So, are you coming home tonight?"