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Chapter 255 - I Think You’re Sullying Her Name!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 255: I Think You’re Sullying Her Name!

    All Li Yibo wanted to do now was to eliminate Jian Qi!

    She was too shameless!

    Li Yibo knew that he had no chance of winning knowing that he had to fight fight four people at once, and if this went on the only one that would be hurt was himself.

    Who knew what this girl with bad taste would do if she got her hands on him?!

    He had not even accomplished his goal yet, how could he get eliminated just like that?

    This was completely different from his plans!

    He could only retreat and wait for another chance to deal with them!

    “Arrogant brat, I better not catch you alone, or else I’m going to kill you!” Li Yibo turned around and immediately made a hasty retreat.

    Lu Yao. “…”

    The two freshmen. “…”

    The veteran. “…”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow and shouted toward the figure that was running away, “Why are you running, Officer, didn’t you want to fight? We won’t hurt you too badly, I promise!”

    The four others looked at her and sweatdropped.

    This young lady really was something else, and not exactly in a good way!

    Was she really not scared at all?

    “Officer, don’t run too fast or else you’ll fall! We won’t chase after you!”

    Everyone. “…”

    In the surveillance room, Lightning started laughing again at the sight. “This is the first time seeing a hunter get scared off by his prey! Speaking of which, is it really the smartest decision to be so arrogant? She’ll become a target!”

    Tang Jinyu’s gaze was attracted to the girl that was smiling mischievously, and he sighed. This girl really knew how to rile people up!

    Crocodile had already finished his run and came back in time to see this scene, and he felt slightly wronged about having to miss the scene where Jian Qi snatched away the wristband.

    “When did Lu Yao get there?” He asked curiously.

    One of the comrades replied, “He got there when they were going to start fighting!”

    “So has Li Yibo been eliminated yet?”

    “No, he fled.”

    “Li Yibo fled?” Crocodile asked in disbelief. “Didn’t they run after him?”

    That was such a good chance to get rid of him too!

    “Li Yibo isn’t an idiot like you are, why would he stay behind and let them fight him with an advantage like that, he isn’t crazy.” Feng Yi rolled his eyes and replied.

    Crocodile. “…”

    “Does it make you uncomfortable to go one day without insulting me?!” Crocodile asked angrily.

    Lightning spoke up again, “Go out if you two want to flirt, we’re going to get toothaches!”

    “Who would want to flirt with him?!” Crocodile refuted.

    Feng Yi only replied with a disdainful stare.

    This scene made everyone burst out in laughter, and even Tang Jinyu commented on it with a: “Feng Yi, do you call Jian Qi goddess to hide this fact?”

    With a single question, everyone started laughing even harder.

    Boss did not speak much, but when he did it always counted!

    “Boss, don’t sully my goddess’ position in my heart!”

    “I didn’t do that, but you probably are!” Tang Jinyu replied calmly.

    Everyone was almost out of breath from laughing! Could Boss not be so poison-tongued?

    Feng Yi. “…”

    He was going to keep his mouth shut from now on.

    Seeing Feng Yi get bullied by Boss, Crocodile’s gloomy emotions were immediately scattered.

    Lightning only smiled and did not say a thing.

    Feng Yi and Crocodile really were loveable idiots!