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Chapter 533 - Shocking the Entire Internet!

Medical Master
     Chapter 533 Shocking the Entire Internet!

    The medical report had come out.

    When the report was issued—

    In the corridor, the 100 media professionals and their staff, including the patient himself and the doctor who examined him, were all dumbstruck!

    In front of the screen, all the netizens watching the broadcast were also stunned!

    They did not believe it at first.

    But now, Fang Qiu actually cured the patient’s breast cancer by treating her feet and head!

    Did this mean that the meridians really existed?

    But, the meridians couldn’t be seen by the naked eye at all!

    However, if the meridians did not exist, how did he cure the patient?

    There was a moment that everyone felt the world had suddenly become strange and different from the one they knew all along.

    At the same time, all the Chinese Medicine doctors and those recognizing Huaxia’s traditional cultural heritage who were watching the live broadcast couldn’t suppress their exultation when they saw the result.

    “Sure enough, our ancestors didn’t lie to us.

    “It’s not that our ancestors got it wrong. It’s we who didn’t get it right!”

    “Bravo, our great Huaxia!”

    “Chinese Medicine is indeed extensive and profound. Western Medicine can not be comparable to it at all.”

    “See? Our five-thousand-year history is not an exaggeration.”

    “Today, we got the solid proof, didn’t we?”

    “I’d like to see who the hell dares to claim that meridians don’t exist, and who the hell dares to think light of our Chinese Medicine!”

    As those comments rolled across the screen—

    Many people’s patriotism was aroused. For a time, all kinds of support for Chinese Medicine and proud remarks about Chinese Medicine flooded the screen.

    On the other side—

    Those who were against Chinese Medicine were all left open-mouthed.

    “This, this is…?”

    “Are meridians truly real?”

    “No, it can’t be. There’s no way to explain this with science!”

    For a moment, all the people who objected and didn’t believe in Chinese Medicine had no idea how to refute it.

    “How about saying Fang Qiu was just doing a magic show?

    “That’s too lame.

    “To accuse Fang Qiu of cheating?

    “That’s even lamer!”

    Many people who regarded Chinese Medicine as pseudo-science also had a headache after watching the live broadcast.

    Because the scene they saw was really too astonishing!

    In Linxi County.

    In a pavilion in a garden.

    Fang Qiu’s parents huddled together, staring at the live-stream video on the mobile phone. Both of them were stupefied.

    After coming out from the trance, Fang Qiu’s mother asked, “Little Qiu did it?”

    “He did it!”

    Mr. Fang said very excitedly, “Our son has made it!”


    Fang Qiu’s mother laughed happily. She remarked, “Now, no one will gossip about my son anymore, will they?”

    “Of course not, that’s for sure!”

    Fang Qiu’s father nodded at once and said, “In the future, who dares to gossip about our son? They will only rush to compliment him!”

    Upon hearing that, Fang Qiu’s mother swiveled her eyes.

    She got up briskly and raced outside.

    “What are you doing?”

    Mr. Fang was taken aback and quickly yelled, “Don’t go showing off. We have to discuss the matter of moving!”

    But in a distance, Fang Qiu’s mother showed no sign to stop at all. She disappeared in a flash!

    Seeing this, Fang Qiu’s father forced a smile.

    Now, he could already foresee that his threshold would be flattened by those who flooded in to visit him.

    Fang Qiu was already very famous.

    Now that he had made such a shocking achievement, his fame would surely soar. When the news spread out, all the people in Linxi County, whether they knew him or not, would hurry to his home. People from other cities might come, too.

    “What should I do when that happens?”

    In the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    In the girls’ dormitory.


    Seeing the result of the live broadcast, Yuan Bei, Wang Yu, and Huang Manman jumped up excitedly at the same time.

    “Fang Qiu is incredible!”

    Yuan Bei exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

    “Awesome. Fang Qiu is too awesome!”

    Wang Yu gazed at Fang Qiu in the live broadcast with admiration.

    “Fang Qiu has made our UJCM so proud!”

    Huang Manman was also enraptured.

    Standing next to them, Jiang Miaoyu also felt a little dizzy.

    She did not bounce about, but it didn’t mean that she wasn’t excited. In fact, she was much more exhilarated than her three roommates. She was so elated that her mind was blank.

    It was totally beyond her expectations.

    Fang Qiu did have proved the existence of meridians!

    It was a knotty problem that had puzzled doctors of Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. Many famous doctors had failed to solve it. However, Fang Qiu unraveled the mystery so effortlessly!

    As Fang Qiu’s girlfriend, as well as a student majoring in Chinese Medicine, she felt particularly delighted that day!

    In the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine.

    “Old classmate, my old classmate, you have already reached this step!”

    Staring at the screen, Jiang Mengjie kept shaking her head and smiling bitterly. “You hid so well. You must have been hiding your skills since high school, haven’t you?

    “No, I can’t let you win. I need to work harder as well!”

    In Dormitory 501.


    Sun Hao leaped up from his chair in astonishment and blurted, “The youngest is really freaking awesome!”

    “Bravo, bravo!”

    Zhou Xiaotian was so excited that he could not stop clapping his hands. “No wonder he’s the youngest. He’s fu*king awesome. Fu*king awesome!”

    “Great. This is so great!”

    Zhu Benzheng laughed out loud and said, “The youngest is really a heaven-defying monster. He has practically changed from the youngest to the most exceptional!”

    “Give us a treat. Ask the youngest to give us a treat!”

