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Chapter 411 - Finding Out the Truth, The Strange Harem

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 411: Finding Out the Truth, The Strange Harem

    "Old woman, how dare you speak to me so disrespectfully? Do you have a death wish?" threatened the Black Robed leader.

    Since he had resorted to robbing, burning, and killing to acquire the white-skinned people, he was used to behaving unreasonably in front of such people. It was his first encounter with someone as aggressive as himself.

    "I think you are the one who doesn't want to live anymore. It's because of people like you who run wild like gangsters that the number of white-skinned nobles is diminishing. It's time to put the lot of you in prison," Elderly Lady Wang retorted with her hands on her hips.

    "Take her away!" shouted the Black Robed leader as he ordered his soldiers to drag Elderly Lady Wang away. Yun Jiuge stepped in immediately.

    She said, "I dare you to touch her!" as she stepped forward with Elderly Lady Wang behind her. She stood firm and spoke so authoritatively that none of the soldiers dared to approach the ladies.

    "Well, well, just because you're a white-skinned person, you foolishly think that I should fear you, don't you? If you don't step aside now, I might as well order your capture too," the Black Robed Envoy said threateningly.

    Although this seed in front of him appeared to be rare, she was too arrogant and wild. , The Black Robed Envoy thought his life would be difficult if she were to come into power in the future.

    His job to hunt down white-skinned people was rewarding. Each time they traveled to hunt, they gained a lot. He couldn't possibly let these two persons rocked the boat.

    The soldiers did a lot of bad things together with the Black Robed Envoy. They certainly did not dare to disobey the leader's command. And so, they raised their swords and advanced towards Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge was just about to toss out the Aphrodisiac when Elderly Lady Wang suddenly shouted, "Murder! The Black Robed Envoy is going to kill a white-skinned noble!"

    "Unruly old servant, go ahead and shout, see if anyone dares to come forward!" the Black Robed leader said confidently.

    As soon as his voice trailed off, there was a commotion in front of the campsite.

    A tall and formidable man with a dark gray complexion rushed in with a group of soldiers and immediately took down the soldiers who were threatening Yun Jiuge.

    "Your Royal Highness, Zhan Wang! This is the Black Robed Envoy's camp, what's the meaning of rushing in with your soldiers? Are you rebelling?" shouted the Black Robed leader angrily.

    "The Emperor Brother ordered you to search for white-skinned nobles but, here you are, covertly opposing his orders. You even dare to kill a noble, you are asking for the death punishment," said the man named Zhan Wang. He waved his hand and said to the soldiers behind him, "Take away these traitors."

    "I'm loyal to Emperor Brother, you can't falsely incriminate me." The Black Robed leader panicked, but he was taken away before he could say more.

    The other soldiers sensed that the situation had taken a turn so they quickly threw away their swords and surrendered.

    At that moment, Zi Shang's voice suddenly sounded in Yun Jiuge's ear, "This Zhan Wang is the leader of the Rebel Army."

    "Is he?" Yun Jiuge was a little surprised. She quietly observed the man.

    She saw that he was very tall, at least eight feet, with dark gray skin. A metallic glow reflected off his golden armor, even his lips were of a very dark color.

    His eyes were not red, instead, they were black and white, with a calm and shining glow.

    In this place where the white-skinned ones were revered, Zhan Wang's skin color was rejected by most people. Hence the Black Robed leader was not afraid of him at all.

    When Zhan Wang realized Yun Jiuge was staring at him, a stiff smile appeared on his face as he said, "I have neglected my duty. My noble lady, you got a fright and was mistreated, my apologies."

    "Your Highness, Zhan Wang, is too polite. If you had not been here in time, I would have been in an even worse situation indeed," replied Yun Jiuge politely.

    "Your Highness, Zhan Wang, this place is too dangerous. Please arrange for us to enter the palace as soon as possible," said Elderly Lady Wang with anxiety and fear in her voice.

    "Not to worry, I will arrange for you to enter the palace as soon as possible. For now, I humbly request that you stay at my place for the next few days," he said. Next, he quickly arranged for his people to escort Yun Jiuge to the Zhan Wang Mansion.

    "Today's scene was intentionally arranged by Zhan Wang. You should be careful, don't be fooled," said Zi Shang with a serious tone.

    "Let's see who is the real fool here!" said Yun Jiuge. She was not worried.

    To her, everyone was making use of one another. Since she knew everything about him but he knew next to nothing about her, she had the upper hand.

    Zhan Wang did not return to the Zhan Wang Mansion. Instead, he went to a remote house where the Black Robed Envoy with a white mask was already waiting.

    "That Miss Yun is quite a character, it seems that we can proceed with our plan," Zhan Wang was very confident of Yun Jiuge's abilities. She had the courage, knowledge, and spirit, she was a talented one.

    "Okay, I will arrange for it immediately," replied the white-masked person. He went on to discuss countermeasures with Zhan Wang.

    Although the conversation between the two was well-hidden and could not be heard, it was a pity that they failed to escape Zi Shang's ears.

    "That Zhan Wang said that he wanted people to re-establish their respect for the white-skinned nobles. He even suggested that Emperor Brother should make you his Empress. Once he agrees, you will enter the palace and get ready for the Coronation Ceremony," Zi Shang told Yun Jiuge. He was not happy with their plans.

    It was one thing for Yun Jiuge to go into the palace so they can find out what's going on, but the Coronation was another matter.

    She was his woman, even if she was just pretending, she could not marry another nor become an Empress.

    He had better make the most of his time to recover quickly. It would be best to kill the Emperor Brother as soon as they meet and before he harbors any designs on his Little Jiuge.

    "Do you think the Emperor Brother will appear by then? What do you think is his cultivation level?" asked Yun Jiuge. She was a little worried that Zhan Wang was at the Foundation Establishment Cultivation Level, the mysterious Black Robed Envoy was in at the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage, then the secretive Emperor Brother could be ranked higher than both of them.

    "Even at the highest rank, he would at most be at the Golden Core Cultivation level. He won't be more difficult than the Flying Corpse to kill," Zi Shang assured Yun Jiuge.

    "Don't mention the Flying Corpse anymore," said Yun Jiuge. Every time that she thinks of it, she gets a headache. Worse still is the fact that she will not be able to rush back to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm in time.

    "Not to worry, I've calibrated our time to depart. The time here is slower compared to the outside, we can still catch up if we leave within a month," explained Zi Shang. The time here is very strange, it is probably affected by the Fiendish Qi.

    "A month! No problem then," said a happy Yun Jiuge. She finally felt more at ease and concentrated on her wait into the palace.

    Zhan Wang did not make her wait too long.

    The next afternoon, someone from the palace came to pick her up. Upon arrival, she was set up in Chuxiu Palace, this was supposedly the queen's residence.

    In the magnificent Chuxiu Palace, the Inner Court Steward Eunuch Li whose face was plastered with thick powder, and a group of pale gray palace maids and eunuchs, stood respectfully in front of Yun Jiuge.

    "There should be a lot of concubines in the palace, why didn't they come to visit? Perhaps, they are looking down at me?" asked Yun Jiuge as she sat on the queen's seat. Her expression was indifferent, yet her mood was not readable.

    "Mistress, you misunderstand. The concubines who have entered the palace, they do not live in the harem," Eunuch Li said quickly.

    "So, I am the only one in the entire harem?" asked Yun Jiuge with raised eyebrows.

    A harem should consist of a whole group of concubines, it was weird to be the only one there in the harem.

    They need to uncover what's going on in the palace and to find the whereabouts of those white-skinned women as soon as possible.