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Chapter 196 - Doubtfulness

The Queen of Everything
     : Doubtfulness

    On WeChat, Ya Yazhou fell silent.

    In fact, she did not know what the Tang embroidery signified.

    But, she had vaguely heard of the Tang embroidery method.

    After all, in China, embroidery had a long, rich history of several thousand years. Of course, some embroidery methods were unfortunately lost, and the Tang embroidery method was one of them.

    Tang embroidery was similar to Suzhou embroidery as both methods bring out the vigor and the dynamics of living things.

    However, the Tang embroidery method surpassed the Suzhou embroidery method as it could bring the embroidered design to life.

    Due to the complicated and obscure needlework, the Tang embroidery method is extremely time-consuming. The combination of these factors resulted in the eventual loss of the art form. To date, no one knows how to embroider using the Tang embroidery method.

    When Su Cha brought up the topic of Tang embroidery, it was clear that Ya Yazhou did not know much about the subject.

    When she heard that Su Cha was reintroducing the lost Tang embroidery method, Ya Yazhou was stunned.

    Su Cha had suggested that Ya Yazhou should get an expert’s verification. After thinking about it, Ya Yazhou decided that it would be best to speak to an expert about it.

    Although she did not know how to execute the Tang embroidery method, Ya Yazhou understood the needlework involved.

    At first glance, Ya Yazhou could tell that Su Cha was an embroidery expert who used advanced needlework. As the Meiyin video was sped-up, Ya Yazhou could only identify some steps in the needlework. But, it would be too difficult for her to follow along and learn.

    Most importantly, it was an embroidery method that Ya Yazhou had never seen before.

    Ya Yazhou: Thank you, will you be interested in joining the Embroidery Union?

    Cha Yi: Embroidery Union?

    Su Cha had heard a little about the Embroidery Union. It had an organizational structure with official titles, guidelines, and policies to safeguard the interests of the group and its members.

    Ya Yazhou: I am part of the Embroidery Union in the Imperial Capital. With your skills, you are qualified to join our Union. There are also many benefits to joining the Union. For instance, bonuses and certificates will be awarded to members who win the grand prize in the different competitions…

    The embroidery industry had to adapt to changes in the world. If the industry wanted this traditional skill to be passed down to the younger generations, it had to arouse the youngsters’ interest in adopting this art form.

    To respond to societal changes, embroidery competitions and unions emerged.

    After all, most people who are leading a fast-past life in today’s contemporary society would find embroidering with a needle and thread to be boring.

    Cha Yi: Thank you, let’s discuss that another time. I’m currently quite busy.

    Ya Yazhou: Okay. If you are interested in joining, do contact me.

    Su Cha considered joining the Embroidery Union. She felt that she had not figured out how the unions work. Su Cha did not know the differences between the unions or how they would resolve differences in skills and techniques among its members. Hence, Su Cha rejected the invitation as she believed that it was currently unsuitable for her.

    Besides, she was extremely busy with different projects at hand. After she slowly mastered the embroidery skill, she would be able to make sense of her position in the industry.

    After all, she was the only one who knew how to embroider using the Tang embroidery method. Her knowledge of the Tang embroidery method had given her a considerable advantage in this industry.


    Ya Yazhou’s actual name was Huo Zhongwei. She is an undergraduate and a member of the Imperial Capital Embroidery Union. In this Union, there were various embroidery masters.

    As a student, Huo Zhongwei’s embroidery skills were not particularly outstanding. She enjoyed watching popular embroidery videos online. As Huo Zhongwei browsed through the embroidery clips on Meiyin, she noticed that most of the content creators had mediocre skills. The true embroidery masters would not upload their videos to such social media platforms. The works of the masters could sell from several thousand yuan to several million yuan.

    The masters cherish their reputation.

    Huo Zhongwei never expected that she would ever come across the channel “S.” She was immediately intrigued by the embroidery patterns and needlework shown in the video clip.

    After contacting Su Cha, Huo Zhongwei knew that the Tang embroidery technique shown was complex. As she thought about it, Huo Zhongwei contacted her teacher from the Union.