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Chapter 905 - An Invitation to Duke Moville’s Residence

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 905: An Invitation to Duke Moville’s Residence

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    Just as Wen Xinya stepped out of the room, she could hear that joker Xu Xianghu complaining to Si Yiyan!

    “Boss, sis-in-law is so mean. She’s bullying me.” Hearing him acting all coy with his deep and rough voice, she did not know whether to laugh or cry…

    Wen Xinya could imagine his puppy eyes as he said those words while pouting. She hated that expression of his.

    What the heck… The image in her head was way too clear!

    Seriously, she could not stand looking at that!

    In the room, the corner of Gu Yuehan’s lips twitched as he thought to himself,

    Yueze placed his hand on Gu Yuehan’s shoulder to balance himself as he tried to catch his breath in between waves of laughter. “Sis-in-law is sure interesting!”

    Si Yiyan held up the cup of tea that Wen Xinya had delivered. The color of the mint tea leaf looked extremely pretty through the clear glass. The tea was fresh and cooling, and the taste that lingered in the mouth was even more delicious.

    Xu Xianghu continued to whine. “Boss, I think sis-in-law dislikes me. Why do you think she’s like that? Could it be that she’s jealous of me who’s better looking than her…”

    “Blegh…” Yueze nearly threw up his dinner. What the heck… how could this man be so disgusting?

    Gu Yuehan rolled his eyes. “What a joke!”

    Xu Xianghu took pride in his fierce and vile looking face, as well as his big, bulky body. If they were to follow his words, they would be considered Gods.

    Si Yiyan ignored them and fumbled with the dragon pendant in his hands. Ever since Xinya gave it to him a few days ago, it had not left him.

    Xu Xianghu continued, “I’m saying this for real. Sis-in-law really has something against me. Just now as she was leaving, she even sent me a glare.”

    Everybody ignored him.

    Si Yiyan traced his fingers over the dragon pendant in his hand.

    Yueze spoke, “Rex, Duke Moville is holding a banquet at his mansion tomorrow night. Are you really going to attend? The duke is clearly planning to speak up for the matters regarding Anata and the Ivanov Family. This banquet is obviously a scheme.”

    Duke Moville was the person behind all the support the Ivanov Family received. He was a merciless person whose power reigned above all in Russia. Even Lucifer could not afford to offend him.

    Si Yiyan pressed his lips together to form a straight line and averted his attention towards the dragon pendant in his hands.

    All of them could not tell what he was thinking!

    Only Xu Xianghu continued to speak casually. He stared at the dragon pendant in Si Yiyan’s hands and rambled on, “Boss, where did you get that dragon pendant from? It looks really special! I’ll get one someday to wear it for fun too.”

    Si Yiyan slowly opened his tightened lips and said lightheartedly, “Oi, your sis-in-law was the one who gave it to me a few days ago. This is an extremely rare water agate that has the best quality and color.”

    Gu Yuehan and Yueze exchanged a look. He just had an expression that nobody could see through, but now he was gentle and tame?

    Just because Xu Xianghu noticed the agate that sis-in-law gave him?

    What kind of joke was this?

    Gu Yuehan pondered, before saying, “Sis-in-law’s taste is really exceptional. Seeing that the totem of our Xiasi Group is a dragon, she must have spent a lot of thought in getting you that dragon pendant.”

    He said it monotonously without any expression. However, Yueze was stunned. What kind of joke was that now? Gu Yuehan that ice block could actually praise a person. This must be a dream, or did the Sun rise from the West?

    Si Yiyan’s smile grew wider. “Yes! She said the dragon pendant suits me the best.”

    Yueze came to the realization that they no longer had to flatter their boss, but rather, their sis-in-law. “Tsk tsk tsk, just look at how pure the color of the dragon pendant is. One look and you can tell that it is an Alashan agate. The purplish-grey color is the most honorable among all agates. Also, I’ve heard that agates are made from the nails of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite. They are mystical stones that can strengthen one’s relationship.”

    Who would not know how to flatter someone? He could praise a boulder into a beautiful jade.

    Si Yiyan’s expression softened further. He carefully kept the dragon pendant in his hand before saying, “Let’s talk business! I’ll be bringing Xinya to Duke Moville’s banquet tomorrow.”

    Xu Xianghu replied immediately, “Boss, that old thing obviously has planned something evil. How can you bring sis-in-law there?” He then continued with a smile and teased. “A beauty is meant to be cherished. How can you put her in danger?”

    Si Yiyan shot him a warning glance. “Xinya is not as weak as you think she is. Furthermore, the banquet tomorrow may not be as dangerous as what you guys think. Moville does not have the audacity to mess with me.”

    He was confident with no fear, which was why he would be bringing Xinya with him.

    Gu Yuehan replied, “We’ve caught Moville by his throat. Although he may try to plot some little schemes, he probably would not dare to try anything funny with the Ninth Young Master.”

    The Ivanov Family was already ruined by the Ninth Young Master, and the largest JH business under Duke Moville was facing destruction. Once the Ivanov Family had encountered Lucifer’s destructive attack, even the duke’s position as a noble in Russia was rocky.

    Yueze replied, “That may be so, but Duke Moville is known to be merciless. I’m afraid that he may try something with sis-in-law to hurt you. It is entrenched in the mindset of men in Russia that women are only playthings for them. To their knowledge, women will do anything they want as long as they have money.”

    That was the worst-case scenario Yueze had thought of.

    Si Yiyan tapped the table lightly with his fingers and remained speechless.

    Xu Xianghu cried out, “F*ck, that stupid old thing has not a single shred of humanity. Back when he was pressuring Lucifer, he could not be bothered to spare any effort. When the Ivanov Family countlessly challenged us, he was nowhere to be seen. Now that his own interest is affected, he’s back to start a mess as though he really is the president of Russia and that everybody has to follow his beck and call. How ridiculous.”

    Lucifer was not the tiniest bit afraid of Duke Moville. Their boss had already taken control of more than 60% of the sources that provided JH with raw materials and held around 30% of Russia’s economic lifeline. Other than Moville, the nobles in Russia fought to gain favors with their boss.

    Yueze gave him a kick and said, “You are being rash. In all these years you have worked under the boss, have you ever seen him being at a disadvantage?”

    The people who challenged their boss were the ones at the losing end. The Ivanov Family had always been a thorn in their side. When their boss decided to get rid of them, all it took was a little plan to ruin the relations between the Ivanov Family and the Middle-East. The Ivanov Family even lost half of their business in the Middle-East.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Lucifer has been buried for too long. It is now time to assert our power.”

    He would not tolerate anybody who dared to rise above Lucifer.

    Everybody’s expression changed when they heard those words!