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Chapter 254 - Have You Ever Heard Of a Hunter Being Bullied By His Prey?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 254: Have You Ever Heard Of a Hunter Being Bullied By His Prey?

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    Li Yibo bit his lower lip, he was a little taken off guard by everything.

    ‘F*ck, why did this person appear at this time?!’

    “You three want to pick on me?” Li Yibo looked at Lu Yao. “Wouldn’t that be bullying?”

    Lu Yao had not even had the chance to speak before Jian Qi did, “Officer, you’re a ticking time bomb for our eliminations this time around. Everything will only return to normal after you’re out of the picture!”

    “Isn’t that just an excuse to gang up on me?”

    “Didn’t you want us to lure freshmen to find you? Here’s one now! Aren’t you positively delighted?”

    The girl’s shameless expression was enough for anyone to find it annoying.

    Lu Yao looked on at the exchange humorlessly before he said, “I’ll fight you by myself!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Why is everyone so honorable?!’

    Jian Qi facepalmed upon meeting so many young men with honor and pride.

    How could she let Li Yibo get away with this?

    “Officer, do you want to fight us one by one in a row?” Jian Qi tried to provoke him again. “How do you have so much confidence in yourself?”

    “Young girl, you’re really self-assured, huh?” Li Yibo gritted his teeth.

    “Yes, when I’m faced off with you!”

    “Enough of the chit-chat, let’s fight!” Li Yibo looked at Lu Yao without even acknowledging that Jian Qi had spoken.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    So he was going to ignore her?

    She did not agree to this anyway!

    When Li Yibo and Lu Yao started fighting, Jian Qi handed the wristbands back to the freshmen before rushing over and attacking Li Yibo.

    Li Yibo dodged the kick with an enraged expression. “What’s the meaning of this? Didn’t we settle on one-on-one fights?”

    “That’s what they said, not me! You have overestimated my honor, Officer!”

    Jian Qi smiled brightly and immediately aimed a punch right at Li Yibo’s face.

    At this point Lu Yao could not let Jian Qi fight Li Yibo by herself with a good conscience, and it was impossible to talk her out of it, so it became a two versus one battle!

    The two freshmen that were spectating looked at each other, and one of them asked, “Do we just watch the show? Wouldn’t that be bad?”

    The other nodded in agreement. “How about… We fight too?”

    “But didn’t they say that it was one-on-one earlier?”

    “Does it look like that to you?”

    “…True. Then what are we waiting for?”

    “…Do we fight?”


    Li Yibo was about to attack Lu Yao, before a stray leg kicked over in his direction. After he dodged it narrowly he was met with another fist swung in his direction.

    Li Yibo narrowly dodged that attack too, but he was immediately kicked from the back.

    He steadied himself and turned around to see four people.

    What happened to a fair fight?!

    How was this even fair?

    The freshman explained awkwardly, “Even a girl has already started fighting, it wouldn’t be honorable for two men to just watch!”

    “So it would be honorable to bully someone with numbers?”

    Jian Qi laughed and retorted, “What do you mean, Officer? The four of us are the prey in these eliminations and you’re the hunter, have you ever heard of a hunter being bullied by his prey?”

    Li Yibo. “…”