    Sun Hao shouted.


    Zhou Xiaotian also shouted happily, “He has to! This is worthy of a huge celebration. How can he refuse?”

    “This time, even if the youngest didn’t want to, he would find it hard not to treat us.”

    Zhu Benzheng laughed and said, “This time, the youngest really rose to fame.”

    “That’s right.”

    Sun Hao swiveled his eyes and called out, “Holy cow! The youngest really made his name known this time. The country will soon know that he is a god in the mundane who can completely cure cancer!”

    “Never knew this kid has already gone so far.”

    Xu Miaolin sighed with emotion to Chu Yunyun, who was next to her. “Even the problem of meridians has been solved by this guy. It’s beyond my expectations. Way beyond!”

    “He’s indeed excellent.”

    Chu Yunyun smiled and nodded in agreement.

    What she saw was not Fang Qiu’s powerful skill that could cure diseases with Qi but Fang Qiu’s potential.

    The greater Fang Qiu’s potential was, the happier she was.

    After all, the possible marriage of her and Xu Miaolin hung on it!

    “Beep, beep, beep…”

    Just as Xu Miaolin was sighing with emotion, the mobile phone in his trouser pocket suddenly rang.

    He drew out his phone to take a look.


    Seeing the caller ID on his phone, Xu Miaolin trembled all over. He was a little scared and did not know if he should answer it or not.

    “Take it! What are you afraid of?” Chu Yunyun said.

    “Then you must not make a sound. If your father finds out that we have already lived together, wouldn’t he castrate me?” Xu Miaolin said with a wry smile.

    “I won’t make a sound.”

    Chu Yunyun rolled her eyes at Xu Miaolin.

    At her words, Xu Miaolin hurriedly picked up the phone.

    “Hello?” said Xu Miaolin.

    “You did find yourself a brilliant student.”

    Holy Doctor Chu’s voice came from the other end of the phone. He said, “Though you’ve wasted your talent, I can’t deny that the student you found is very outstanding. It seems that I can consider your marriage with my daughter.”

    “No, don’t even think about it.”

    Hearing that Holy Doctor Chu just called to praise Fang Qiu, Xu Miaolin immediately became self-important and gloated, “My student will win the first place in the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition. I don’t need you to consider it at all!”

    “Clap!” As soon as he finished his words, Chu Yunyun, who had been listening to the conversation aside, raised her hand and gave Xu Miaolin a hard slap on the shoulder.

    “Ouch, it hurts!”

    Xu Miaolin immediately cried out in pain.

    In the capital.

    In the Renze Hospital.

    After the live broadcast was completed, Fang Qiu immediately left the hospital, leaving all the reporters waiting in the hospital, looking for his trace, and hoping to interview him.

    Of course, although Fang Qiu had left, the whole thing was not over.

    While witnessing the event, the 100 media reporters at the scene were also writing their news releases. As soon as the live broadcast was finished, the reporters had finished their piece of the news as well.

    The live broadcast ended.

    Then, the news releases were transmitted to all the cities in the country at the fastest speed.

    A few minutes later, all kinds of news reports emerged in large numbers!

    “Meridians in Chinese Medicine Really Exist!!!”

    “Fang Qiu, the Rising Star of Chinese Medicine, Proved the Existence of Qi and Meridians!”

    “Chinese Medicine Can Cure Cancer!”

    For a time, news channels, websites, homepages were occupied by all kinds of news titles about Fang Qiu. And there were even newspapers and magazines about the event.

    These reports swept across the whole country like a tsunami!

    As the news flooded across the country, the masses were all stunned.

    “What’s going on?”

    Those who did not know about this event hurriedly read the news reports to learn about the event. Many people who seldom or never went on the Internet also specifically used the network to watch the recorded video of the live broadcast for the sake of getting to know about this matter.

    During the live broadcast, there were millions of spectators recording the video.

    In a short period of time after the live broadcast was over, countless people discovered the records and started to watch. In just a few hours, the click rate of the videos had reached tens of millions.

    Judging from the terrifying rate of growth, it wouldn’t take long for it to reach 100 million!

    In the meantime, like those who had watched the live broadcast, those who had searched the relevant videos to learn about the matter were all dumbfounded after watching the videos!

    “What the hell? This is too incredible, isn’t it?”

    “So amazing!”

    “Fang Qiu is only a freshman in college, isn’t he? He is simply a genius. If he is trained well, he will definitely become a miracle-working doctor in Huaxia, and perhaps the most brilliant doctor in the world.”

    “He cured three patients with cancer in a row. Does this mean that from now on, cancer can be cured?”

    In the comments, more and more people spotted this question.

    Most of them could not help but shake their heads.

    They were well aware that, at present, only Fang Qiu dared to say he could cure cancer. Even though there were a lot of people in the Chinese Medicine industry, who else dared to say he had such ability except for Fang Qiu?

    In other words, this kind of ability would not be widely spread in the foreseeable future, not to mention in a short time.

    It might not be realized in several years, dozens of years, or even nearly a century!

    Even though it was indeed quite difficult to gain such a skill, everyone understood that from today on, no one could deny the value of Chinese Medicine anymore, because Fang Qiu had just proved that Chinese Medicine was not pseudo-science!

    And he did not only prove it, but he also took action to tell everyone in the country about the greatness of Chinese Medicine and to let them understand the profoundness and depth of Chinese Medicine. With that, it suddenly dawned on everyone that Chinese Medicine turned out to be so marvelous!