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Chapter 239 - Asura field

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 239: Asura field

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    Xiao Luo’s tremendous blow immediately cracked several ribs as it slammed into Long Sankui’s flank. The force of the punch sent his body sailing through the air over a distance of seven to eight meters, crashing into his Taishi chair like a cannonball. Blood flowed out of his mouth and nose. The phone that he left on the antique blackwood chair was knocked to the floor.

    Long Sankui laid slumped in an awkward position. The impact from Xiao Luo had damaged most of his internal organs. He was coughing up blood, and his face had turned sheet white.

    Defeated! Long Sankui had actually been defeated!

    But Long Sankui would not accept defeat. He did not single-handedly build an empire just for someone like Xiao Luo to destroy at his whims and fancy. He raised his head with great difficulty and looked out at the yard of his villa. He watched as Xiao Luo picked up his blood-stained, nine-ringed sword and strode across the water-logged ground. In his hand, the nine-ringed sword was thirsting for more blood.

    Suddenly, the phone that had fallen on the floor rang. The avatar on the caller ID was a cute little boy, a bright and cheerful boy, wearing a birthday hat with a bit of cream on the tip of his nose.

    Long Sankui’s grim and vicious expression suddenly changed drastically to show a loving and cheerful countenance. It was as if he was another person. There was no longer any murderous and evil glint in his eyes. His hands trembled now, and he wasn’t sure if it was the pain or because he was stirred emotionally. With shaking hands, he eventually managed to swipe it right and connect the call.

    “Hello hubby, we have arrived in America. In fact, we just got off the plane. Doudou is really sleepy now, but he insisted that he would only sleep after talking to you,” a woman’s voice could be heard over the phone.

    Long Sankui smiled and said: “Then put my son on the line.”

    “Doudou, come talk to daddy,” the lady handed the phone over to the little boy.

    “Daddy!” came the voice of a child.

    Long Sankui’s smile widened, “Hey, why is my Doudou not sleeping yet? You are not a good boy if you sleep late.”

    “Daddy, the sun here is very high up. Doudou can’t fall asleep.”

    “Haha, is that so? It’s night time here where daddy is, and it’s also raining heavily. Cough, cough…”

    “Daddy, why are you coughing? Did you catch a cold?”

    “Oh no. Don’t worry, Doudou, your daddy’s Superman. No matter how cold I am, I won’t ever freeze, okay?”

    “Oh yes, my daddy is Superman!”

    “Doudou, you must always be a good boy over there. You must listen to your mother. And you must sleep on time. Next time when you go to school, study hard, so when you are older, you can take care of mummy and daddy, okay?”


    As he spoke, Long Sankui’s eyes became wet with tears. His tears trickled down the corner of his eyes, and he seemed to have aged a decade.

    Xiao Luo stood right in front of him now, holding the nine-ringed sword, as blood-stained rainwater dripped from the edges of his clothing. He was in no hurry.


    A bolt of lightning flashed illuminating the night sky, briefly revealing the entire Jiangcheng from its cover of darkness.

    In the flash of lightning, Xiao Luo looked like the grim reaper who had come to earth to fulfill his task. The blade of the nine-ringed sword glinted with a cold light.

    “Bye, daddy, Doudou will be a good boy and listen to daddy.”

    “Hubby, don’t stay up too late all the time. Remember to rest, okay. Don’t you worry, I will take good care of Doudou, concentrate on your business.”

    “I will, Ming-Hui, I will.”

    Long Sankui made a long sigh and hung up the phone.

    As soon as he hung up the phone, his eyes changed again, and they burned with hatred.

    After he coughed up five or six more mouthfuls of blood, his body felt better. He glared fiercely at Xiao Luo, and cursed, “Little rotten Pr*ck, I feel really unwilling to die in your hands. Just what the f*ck are you, HUH?”

    He roared the last word out loudly, releasing his deep anguish all at once.

    Xiao Luo looked at him with dispassionate eyes. The ominous blade of the nine-ringed sword fell with a decisive stroke.

    Whoosh~… plop, plop, plop.

    Long Sanku was decapitated with a clean stroke, his head fell and rolled a short distance across the floor. The headless body remained in position, leaning against the overturned Taishi chair, as blood sprayed from its cleaved neck.


    The wail of police sirens filled the air, and the villa was surrounded by bright red and blue lights. As often is the case, police officers hurried on to the scene after everything was already over.

    Xiao Luo’s eyes stared blankly at the scene outside. His ears did not hear the sirens, held only heard the sound of the falling rain.

    He threw the nine-ringed knife on the ground and walked up to the unconscious Bai Ling. He untied her, removed the gag in her mouth, and picked her up, then slowly walked out of the villa.

    His impetuous heart had suddenly calmed, he was unable to explain the feeling, but it felt like everything had suddenly quietened, and a heavy burden was lifted.

    The rain had drenched Xiao Luo’s black hair and washed away the bloodstains on his body, but he was still bleeding from his severe wounds.

    “Ding, Warning. The host body is in trauma, insufficient points to start the healing ability, please get the host to self-heal immediately.”

    In his mind, the system notification had prompted a critical warning. Its digitized voice was ever monotonous and without emotion.

    Xiao Luo didn’t hear it and continued out of the door carrying Bai Ling, his face without expression.

    A row of police cars was lined up, their lights flashing intermittently outside the entrance of the mansion. Fifty to sixty police officers were spread out in front of him, training their guns at him, and the special forces officers in black uniforms quickly surrounded him.

    Gu Qianlin, who led the team, held a megaphone in her hand and prepared to give orders. Then Xiao Luo spoke.

    He looked directly at Gu Qianlin with defiance, and said: “Officer Gu, can you call an ambulance before arresting me?”

    As soon as he spoke, he fell to the ground with Bai Ling in his arms and lost consciousness.

    The blood flowed from both their body and slowly darkened the soaked ground around them.

    “Quick, get them to the hospital!” Gu Qianlin ordered urgently.

    An officer of the same rank, Ye Wensong, led another team into the villa. When they saw the scene in the yard, everyone was stunned, rooted where they stood and in absolute shock.

    They held their breaths; before them, they could only see the Asura field [1] strewn with the remains of corpses, in heaps of flesh and blood. They were in disbelief and only hoped that what they saw was an illusion. They did not dare to imagine what had happened here.

    Broken arms and legs, scattered entrails, headless bodies, and severed heads…

    The heavy rains could not wash away the blood from the ground or the reek of blood from the air.

    ” Hwekk!”

    Several experienced police officers immediately vomited when they walked into the villa.

    Gu Qianlin, who came in later, looked at the scene with equal shock. She shook her head and only said: “That… devil!”

    To turn a villa into an Asura field, if he was not the devil, then what was he. This was a horrific scene, she swore that she would make Xiao Luo pay during the trial.

    Footnote:[1] Asura: A class of beings or power-seeking clans related to the more benevolent Devas, and described in Indian texts as mighty superhuman demigods with good or bad qualities.