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Chapter 276 - Heartthrobber

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 276: Heartthrobber

    All that Ning Meng knew was that her brain had now turned completely blank.

    For a person who had never been in a romantic relationship before, Ning Meng was in a complete panic. Widening her eyes, Ning Meng felt like a startled little fawn, not knowing what to do or how to respond. All she could do was stare at Huo Beichen.

    Seeing her like this, a smile curved up on Huo Beichen's lips, and he let out a snigger. His chest was trembling from the sniggers, tickling Ning Meng's chest. At the same time, Ning Meng's ears were titillated by his brief laughter.

    Her face was completely red from blushing as she pushed Huo Beichen away instinctively before fleeing down from the car.

    When she reached the gate, Ning Meng saw their chauffeur carrying her luggage to the entrance. After thanking the good chauffeur, Ning Meng immediately dragged her luggage along as she began to march mechanically toward the front door.

    Yet, after marching two steps forward, she could hear someone calling her.

    "Meng Meng."

    Stopping in her tracks, Ning Meng turned and saw that Huo Beichen had also gotten down from his car.

    He was leaning against the car, gazing at her with his handsome, captivating smile.

    Ning Meng barked at the man, "What now?!"

    The man smiled. "You… your legs and arms were moving in sync when you walked earlier."



    When Ning Meng glanced down at her limbs, they were indeed in sync when she walked!

    Flustered from all the embarrassment, Ning Meng turned and barked at the man again. "N-no, they weren't! You saw wrong earlier!"

    "Sure." The man smiled again. "Perhaps I did see wrong."


    She must have been poisoned by her hubby today! Otherwise, why was she feeling so dizzy and hazy when she looked at him!


    After bringing in all her luggage, Ning Meng dashed into the living room and buried her face into the sofa.

    Ooooh! What an embarrassing night!!

    After laying on the sofa for quite some time, Ning Meng felt her phone vibrate.

    It was a message from Huo Beichen.

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: [Sweet dreams.]

    Sweet dreams my foot!!

    Puffing her cheeks, Ning Meng switched off the app.

    Then, she took her sweet time to unpack her luggage before taking a warm, relaxing bath. After walking out of the bathroom, Ning Meng suddenly remembered something!

    She hurriedly took out her phone and messaged God: [Have you reached the club? How is it?]

    This was the first day the boy had gone to the CM E-sports Club, how could she forget something so important?!

    In less than a minute, God's reply came through: [Yeah, things are great here! After knowing that I'm their boss' little brother, they have been very nice to me. They did not even object to the manager's idea of wanting to make me their captain. We've also played a few matches and did some training earlier.]

    Letting out a sigh of relief, Ning Meng typed: [You've just recovered from the fever. Be sure to take care of yourself, okay?]

    God: [Okay, sis. You should get some rest too. You must be tired from the trip.]

    After chatting with the puppy boy, Ning Meng switched off the WeChat app and threw herself onto her bed.

    Opening up the comic app, Ning Meng quickly entered the tab of the comic "Young Huo's Wild Girl".

    Hmm, the comic had not updated yet.

    This "Ning Meng" had a lot of fans, and there were a lot of comments under the prologue chapter.

    After browsing the comments for a while, suddenly, she saw that the author had come online.

    "Ning Meng": [Don't worry, everyone. I'll update the latest chapter on time~]

    After pondering for a moment, Ning Meng quickly registered an account with the username "Heartthrobber" and left a comment.

    Heartthrobber: [Good day, author. May I ask… is the story of the comic about your first love?]

    There was no response from her.

    Well, it was quite understandable.

    There were over hundreds of comments on the page, it would be quite difficult for her to see this one comment.

    Unfazed by the cold shoulder, Ning Meng continued browsing the page. Then, she saw the Weibo account that the author had left on the page's pinned comments.

    Hmm, Weibo account…

    Ning Meng quickly logged into her Weibo and searched the author. Voila, there she was.

    On her account status, it stated that she was online at the moment.

    Ning Meng felt as though her finger had frozen above her phone's screen.