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Chapter 275 - Still Want to Play?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 275: Still Want to Play?

    Upon hearing this, Ning Meng’s heart began to race quickly once again.

    Was this… an invitation from Lord Chen?

    Blinking her eyes once, Ning Meng took a look at Huo Beichen, her face blushing red again.

    Clearing her throat, Ning Meng replied, “No, I can’t tonight.”


    Seeing her hubby’s confused expression, Ning Meng quickly looked away and explained, “I have some business to take care of tonight, so, I can’t go.”

    “…what business?”

    Ning Meng gazed at him with her exquisite eyes. “You’re curious?”

    Huo Beichen nodded his head.

    “But I’m not gonna tell~ Hahahaha~”


    That comic artist “Ning Meng” was going to update her comic tonight, and she planned to give it a full and careful inspection at her place. If she moved back to his villa, how would she be able to read it?

    Fearing that this would upset her hubby, Ning Meng opened her mouth again. “But~ I can treat you to dinner!”

    Letting out a sigh, Huo Beichen nodded his head.

    Then, they headed to a restaurant to have a meal.

    After paying the bill, they noticed that there was a clothing shop next to the restaurant, and so, Ning Meng brought Huo Beichen with her to browse through the clothes. Her eyes were set on a dark green coat and she took it to the fitting room.

    Ning Meng looked quite cool in the green coat. Spinning in circles in front of Huo Beichen, Ning Meng asked excitedly. “Teehee, how’s the taste of this?”


    Huo Beichen gave her a confused look before picking up his phone. “You’re still hungry?”


    Huo Beichen then raised his head and asked, “What do you want to taste? Would rice do? Or noodles?”


    Ah, Huo Beichen was like a straightforward grandpa. If she did not tell him upfront, he would not know that she was treating his eyes to a good view of her new clothes!

    With her mouth twitching, Ning Meng said, “No… I… it’s not about food… it’s…”

    Unfortunately, Ning Meng realized that she could not find the right words to explain her flirting earlier. “Lord Chen, it’s such a miracle for us to be together despite the huge generation gap we have~ You grandpa~Teehee~!”


    Huo Beichen had a bad feeling about this…

    Moments later…

    “Grandpa~ walk slowly, okay? Otherwise, you’ll fall~”


    “Gramps~ can you see that neon light over there? Aww, you can’t? Are your eyes okay?”


    “Oh my, Grandpa~ you’re using QQ! Wow, you’re so up to date despite your age~”


    “So, Gramps~ what do you pass your time? Chess? Tai-chi? Or dancing at the town square?”


    On the road to Yuxiu Garden, Ning Meng persisted with teasing him like a machine gun.

    As the chauffeur finally brought down her luggage, Ning Meng was still teasing Huo Beichen in the car.

    “Gramps~ you should sleep early tonight! It’s not healthy for an old person to burn the midnight oil, you know?”

    After finishing the last word, Ning Meng moved toward the car door.

    Just as she was about to open the door, Huo Beichen inched toward her and pressed her down. His huge masculine body was now above her as their faces were so close that their noses were almost touching.


    Oh no, Lord Chen was upset!

    Well, she might have gone a little overboard with her teasing after all.

    Ning Meng stuttered slightly. “Lord… Lord Chen… you…”


    His deep, tender voice vibrated right beside her ear. “Have you forgotten? Call me big brother.”


    “You’re so naughty tonight. Do you want me to punish you? Hmm~?”

    Gulping down her saliva, Ning Meng asked, “Punish how?”

    In an instant, the light in Huo Beichen’s eyes dimmed as he lowered his head.

    The day was getting late, so the inside of the car was getting dark. She could feel his breath tickling her face as his handsome face drew closer and closer…

    Then, he bit her pouty lips with his teeth.


    After biting her lips, Huo Beichen did not immediately let it go, instead, savoring the sweet flavor that was coming from her delicate mouth.

    A short while later, he finally let go and gazed at her with his glittering, obsidian eyes.

    Brushing his fingers against her lips, Huo Beichen teasingly asked, “Still want to play?”