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Chapter 534 - Going Viral Abroad!

Medical Master
     Chapter 534 Going Viral Abroad!

    In Huaxia, the video of the live broadcast of Fang Qiu’s treatment went viral on the network. The click volume had surpassed 100 million, and it was still growing rapidly.

    Whether it was on Weibo or post bars, this matter firmly occupied the first place on the real-time list of the most searched hashtags.

    At the same time, the video edited by either the government staff or the netizens was soon uploaded to foreign networks. Moreover, the video was specially added with subtitles in various languages.

    In a small network company in a city in the United States.

    “The highly-skilled doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine has miraculously cured three cancer patients in succession!”

    A white man who was at work suddenly saw such a video while looking for information on the BBS.

    “Curing cancer?”

    The white man shook his head with a grin and muttered, “People from Huaxia really like to talk big!”

    Even though that was what he said, he clicked on the video anyway.

    Then, he was immediately fascinated by the content of the video.

    After watching the whole video, he was flabbergasted!

    “Holy sh*it!”

    “What the f*ck is that?”

    It seemed that he couldn’t accept it at all. The moment the white man finished watching the video, he abruptly put his hands on his head with a look of shock. He even forgot how to speak properly for the moment.

    After a long time, having recovered from the shock a little, he hurriedly posted this video to the largest video website.

    “Who the f*ck can tell me whether this video is fake or not?”

    The largest video website in the United States was not only watched by Americans but also by people all around the world.

    That was because the data on this video website was proof of their popularity for entertainment stars worldwide. Thus, the fans in all countries frequently logged on this website to give more “likes” to their idols.

    In this case, it could be imagined how popular this video website was.

    As the video was reposted and uploaded, it spread from one account to ten, then ten to a hundred!

    A few hours later—

    This video actually went viral on the website that people all over the world paid great attention to!

    More and more foreigners saw this video. More and more foreigners reposted and shared it. Also, more and more foreigners began to gasp with astonishment.

    The number of clicks, from just one at the beginning, gradually increased to 100 to 1,000, and then to 10,000. After that, the increase suddenly soared. It skyrocketed from 100,000 to 5,000,000.

    In the end, the number of clicks had augmented at a crazy speed. Almost every time the website was refreshed, there would be thousands of new clicks.

    As the video became more and more popular, most of the people who had watched the video left their comments in the comment area below.

    “Is this a doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine?”

    “Who is this person in the video? Is he famous?”

    “He can even cure cancer! Is this a prank?”

    “This is simply incredible. How can there be such a miracle in the world?”

    “How amazing!”

    “I’m dying to know who the doctor that has cured the three patients is.”

    Everyone asked who the person in the video was on earth.

    After a long while, many ethnic Chinese also noticed this video and left their replies with pride.

    “He is Fang Qiu!”

    “He is Fang Qiu, a Chinese Medicine practitioner!”

    After learning Fang Qiu’s name, the foreigners who were full of curiosity went to google the name one after another.

    After searching for his information, all the foreigners were stunned!

    “This person seems to be very famous.”

    “There’s even an English introduction about him?”

    “Holy cow! Isn’t this the author majoring in Chinese Medicine who has been quite popular for a while? I remember that he has published a thesis about “Qi”, which gained wide acknowledgment.”

    “So it’s him! No wonder he’s so amazing!”

    There was no doubt that with the popularity of Fang Qiu’s video around the globe, many people began to take Chinese Medicine seriously.

    This time, it could be said that Fang Qiu had brought Chinese Medicine from the abyss thousands of miles deep to the stage on his own.

    Prior to this, everyone just did not think highly of doctors of Chinese Medicine out of habit.

    But after this, when someone mentioned Chinese Medicine, they would not neglect it anymore. Instead, they would regard Chinese Medicine as a formal treatment method, a scientific treatment method.

    Wasn’t this what doctors of Chinese Medicine had longed for?

    Now that the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had become a hit, coupled with Fang Qiu’s video, which proved that the meridians-oriented treatment could cure cancer, in the following days, all kinds of large-scale discussions about Chinese Medicine began to take place across the entire Huaxia.

    In a city square.

    The square dancing group that originally consisted of about 20 people now had around 70 members.

    “Why are there so many people doing square dancing now?”

    “It’s all because of Chinese Medicine!”

    “What does this have to do with Chinese Medicine?”

    “Sure it does. Didn’t that Fang Qiu say that the self-healing ability of the human body is particularly excellent? So now, people stopped going to the hospital to take injections or get drips but started learning the health preservation method of Chinese Medicine. We found that Chinese Medicine advocates exercising. Thus, these old men and women who usually don’t like dancing all joined us.”

    In a small town.

    “Hey, Li, what are you doing with the woven basket on your back?”

    On the road, a person riding a motorcycle greeted the man walking on the roadside.

    “I’m going up the mountain to collect herbs,” Li replied.

    “Gather what kind of herbs? When did you learn how to collect herbs?” asked the man on the motorcycle.

    “We are all learning Chinese Medicine, aren’t we? Some study chiropractic and massage. Some study Chinese Medicine for health preservation. I, however, plan to learn pharmacy. I’m going to dig some herbs and dry them under the sun. So, I might not need to buy medicine when I catch a cold or something in the future,” Li said with a smile.

    In a city.

    In a crowded community, an old man was hoeing the soil.

    Looking at the ground of the residential area which had been flipped up, a young man asked with curiosity, “Uncle Zhang, what are you doing?”

