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Chapter 410 - Sacrificing Oneself to Enter the Palace, the Tyrant Emperor

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 410: Sacrificing Oneself to Enter the Palace, the Tyrant Emperor

    “You want to return to the palace?” asked the Leader. He was taken aback as he had never seen a white-skinned lady willing to go back after having escaped the evil place.

    “Yes,” Yun Jiuge said, nodding her head. “The Emperor is brutal and the people are living in fear. I don’t want others to suffer like me.”

    She did not believe that the leader of the Rebel Army would not want to overthrow the tyrant emperor and take over his position.

    The Leader’s eyes glimmered with peculiar luster, it was as if he was looking at her under a different light. He said, “If you join the harem, you will most probably die.”

    “Everyone dies eventually. Death may be heavier than the Mountain Tai or lighter than a feather, both of which matter not to me,” Yun Jiuge said firmly.

    To leave this forsaken place quickly, she must enter the palace quickly to find out what’s going on.

    The Leader could not help but sighed as he said, “Alright since you are so determined, I will help to get you into the palace.”

    “Thank you for your help. I hope that you can arrange to send me into the palace as soon as possible,” said Yun Jiuge as she bowed her head respectfully and bid him farewell.

    The Leader stood still for a while, then asked, “White, what do you think?”

    “This Yun lady is strong-willed, I find her admirable,” said the man in a black robe and a white mask over his face.

    “Could it be that she was sent over from there?” the Leader asked.

    “I don’t think so. This girl doesn’t have a drop of cultivation in her and she has a strange toxin in her body. Perhaps she knows that she may not live for long and so, she is willing to sacrifice her life,” replied the man with the white mask.

    “If that’s the case, then let’s send her to the palace. You should find someone to watch her,” instructed the Leader. He figured that the crazy emperor would be happy to meet Miss Yun since he had not received a mature seed for so long.

    “I shall carry out your orders,” said the white-masked man. He bowed and took his leave.

    In the tent not too far away from the Leader’s, Yun Jiuge was pretending to fall sleep. After the person who was monitoring her left, she called out to her Imprint, “Zi Shang, did you find any clues?”

    Zi Shang answered, “The Leader is at the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivation level and he has a black-robed Envoy at the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage. They have already made plans to send you to the palace tomorrow.” Zi Shang was already instructed by Yun Jiuge to spy around although he had only just recovered some of his spiritual level.

    “The true identity of the Rebel Army Leader is not a simple one since he was able to summon the black-robed Envoy at the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage,” said Zi Shang. The black-robed Envoy that Yun Jiuge saw previously was also at the second stage of Qi Refining cultivation level. He must have been pretty high ranked at the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage.

    “Forget all this business for now and lie down quickly. I will help you clear your Meridians to see if I can repress the poison,” he told her sternly. Zi Shang was more worried about Yun Jiuge’s body than anything else.

    Yun Jiuge quickly lied down.

    A moment later, a familiar Qi entered her Meridian from her Imprint, circulated within her for a while, and returned to her Elixir Field.

    Although the disrupting toxins had yet to disappear completely, some of her Spiritual Power in her Elixir Field had returned and she could finally open the Magic Bottomless Bag.

    Yun Jiuge took out a bottle of Vitality Strengthening Pill from the Magic Bottomless Bag and took all of the pills. The Spiritual Power in her Elixir Field became stronger and she could now maneuver her Wicked Blade.

    “Don’t wield the Wicked Blade now, others will doubt you if they see you with it! Don’t you have a lot of Aphrodisiac and Poison Pills? Just use those to defend yourself,” Zi Shang said.

    “Fine.” Yun Jiuge took out the Aphrodisiac and Poison Pills and hid them around her body. She turned to ask Zi Shang, “Do you want to take some Spiritual Pills to rejuvenate yourself?”

