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Chapter 251 - A Scumbag Warning (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 251: A Scumbag Warning (1)

    The towering black figure walked over to the couch and crouched down halfway, staring deeply at Xu Weilai who was fast asleep.

    He trailed her face gently with his fingertip; that kind of gesture was strangely endearing and heartwarming to watch. It was as if he was treating his most cherished treasure with utmost care.

    Then, he slowly leaned down and covered her lips with his own, kissing her for a long time…

    Gu Xue observed the scene in utter shock. She knew that Brother Yu had always been very protective of Xu Weilai, regardless of whether it had been three years ago or at present. However, she had never guessed that Brother Yu genuinely loved her.

    If he loved her, why had he broken the engagement? If he loved her, why did he not recognize her publicly despite having married her?

    Those questions were what convinced her that Brother Gu's protectiveness of Xu Weilai to his respect for Grandpa Gu. Xu Weilai was officially his wife, after all. Any humiliation she endured would've had some negative impact on him as well.

    Now, her firm beliefs were being tested.

    If a man didn't love a woman, he could bed her to satiate his desires. If that were the case, however, he would never kiss her so affectionately and without an ounce of lust.

    Gu Xue's mind had already been muddled by the shock of the earlier incident. Right there and then, her thoughts were scrambled even further. She couldn't tell if what she was seeing was a dream or reality.

    She fought hard to open her eyes and get a clearer look, but her eyelids were too heavy. The more she tried, the harder it was to open them. Eventually, she gave in to her slumber. Darkness enveloped her as she fell asleep deeply.


    The next day, at the Gu Corporation…

    On most days, Gu Yu was hard at work. When Assistant Lin first stepped into the office to deliver some documents, however, he found his boss staring blankly into thin air! Had the boss not slept well the night before? The Young Mistress had escaped unscathed the day before, so he should not have had any reason to have trouble sleeping!

    The second time Assistant Lin entered the office to deliver some documents, he saw that Gu Yu was no longer in a daze. Instead, he looked extremely distracted. It was as if his mind was preoccupied with something else; even the simple signing of a document took him more than five minutes!

    The third time Assistant Lin entered the office to deliver some documents, Gu Yu's brows were furrowed together tightly, and restlessness was etched in his face. With the atmosphere suddenly feeling suffocating, Assistant Lin was more than confident that Gu Yu would do something bad to him!

    Although he had no idea what had happened, the many years of experience by Gu Yu's side was enough for Assistant Lin to know that it was now a good time to make himself inconspicuous.

    Assistant Lin softened the sound of his breathing and tried his best to be as invisible as possible, not wanting to become cannon fodder. When Gu Yu had signed the documents, Assistant Lin quickly gathered them in his arms and turned to hurry out of the office. Unfortunately, he had barely taken two steps when Gu Yu's low and ominous voice rang out behind him, "Get back here!"

    Oh no, oh no, oh no… Could he just pretend that he hadn't heard him?

    Assistant Lin considered how much he was being paid for this, along with the unbelievably massive bonus awaiting him at the year's end. Wait a minute… he wasn't doing this for money! He was doing this out of loyalty to Mr. Gu. It was thanks to this loyalty that he was turning around!

    Assistant Lin returned to the desk resolutely with an ingratiating smile on his face. "Do you have any other orders, Mr. Gu? Regardless of whether it's to scale mountains of knives or swim through seas of fire, I'll do it!"

    As Gu Yu nonchalantly narrowed his eyes at him, Assistant Lin's demeanor instantly turned somber. "Mr. Gu, please let me know what you need. It doesn't matter what it is. As the world's best Special Assistant, I'll be able to handle it for you!"

    The man seemed to be genuinely distressed, idly tapping the table with his fingertips for a while before finally speaking up. However, his words caught Assistant Lin off guard.