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Chapter 195 - Embroidery Unionists

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 195: Embroidery Unionists

    Aside from the lively treasure Le Anqi, Su Cha’s embroidery app on Meiyin had begun to have new developments.

    She had only posted three videos. It was still trending after being recommended by customers, but some commented under her video that the embroidered clothes she sold were truly expensive, sarcastically ridiculing her.

    Su Cha didn’t care in the least.

    Many could send private messages to the creator of the videos if they were interested in them. Su Cha too often received private messages, but most of them were harassment messages and were meaningless.

    But today Su Cha saw a rather strange message.

    Qing Douchu opened a private chat: “Hello, may I ask if the embroidery you used in the video belongs to that of Cloud embroidery, or is it of the five famous embroidery names? I am a member of the Imperial Capital Embroidery Union. Can you leave your contact details for communication?”

    When she first saw this private message, Su Cha was not surprised.

    Her embroidery technique was not hidden and she knew it would soon attract attention.

    Tang embroidery was considered an extinct embroidery type. It was different from the embroidery method still circulating today. Sooner or later, it would be noticed by experts.

    It was normal to want to contact Su Cha.

    Su Cha thought for a while and returned a WeChat message to the other party.

    At present, she did not intend to reveal her true identity. She could still discuss with others to find out how many embroidery methods had been handed down in China and what the current pattern of embroidery was like.

    After all, Su Cha only learned embroidery in ancient times. She still didn’t know much about the embroidery technology in modern society.

    Su Cha was currently working on her fourth embroidery work. The finals were about to begin on the 29th so Su Cha had already begun altering a piece of clothing she had bought a few days back.

    She embroidered a little squirrel holding a pine nut on the side waist of the clothing.

    The area of this squirrel was not small, especially since the animal lines were more complicated, but it was not difficult for the current Su Cha.

    When the time came, she would wear this dress to the finals.

    In the evening, an unfamiliar number added Su Cha on WeChat, and the verification message left by the other party was the Meiyin account Qing Douchu.

    Su Cha acknowledged the verification, and the other party’s message reached quickly.

    Ya Yazhou: Hello! Is this S who uploads embroidery videos on Meiyin?

    Cha Yi: Yes, hello

    Ya Yazhou: It’s really you! hello, I’m too excited! I have watched all your embroidery videos at this point, I am also good at embroidery, but I am not part of Cloud embroidery, I belong to Suzhou embroidery, but I am also familiar with other embroidery methods and styles. I feel your style is quite different from what I’ve seen so far, the 3D rendering effect especially is amazing. If you don’t mind, can you tell which type you belong to? Are you currently in a union?

    Cha Yi: I did not join an Embroidery Union. As for the style I belong to, I don’t know if you will believe it. I am using Tang embroidery that has been lost in China.

    There were no notifications for quite a while, and it was not until a long time before another message was sent.

    Ya Yazhou: Tang Embroidery?!!!

    Ya Yazhou: That should be impossible!!

    Ya Yazhou: I’m sorry I may have been too excited, daring to ask about the lost art of Tang Embroidery. Where did you learn it from?

    Cha Yi: It’s a coincidence, I’m sorry I can’t say it now, it’s personal privacy. I guess if you can not distinguish whether my skill is Tang Embroidery, you can get confirmation from an expert.