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Chapter 250 - Is Brother Yu a Scumbag? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 250: Is Brother Yu a Scumbag? (2)

    He stopped in his tracks and stood rooted to the ground. His dark eyes looked in, and his gaze settled on Xu Weilai’s face. Seeing that she was safe and unharmed, Gu Yu’s heart slowly relaxed after having been dangling from a thread.

    Xu Weilai had never expected Gu Xue to ask such a question, and she was dumbfounded for a few seconds.

    Did she view Gu Yu as a scumbag too?

    That was a question she had never once given thought to. In general, the term “scumbag” was usually said about a man who was unfaithful and cheated on many women at once. By that definition, Gu Yu wasn’t a scumbag.

    Three years ago, when they had been together, they had only had eyes for each other. That was a fact she was certain of. Later on, he had gotten into a relationship with Su Ziqian after his betrothal to Xu Weilai had already been dissolved. Afterward, they no longer had anything to do with each other.

    As for their wedding certificate… Gu Yu had been forced by Grandpa Gu to cooperate. Even if his actions made him a scumbag, he was only being a scumbag to Su Ziqian. That had nothing to do with her.

    As Xu Weilai thought about it, she came to a conclusion. The only time Gu Yu had ever been a scumbag to her… had been three years ago when he had experienced a sudden change of heart and dissolved the betrothal for no apparent reason.

    That had been the one mystery she couldn’t solve, and the reason for her numerous nightmares and insomnia over the past three years when she had been abroad.

    That was why, even until now, she didn’t dare to personally ask Gu Yu that question.

    She had always been fearless, courageously facing any dangers head-on when conducting her news investigations. Only when faced with this issue did she become a coward.

    Perhaps… it was because her heart already knew the answer. It was simply because Gu Yu hadn’t loved her at all, and all the love she had given him had been in vain. She was just in denial, and unwilling to hear those words from his mouth.

    In that respect, she had much to learn from Gu Xue!

    Xu Weilai was silent for a long time. Gu Xue glanced at her out the corner of her eye calmly. As if she was experiencing the emotions herself, Gu Xue could sense the deep-seated sorrow and self-deprecation hidden in Xu Weilai’s heart.

    Realizing that she had said the wrong thing and had opened an old wound, Gu Xue quickly tried to remedy the situation. “I’m so sorry! I was just rambling thoughtlessly. Please don’t take it to heart.”

    Gu Xue was a little princess who had never had to admit her mistakes, so the tone of her apology sounded extremely awkward. She even looked down at the floor, seemingly too embarrassed to look Xu Weilai in the eye.

    Xu Weilai’s mood was lifted instantly, and she couldn’t resist smiling at the situation.

    She sighed. While she had always found Gu Xue quite detestable in the past, she was beginning to find her kind of cute now.

    With a tacit understanding between them, the two ladies didn’t pursue the topic. Xu Weilai checked the time. When she saw that it was almost one in the morning, she shut her laptop and said to Gu Xue, “Don’t think about anything anymore. Get some sleep.”

    Gu Xue instinctively caught Xu Weilai’s sleeve with her little finger and said, “I… I’m too afraid to sleep.”

    Every time she closed her eyes, her mind would be filled will the terrifying images of what had happened earlier. She subconsciously felt safer with Xu Weilai around because, at her most vulnerable moment, Xu Weilai had appeared and had saved her. As long as Xu Weilai was around, she had nothing to fear.

    Xu Weilai sighed again and capitulated. “I’ll be right here with you. I’ll sleep on the couch while you sleep on the bed. Will that do?”

    Gu Xue was touched. She nodded her head and walked over to the bed before lying down on it.

    Xu Weilai took out a small blanket from the cabinet and covered herself with it. Placing the pillow behind her head, she closed her eyes.

    The room quieted down. Then, she heard Gu Xue’s small voice piercing the silence, “Thank you, Xu Weilai.”

    Even her words of gratitude sounded so awkward. She truly was a member of the Gu family!


    Gu Xue slept fitfully. She constantly flitted in and out of consciousness. After some time had passed, she suddenly sensed someone entering the room. She instinctively turned her head to look, and saw…