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Chapter 238 - Blood battle

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 238: Blood battle

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    Xiao Luo smiled viciously. His body sun round and a mighty luster shone from the tip of his nine-ringed knife. He slashed at the rainy scene and air around him. The dozen or so black dressed man who were originally surrounding him began to scream and fell to the ground. Their bodies were almost cut into two, and bright red bloodied water flooded the surface of the ground.


    The gruesome and cruel laughter exploded from the tip of his tongue. Xiao Luo was like a supernatural being as he rushed forth with his nine-ringed knife. The remaining thirty or forty men in black were like a group of lambs waiting to be slaughtered. All they could see was the knife flashing in front of them before their chests or necks were cut open. Fresh blood surged through the air and the pungent smell of blood rushed to their nose.

    In an instance, all the people dressed in black were no longer standing.

    In the yard of the villa, there were corpses everywhere. The water on the ground had already turned blood red and with the raindrops hitting the ground, the surface began to form blood bubbles. It was like a pool of boiling blood.

    Xiao Luo was covered in blood. He stood motionless in the field with his nine-ringed knife. His eyes were crimson red, like fresh blood, like the eyes of a devil. It was spooky and chilled you right down to your bones. This was the effect of the Yijin Jing technique at its maximum. It instantly improved your power and made you invincible for a short period of time.

    Long Sankui watched till he began to tremble slightly. He didn’t expect that Xiao Luo who was seriously injured would still have such strong fighting power. He was like a wild beast, and his entire aura was filled with vicious murderous intent that people dreaded.

    At that moment, Xiao Luo rushed forward through the pool of blood towards Hei Lang. He raised his knife and with a “pew~” sound, he cut off half of Hei Lang’s head. The blood was red, the brain plasma was white. It all splattered on the floor. He kicked Hei Lang’s body a few meters away and pointed his blood-stained nine-ringed knife directly at Long Sankui.

    His voice was hoarse but it was filled with an overwhelmingly murderous intent.

    “Damn it, come at me.”

    At that point, Long Sankui didn’t care about Bai Ling who had fainted. His pride as the head of the Dragon Gang made him answer the call to fight. His body exploded with his internal force and the falling rainwater was pushed away from him. The old-fashioned Shanghai Tang suit shattered inches by inches and finally turned into small countless pieces that fell. [TN: like he flexing so it ripped apart] Finally it revealed a black sleeves top and exposed his arms. A dragon tattoo on both arms could be seen.

    With a loud exploding roar, Xiao Luo who had a murderous aura burst into shape. He took ten rapid steps forward and stomped onto the floor, leaping wildly into the air.

    Like a humming eagle, like the descent of the god of Killing!

    The nine-ringed knife accompanied with the thunderous thunder fell down like God’s punishment. The murderous air swept through the sky and it was like the world was eclipsed.

    “Little rotten boy!!!”

    Long Sankui’s face was cracking and the roar rolled out from his throat. He raised his knife to parry.


    The metals made a resonating sound. The fearsome force resonated around them.

    The surface where Long Sankui was standing suddenly collapsed. The gravel split and a terrible power was transmitted onto the ground. The accumulated water now split and flowed around the surroundings.

    With such a hard force hitting, Xiao Luo didn’t rebound. The second stab, the third stab, continued to follow one after the other.

    “Clang clang clang~”

    The slashing was ferocious. It was so quick it looked like countless sword shadows. The nine-ringed knife and the Qing Long Yanyue Sword [TN: this is Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade? I can’t find it in glossary] battled it out fiercely. Sparks were flying and a heavy murderous aura filled the air.

    In the short amount of time, the two of them had made hundreds of move and put in their best. Lord Sankui’s strength was rather tyrannical and he stiffly restrained against Xiao Luo’s violent attacks, slashing at the sky.


    The ground was cut into a huge pit. There were countless stones rolling and flying around. The force from the knife broke through the heavy rain with momentum. The accumulated water formed a curved arc on the ground. He rushed fiercely towards Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo returned with a crosscut. The crescent-like sword swept parallel to the ground and collided with the vertical curved arc.


    The two forces shuddered. The raindrops in the sky instantly dispersed into a mist. The invisible impact fell heavily onto Long Sankui and Xiao Luo and both of them took two to three steps back.


    The lightning continued streaking in the sky. God was like a slut that had not been moistened for a long time, had suddenly got a man and was venting hard [TN: this is literally what it says lmao sorry].

    2The rainwater fell without stopping. The wind was howling. The entire Jiangcheng was drenched.

    Xiao Luo and Long Sankui stood five to six meters apart. They were like a fat and thin two-headed beast who were starting at each other with bloodthirsty eyes. In the fierce fight just now, Long Sankui had taken a knife to his chest. The shocking [TN: to look at] wound was constantly spilling blood.

    “Little rotten boy, I want your life!”

    Long Sankui’s anger had been kindled. His anger burst from his head. He rushed towards Xiao Luo like a wild bison. His hand wielded the Qing Long Yanyue Sword and it swept with frightening power, cutting at Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo’s face was unexpectedly fierce as he burnt with the same anger. He violently swung his nine-ringed knife and accurately intercepted.


    The two weapons collided fiercely with their owner’s power. The violent sound was like a piercing large bell. The unmatched power swept through the environment like a storm.

    Qing Long Yanyue flew out heavily and hit the ground heavily. The water splashed up several meters high and was flicked away like a wave.

    The nine-ringed knife also left Xiao Luo’s hands and spun, flying far away. The tip of the knife finally lodged itself straight into the ground.

    After losing their weapons, the two of them fought with their bare hands. Their fists and feet constantly hit each other in a short span of time. Long Sankui was badly battered with a bloodied nose and swollen face. The skin of his face had become lacerated by a punch from Xiao Luo and blood was flowing, while Xiao Luo suffered damages to his body.

    Xiao Luo twisted violently forward. His body twirled and both his hands fluttered. With a loud maddening roar, he entangled with Long Sankui like a hurricane and forced him to retreat backwards.

    Although Long Sankui was retreating, he did not reveal signs of defeat for the time being. Of course he was shocked that Xiao Luo was not seriously injured and his strength had not been diminished. He would definitely lose, this was a monster that couldn’t be surmised with common sense.

    Like the hissing sounds of a beast, Long Sankui’s retreating body suddenly stopped. His eyes flashed a glance and two big fan-like hands flicked like electricity. He slammed into it and contained Xiao Luo’s attack but his entire body exerted force and burst out. It was like the shadows of a claw attacking.

    Xiao Luo grabbed the ankle of a corpse from the ground as though it were a bat and moved the corpse to strike Long Sankui fiercely.

    “Chi chi chi~”

    In a series of infiltrating sounds tearing up flesh and blood, Long Sankui’s ten fingers resembled the claws of an eagle and tore the corpse into pieces.

    Xiao Luo clenched his right fist and struck through the rain. He hit in to Long Sankui’s chest.