    “Your Spiritual Pills are useless to me. You can help me by having a good night’s rest and recover quickly,” he replied. As long as Zi Shang was able to recover his cultivation in the Imprint, it would be better than taking a Spiritual Pill.

    “Well, then I shall sleep,” Yun Jiuge said. She was indeed tired and soon fell asleep.

    Early the next morning, Yun Jiuge left the village for the palace in a modest carriage.

    Besides the silent driver, a short, chubby but smartly dressed, gray-skinned lady was also in the carriage. This elderly lady was at the third level of the Qi Refining Stage.

    This chubby elderly lady had small and shimmering eyes that prevented the ordinary person from looking straight at her.

    Yun Jiuge was by no means ordinary and so she could look at her directly and asked, “You must be sent by the Leader to serve me, am I correct?”

    The word ‘serve’ made the elderly lady’s eyelids twitched, but she politely replied, “This old slave’s surname is Wang. You can call me ‘Elderly Lady Wang’.”

    “Elderly Lady Wang, I shall rely on you to take care of me on this journey,” replied Yun Jiuge with a light smile.

    She had recovered some of her Spiritual Level. Moreover, she was not going to enter the palace to commit herself, so there was no real need to look up to this Elderly Lady Wang.

    Elderly Lady Wang had not seen anyone quite like Yun Jiuge, who could carry herself so highly as a white-skinned woman. She had originally planned on giving Yun Jiuge some advice but had since changed her mind. She decided to ingratiate herself to Yun Jiuge instead.

    The Leader had arranged a fake identity for Yun Jiuge. She was supposed to be a noblewoman from a wealthy family named Yun. She was sent to the palace in exchange for honor and wealth to the Yun family.

    “Miss Yun, we haven’t had such a noble and elegant white-skinned noble like you for a long time in the Great Zhou Imperial Court. You will be much appreciated by the emperor when he sees you in person,” Elderly Lady Wang said with a pleasant smile on her face.

    “What do you think of His Majesty?” Yun Jiuge asked curiously.

    Elderly Lady Wang smiled and said, “How can someone like me from a lower status ever meet the Emperor?” This Great Zhou Emperor, who was obsessed with white-skinned females, seldom appeared in front of others. Even when he made an appearance, he always wore a black mask over his face, so even the Imperial Court Minister did not know what he looked like.

    Another masked man? Yun Jiuge remembered the bronze mask worn by the Leader. Wearing a face seemed common among the people living there.

    Elderly Lady Wang mentioned a few things that required Yun Jiuge’s attention once she entered the palace.

    There were not too many rules in the palace, but one must not be curious, must not go wandering about in the palace and other things like clothing, food, and accommodation were very relaxed. The latter was unlike normal communities where there were always rules for eating, dressing, and even walking.

    Yun Jiuge became drowsy with Elderly Lady Wang’s constant chatter. Eventually, they arrived at the capital the next afternoon.

    The capital was a very prosperous place, with many shops, and people coming and going.

    Most of the well-dressed people here were light gray-skinned, but they were all covered with rouge and powder. They looked weird.

    Although Yun Jiuge was a white-skinned person, she could not go straight into the palace, she needed to first report to the Black Robed Envoy’s camp.

    The Black Robed Envoy’s leader who was a level twelfth in Qi Refining Stage was delighted to meet Yun Jiuge. His face lighted up, it was as if he found a piece of treasure. He exclaimed in disbelief, “What a good seed!”

    He quickly came over and attempted to pull up her sleeve to see if her body was white.

    “How dare you!” shouted Yun Jiuge, avoiding the Black Robed Envoy’s attempt. She raised her voice and to Elderly Lady Wang, “How can I be sent to such an unruly place?”

    “This old slave didn’t expect this to happen. Please forgive me for my mistake,” said Elderly Lady Wang. She quickly turned around and sneered at the Black Robed Envoy, “How dare you to behave so brashly and touch a noble! You will be severely punished if I report this encounter to the high ups!”