    “I? I want to plant some Chinese herbs,” Mr. Zhang said beamingly.

    “Wow, I never knew that you’ve also started to learn Chinese Medicine.”

    The young man taunted.

    “Well, Chinese Medicine is the treasure of our country. It’s better to learn more about it,” Mr. Zhang said with unexpected solemnity.

    For a moment, similar things were occurring all over the country.

    Chinese Medicine had undoubtedly become a hot topic among the folks. People discussing Chinese Medicine could be seen in any random small towns and villages, not to mention the big cities.

    In this situation, all kinds of health preservation programs and Chinese Medicine programs began to brew rapidly. The TV stations were all ready to take advantage of the opportunity to scrape higher ratings.

    But on the other side, just a few days after the college entrance examination was held—

    A lot of students and their parents also began to consider whether or not the high school graduates should pick Chinese Medicine as their major in college.

    In the past, no students could see a promising future if they studied Chinese Medicine.

    But things were different now.

    Thanks to Fang Qiu’s promotion, Chinese Medicine became unprecedentedly popular. Nowadays, if a man walked out of home and told others that he was a doctor of Chinese Medicine, he would feel proud of himself.

    What was more, with the hit of Chinese Medicine, many patients switched from doctors trained in Western Medicine to those in Chinese Medicine, which led to a surge of patient numbers in Chinese Medicine hospitals.

    Judging by this phenomenon, studying Chinese Medicine was absolutely not a losing course. Even in the worst case, they could at least keep their job and support themselves.

    Of course, apart from those who made the choice based on practical needs, there were also a lot of people who chose to learn Chinese Medicine in order to be as famous as Fang Qiu. In their view, as long as they followed Fang Qiu’s steps, they would definitely be able to become top stars.

    Anyway, all kinds of people chose to be a doctor of Chinese Medicine for various reasons!

    Meanwhile, plenty of young people had taken Fang Qiu as their idol, imagining that they could also soar to the top in college. They all fantasied that perhaps they would become the next genius in Chinese Medicine if they were lucky.

    In the capital.

    People all over the country and even all over the world were feverishly discussing Chinese Medicine.

    As the protagonist, Fang Qiu, however, quietly changed his clothes, put on a cap and a mask, and made his way to the high-speed railway station.

    “Have you heard it? That Fang Qiu is really awesome!”

    “Of course I did. Chinese Medicine is now all the rage. I’m going to see a doctor of Chinese Medicine for my beriberi.”

    The two women brushed past Fang Qiu.

    Discussions about Chinese Medicine came to Fang Qiu’s ears one after another.

    Under the mask, Fang Qiu smiled.

    The smile reached his eyes.

    This was the scene he had always wanted to see.

    After all the hard work he had made, he finally saw it happen.

    He had always believed in it.

    “As long as everyone gives Chinese Medicine sufficient trust, doctors of Chinese Medicine will never fail you.”

    Of course, that did not include unqualified doctors of Chinese Medicine.

    “Beep, beep, beep…”

    Suddenly, his cell phone rang.

    Fang Qiu took out his phone. It was a call from Director Li Huawen.


    Fang Qiu answered the phone.

    “Where are you?”

    Director Li Huawen’s voice came from the other end of the line.

    “On the way back,” Fang Qiu answered with a smile.

    “So soon?”

    Li Huawen was a little surprised.

    “I’ve done all that I’ve got to do. It’s time to go back,” Fang Qiu replied with a nod.

    “Are you taking a plane or a high-speed train?” asked Li Huawen.

    “The high-speed train,” answered Fang Qiu.

    “Are you on the train already?” Li Huawen asked.

    Then, he hastily added, “Even if you’re already on board, get off quickly. The ticket is on me!”


    Fang Qiu was stunned and asked, “What do you mean?”

    “Well, er…”

    Director Li Huawen chuckled and said, “Look, we will start recording the next episode next week. If you leave now, you’ll have to rush back soon. Why don’t you stay in the capital for a few more days? Apart from the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, there are other programs that you can participate in. You’re famous now. Many programs want to invite you.”

    “I think I’ll pass.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and explained, “I’m already very satisfied to be able to participate in the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. As for the rest of the TV programs, I haven’t decided to attend any of them for the time being. After all, I’m still a student, so I have to focus on my studies.”

    “You have a point. But these few days can’t really delay your study progress, right?”

    Li Huawen tried to persuade him to stay.

    “Director, thank you for your kind intentions.”

    Fang Qiu turned him down again. “Next week when I’m supposed to attend the program, I will be present on time. But please don’t invite me to other programs.”

    “Well, at least stay and let me treat you to a meal, will you?”

    Li Huawen said with a wry smile, “Though you know I’ve busied myself helping you, in fact, the one who reaped most of the benefits is me.

    “So I have to thank you.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “If it weren’t for you, I really didn’t know what to do.”

    “All right then.”

    Seeing that Fang Qiu had made his mind, Director Li Huawen had to give up persuading him.

    After hanging up the phone, Fang Qiu took the high-speed train back to Jiangjing.

    It turned out that along the way, people on the high-speed train were all talking about Chinese Medicine and Fang Qiu. Many people were also bragging about how awesome they were and how excellent doctors of Chinese Medicine they knew.

    Hearing these discussions, Fang Qiu put on a faint smile.

    The words he had said to his three roommates back then gradually became real.

    He was going to become that lighthouse!

    Lighting up everyone’s path to learn and develop Chinese Medicine!